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Joe And Voe: Episode 13

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උɦคpt㉫® 13










Author’s POV




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Everyone was stunned immediately he said that and they all look at Joseph for his decision.




c’mon, don’t tell me our last encounter scared you to death, you don’t want to experience it again….isn’t it?” Jayden said scornfully.




well if that’s the case, I Joseph Olawale Edwards accept your challenge” Joseph said.




Good such a brave heart, I will take it as a Grand Prize and use it as a souvenir ” Jayden said.


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in your wildest dreams” joseph said smiling.




I’m ready if you are…..but I don’t know if there are some people you might want to say goodbye to” Jayden said.




I don’t need to take my time to fight you” Joseph said.




Good” Jayden said then draw out his sword.


let’s meet at the sparring field” Jayden said then he went ahead.




Joana went to take the scepter and handed the jo-scepter to Joseph.




in anyone’s hand it’s just an ordinary scepter but in your hand it’s a powerful weapon” Josette said.




thanks” joseph said.


please be careful” Josephine said.




” I will be fine” Joseph said then followed Jayden to the sparring field.


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Joseph got to the field and look around and see people gathered round the place about to witness a fight.




Joseph could feel the power of the scepter and he realized it’s at his disposal.




Jayden didn’t even wait for him to get ready as he charged at him with his sword but joseph was faster as he dodge his advances.




Joseph think of a sword in his mind and magically the scepter turned to a sword, and Joseph charge back at him.




Jayden tried to meet up with Joseph’s fighting skills but he couldn’t as Joseph is faster and stronger.




Joseph keep cutting him fast at his arm then leg then shoulder but Jayden is not giving up either.




Joseph think of a boomerang then the sword changed to a boomerang which Joseph throw at him.




Jayden tried to dodge it but he couldn’t as he keep getting cut all over the body.




it’s seems I’m taking advantage of the scepter, how about we fight without the weapon” Joseph said then he gave one of the guard his scepter.




Jayden also dropped his sword then charge towards Joseph then raise his hand to punch him but Joseph dodge all his advances.




Without him knowing Joseph gave him a heavy blow on the face which sent him back and hit the ground hard.



oh c’mon, you are feeling highly spirited in there, talking about how you’re going to beat me down and now here you are unable to gain a point on me” Joseph said which angered Jayden more then he created a bigger fire ball then sent it at Joseph.




Joseph didn’t run or try to dodge it instead he controlled it then sent it back to him and Jayden jump away dodging the fire.




He stood up again then created another fireball then sent it to him and Joseph controlled it again,


then added lightning to it this time around then throw it back at it but this time around he couldn’t dodge it as it hit him and knock him down and he couldn’t move.




Joseph created his own lightening bolt about to attack him then move towards him wincing on the ground.




I should kill you for this very act and also for what you did to me but I won’t cause it will only make me just as evil as you” Joseph said.




He signalled to Josette from where she is sitting and she stood up and came over to him.




what do you want to do with him?” Joseph asked and Josette was looking at him angrily.




Your wish Lion JOE, whatever your decision is” Josette said.




are you sure?” Joseph asked.


yes JOE” she assured.




if that’s the case I banish you Jayden Brooks out of this fortress and never come back, and if you do…….it’s death” Joseph announced.




you have thirty minutes to go” Joseph said then he left the field.








After Jayden is ready to leave Jose brought Jayden’s wife and kids to Joseph.




Lion JOE, what should we do about them?” Jose asked.


who are they?” Joseph asked.




Jayden’s wife and kids” Jose replied.


oh I see……..let it be their decision, if they wish to go with him or stay here in the fortress” Joseph said.




Lion JOE, we wish to stay here….we have no where else to go, we have no idea how the outside world is” Jael pleaded on her knees.




fine then, you can stay” joseph said.


thank you Lion JOE” she said then left with her kids.




you’re doing great” Josephine said to him.


…it’s growing on me……..I’m trying for them not to hate me” he replied.




you know some part of being the leader means you need to make the hard decisions, don’t try to please everyone but try to make the best decision” she said.




you’re right…….thank you for coming with me” Joseph said.


you’re welcome, Lion JOE” she said jokingly.




you’re not serious” Joseph said smiling then he saw Joana coming to him.


