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Joe And Voe: Episode 14

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Author’s POV




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Joseph and Josephine got back to their place and Josephine went to hug her mother.




ooh, I’m glad you’re safe” Ashley said then they disengage and she went to hug Joseph as well.




thank you for bringing her back to me” she said.


you’re welcome ” Joseph said.




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so how was it?……how did it go?” Ashley asked.




Mom, the fortress is a beautiful place and everyone there are beautiful” Josephine said with so much enthusiasm.




Joseph went to the kitchen then open the fridge and pour him a glass fill of milk.




He sat down on the couch and watched as Josephine narrate everything to her mother.


oh really?” Ashley said.




yes mom, and also our powers are stable now…..we went through terrigenesis, it was such a beautiful thing” Josephine said.




you went through terrigenesis process?” Ashley asked surprised.




yes mom, I can feel the power coursing through my body, check this out” Josephine said then created a small fireball.


wowww” Ashley exclaimed.


cool right” she said.




yeah……so that means joseph has been confirmed as the Lion JOE” Ashley said.




yes mom……and mom you wanna hear the coolest thing ever” Josephine said.


go on” Ashley said.




Joseph came out after the terrigenesis process as a Lion before he transformed back to himself” Joseph said and Ashley was dumbfounded.




c’mon Josephine, you’re exaggerating too much” Joseph said.


really Joseph?” Ashley asked.




I have no idea how that happened either, besides it only for some seconds” Joseph said.




the people must be very happy” Ashley said.


you bet they do……they are so happy” Josephine.




so what are you going to do about them?” Ashley asked.


I don’t understand” joseph said.




they are your people now and you are to lead them” Ashley said.




I don’t know anything about this, I can’t leave my family, my education and everything behind and go over there” joseph said.




I told them I will be coming over to see them sometimes but I can’t stay there with them” Joseph added.


when my husband was alive he spent all his time with them” Ashley said.



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speaking of dad, I saw where he was buried” Josephine said.


really?” Ashley asked surprised.




yeah, they told me how amazing he was, and how a great person he was” Josephine said.




yes, your father was a great man and a great leader, which is why you have be there for this people” Ashley said facing Joseph.




if I went missing my mother will be heartbroken, my family will looked for me, even in my country I’m quite popular, the government will want to know what happened to me” Joseph said.




I understand what you’re trying to say, the only solution is for you to make everyone believe that you’re doing fine, so they will have nothing to worry about” Ashley said.




and how am I going to do that?” Joseph asked.


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you will have to finish your education here in America, and get a job as well and live here” Ashley said.




ookkay, so I can’t live in my country” Joseph said.




no you can’t, but you can go visit but you can’t live there” Ashley said.


that’s not too bad” Joseph said.




it’s late, why don’t you get some sleep…’s going to be morning now” Ashley said.


yeah, Goodnight” Joseph said.


Goodnight” Ashley replied.


goodnight Joseph” Josephine said.




Goodnight, josephine” Joseph replied as he went to his room.








(Next Day)




Joseph woke up to the sound of the alarm and went to take his bath and get ready for school.




He make breakfast for himself then went out after eating.








Jayden woke up and they give him the last drop of Joseph’s blood to complete his transition.


how do you feel?” DeVoe asked.




I feel different, I feel more powerful and also all I could think of is blood” Jayden said then create a fire with his hand.




Amazing……this fantanstic, a Joean Vampire, don’t worry you will have plenty of blood” DeVoe said.




woww……this is incredible” Jayden exclaimed.




Now it’s time for us to feed, what’s the nearest city?” DeVoe said.




it’s a very small populated city called Pickett county” Jayden answered.



Good, we will start from there, they should be enough to settle our craving” DeVoe said then turned to the hungry vampires craving for blood.




Vampires……it’s time to feed” DeVoe shouted and they all ran out of Doomcity.




Since Pickett is the nearest city they overwhelmed the city like a plague as they feed on the people.




Some of them were able to ran away while they couldn’t, the vampires sucked them dry without showing Mercy.


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The military force in that city also came out to fight them but they met their bad luck as the vampires killed them all.




The city is now vacant, dead bodies could be seen littered on the ground like trash and the vampires crowded the city.




Woww, that was incredible…….tell me the city nearest to this one” DeVoe required.


cookeville” Jayden said.




hmm……we are going for that as well” DeVoe said.




just to let you know, the Joeans will know about it and they will come” Jayden said.




let them, I’m not afraid of them or their leader” DeVoe said.




that’s not what I meant, over the years since you’ve been imprisoned, they’ve grown in numbers, their warriors are many now……the vampires won’t stand a chance against their army, they will be outnumbered” Jayden said.




so we need to make more Army” DeVoe said.


exactly” Jayden said.




” why don’t we deal with the Joeans first then we will have no one to stop up” Jayden said.




” you’re right…….then you will have to take us to them, we will appear to them unnotice and also having


an army of your kind will be incredible” DeVoe said.




I don’t think that’s a good idea, going to their home gives them lots of advantage” Jayden said.




I’d say we draw them out and set a trap for them just like they did for you” Jayden said.




I don’t want them trapped, I want them dead” DeVoe said.




exactly my point, we will trapped them then killed them all” Jayden said.


where and how do you suggest?” DeVoe asked.




we need a city with only one entrance, In and out of the city, we will be in two groups, one in the city and one hiding outside the city” Jayden said then continue.




immediately they all entered the city the rest of us outside will attack them from behind, they won’t expect that at all” Jayden said.




and which city has this one entrance?” DeVoe asked.




” There’s only one city…….the Doomcity, where we just came from” Jayden said then DeVoe got angry and grabbed his neck.




” what are you trying to do?…… this part of your tricks to lock us back in that place for to dessicate?” DeVoe said angrily.




” if….that’s the ……case why did I release………. you all, why will I……..release you only for me to………trap you back……can’t you see….that makes…no sense” Jayden said.




well there’s only one way for me to be sure, I will have to compel the truth out of you” DeVoe said then draw him closer then looked straight into his eyes then compelled him.




why don’t you want me to go to the fortress?” DeVoe asked.




it’s because my family is there, I don’t want them to get hurt” Jayden said.




oh I see, what did you do that made you left the fortress?” DeVoe asked.




I couldn’t leave the power I have over the people and when the new Lion JOE came I got furious and I challenged him, he won and he banish me from the fortress” Jayden answered honestly.




I see, so tell me about this trap……do you have any evil intentions over it?” DeVoe asked again.




Yes, and it’s against the Joeans, for them all to be killed including the Lion JOE” Jayden and DeVoe smiled then Jayden’s eyes cleared and he realized what he just said.




what did you do?……why did I say all of those things?” Jayden asked surprised.




I am your sire and the leader of the vampires, I have the power to compel anyone except the Joeans and since you’re now a vampire you’re vulnerable to resist it, so I compelled you to tell me the truth and you did” DeVoe said.




that is so crazy” Jayden exclaimed in surprise.




I’m glad you have no evil intentions against the vampires, so we will go ahead with your plans” DeVoe said.




so what do we do now?” Jayden asked.


we go to the next city and make more Army” DeVoe said then faced the vampires.




Listen Comrades, we are going to feed again and listen don’t let your victims die in vain, we need armies so turn them before they die” DeVoe announced then they went to the next city which is cookeville.




The people in cookeville heard about what went down in Pickett county. Some people believed it and ran away with their families while some others didn’t believe they heard Vampires.




Those that stayed in the city were turned to vampires and they carry-on with their plan to trap the Joeans.






Joseph got back from school then settled down in his room.




He thought it’s been a while he speaks with his family so he called his mother and after a while she picked.




hello” joseph said immediately she pick up.




omo MI, bawo ni? ( my son, how are you?)” mama asked.




Mama, I’m fine” Joseph replied.




I know say you don see your father” mama said.




yes mama I’ve met him” Joseph replied.


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wetin make you give am address?” mama asked.




mama, he said he wanted to apologize for what he did, that’s why I gave him” Joseph replied.




so make we just forgive am like that?” mama said.




mama, it’s best we do for us to be happy” Joseph said.




I don’t hear you my pikin, Hope say no Wahala for there” mama asked.




no problem mama, how is grandma Richards?” Joseph asked.




she fine jaree, she Don sleep ah for say make you talk to am” mama said.




that will be some other time then” joseph said.




okay my pikin, bye bye” she said.




bye mama” he said then ended the call.




After the call with his mother he did a video call with Vanessa and her siblings.




They speak at length and Joseph promised them he’s coming to Nigeria during the holiday.




He ended the call with them then call Mr Richards, he asked how they are and vice versa.




Joseph also speak with Mrs Richards and they also speak at great length before they hang up.




After having the call with his family Joseph is happy and relieved then he went to sleep.








Junior was rolling on the bed and muttering some inaudible words, he keep doing this for some time.




“NNOooooooooo” he screamed then he realised that it was a dream.




The scream woke up Ashley and her daughter and they came to Joseph’s room.




Joseph, what’s wrong……are you okay?” Ashley asked.


Joseph, what happen?” Josephine asked.




sorry to scare you, It was a nightmare” Joseph said.


you also had one of those dreams?” Ashley said.




what do you mean ‘one of those dream’ I never told you about my dreams before” Joseph said surprised.




you don’t have to…… late husband also have such dreams and they all come to pass, some he was able to stop while some he couldn’t” Ashley said.




really?” Josephine asked.




yeah…….even on the day he died…..he had a dream but he didn’t tell me about but he told me to run away, maybe it’s about me” Ashley said.




I will stop this one from happening, I always do” Joseph said.




I know you will, it’s about people dying isn’t it?” Ashley asked and Joseph nodded affirmative.




is anyone of them among us here?…..please be honest” Ashley asked again.


No……but I will make sure I stopped it” Joseph said.




you know the funniest thing, you won’t dream if anything wants to happen to you, you can only dream about others getting hurt but not yourself” Ashley said and Joseph find a truth in what she just said.


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Then he remembered at the explosion in Nigeria though he only dreamt about Vanessa stepping on the bomb, and also when he first fought with Jayden when he pushed him off the cliff.




If there’s any attack coming to him he never dream about them.




what’s the dream all about?” Joseph asked.


I dream that the vampires are back and they are many this time around” Joseph said.




Vampires, I thought they said they were imprisoned” Ashley said.


yeah…..but not anymore” Joseph said.




how are we going to stop them?” Josephine asked.




I saw the Joeans warriors fighting them but I saw our people getting killed” Joseph said.


do you know those that died?” Josephine asked.




they are many though I know some but the rest I don’t” Joseph replied.


so what do you want to do?” Josephine asked.




I need to go to the fortress” Joseph said standing up to change.


I’m coming with you” Josephine said.




Josephine,….you c…… ”


don’t worry mom, I will be fine” Josephine said then went to her room to change.




Joseph got dressed then went to the parlour then he heard a knock on the door.




He was surprised to heard a knock by this time of the night then he walked to the door and checked who it is and see that it’s Josette, Jose and two others.




Josette?…..what are you doing here?” Joseph asked as he opened the door for them to enter.




My apologies Lion JOE………there’s trouble” Josette said.


Ashley and Josephine also came out and saw them.




Josette?” Ashley called.


Ashley?…….it’s really you” Josette said then went to hug her.




I’m so sorry, I couldn’t be there for you” Josette said.


I understand……they told me what happened to you” Ashley said.




Josette, you said trouble…..what do you mean?” Joseph asked.




the barrier holding the vampires has been dropped” Josette said and Joseph shares a wondering look between Ashley and her daughter.




let’s go to the fortress…….i was on my way there already” joseph said.


you knew?” Josette asked.




not exactly” Joseph replied.


are you coming?” Josette asked josephine.


of course” Josephine said.


maybe you shouldn’t go Josephine” Joseph said.


no I’m coming, you tell me to stay back” Josephine said.




if the Lion JOE suggest you should stay back, maybe you should” Jose said then Josephine pouted staring at Joseph.




fine, let’s go” Joseph finally said and she smiled.


be careful, josephine” Ashley said.




I’ll be fine mom” she replied then they left.








A portal appears and they came out from there then went into the fortress.




Gather all the soldiers and make sure they are ready, I’m coming……josephine come with me” Joseph said then they went to his chamber.




what are we doing here?” Josephine asked.


sit, I’m coming” Joseph said then went to a table and write down something on a paper.




After he finished he went to her and gave her the paper.


what’s with the names?” Josephine asked.




i have a mission for you…….can you follow orders?” Joseph asked.


yes, whatever you say?” Josephine said.




Good, I will tell you all about it when we are ready to leave” Joseph said then turned to leave but josephine stopped him.



Then she kissed him it took Josephine some seconds and he responded and after a while they disengage.




what’s that for?” he asked.


I just wanted to do that” she said.


oh…..just incase I didn’t make it” Joseph said.




don’t worry, I’m not dying today…… A lot of people are going to be sad if I do and I’m not letting that happened……..I’m definitely coming back” he said smiling then went out of the room.





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