Lion JOE” Joana said.




Joana” Joseph replied.


I’d like to give you a proper tour round the fortress if that’s okay with you” Joana said.




of course, shall we? ” Joseph said standing up then they followed Joana.




Joana took them to a place full of computer screen and people working on it.




This is the ICT center, it’s where we detect any threat to the world and then went to take care of it” Joana said.




this is so cool” Josephine said.


oh…you guys have a lot of resources” Joseph said.


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here are the operatives, Jacquie, I’m sure you’ve met Jack, they are the engineers, James, Jenna, Jamie, Jamal and Jackson, computer science” Joana introduced and they all stood up and face Joseph.




Lion JOE” they chorused.


weldone…….keep up the good work” Joseph said then they left the place.




They got to another department with people on the bed and some injured.




this is our Medical Center” Joana said as they got there then a man and some people came to meet them.




Lion JOE” the man said.




JOE, this is the head of the medical section his name is Julian, and assistant Jenifer, and the others Jerome, job, joy, Jill, Jethro, jessica” Joana said.




Hi Julian, keep up the good work” Joseph said.


thank you JOE, we are very happy to have you here with us” Julian said then they left the place.




The got to another department that consisted of many rooms filled of people.




this is our education department” Joana said.


wait,…..let’s not disturb them” Joseph said then they continue.




They got to another department where some people are training.




here is where we train the young warriors” Joana said.


how many warriors did you have?” Joseph asked.




more than a thousand” Joana replied.


okay, isn’t that your sister” joseph said as he saw Josette.




my sister was the commander before she got sentenced to the dungeon fifteen years ago” Joana said.




she should be resting, not here among the others” joseph said .




that’s the miracle among us Joeans, we healed up quickly” Joana said then they move closer to them.




this is the recent commander Jose” she said.




yeah, we’ve met” Joseph replied then Josephine’s phone started ringing and she picked it.




heyy mom” she said.




where are you?…….it’s almost morning here and you’re yet to be back so I called to check if everything is fine” Ashley said.




mom, I will explain to you when we got home” she said.




take care of yourself” Ashley said.




okay mom ” she said then ended the call.




what did she say?” Joseph asked.


she want us to come home” she said.


who is that?” Josette asked.




my Mom” Josephine answered.


your mom?……sorry I never got to ask who are you?” Josette asked then Josephine turn to Joseph.




she’s the daughter of the last JOE ” Joseph said then everyone was shocked.


whaat” they exclaimed.




Joey’s daughter?” Josette said.


yes” Josephine replied.




ohh……how is your mother Ashley?” Josette asked.


she’s fine, she’s doing good” Josephine replied.




I’m so sorry for what happened to your father” Josette said.


tell me more about him and How he die” she said.




your father was a great man, a Hero and a role model to each and everyone of us ” Josette said.



all he ever wanted was peace for everyone, he’s the reason we are all still alive, he’s the reason the world is at peace today, it’s all because of his sacrifice” Josette said and tears dropped from her eyes, josephine as well.




he sacrificed himself for all of us, please come with me” Josette said then we followed her to another department.




this is where we bury our love once, follow me” Josette said again then we followed her.




this is where we bury all the JOES that ever existed, this is your father’s ” Josette said pointing to a grave with a nameplate that says Joey Barton.




Josephine moved closer to it and was checking out his picture.


you have his eyes and smile” Joseph said to her she smiled.




I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there for your mother” Josette said.


it’s not your fault” Josephine said.




you two deserve to be here…….this is your place…..this is your home now” Josette said.




we can’t stay here, I have my family out there and they will be worried about me, I don’t even know how all this is possible cause both my parents are human” joseph said.




it’s possible though it’s rare but it’s possible, before a JOE died he must appoint another JOE but the last didn’t all he said was that a new JOE is coming but he never tell us when or how” Josette said.




but it’s possible cause you must be one of the JOES descendant” Josette said.




I can’t stay here cause I have my education to face, my family is also there but I promise to be coming here frequently” Joseph said.


” that’s okay…….you’re just like the last JOE” Josette said.




Joseph went back to the main hall then bade goodbye to the people and also tell them he will be back.




Joseph put Josette in charge then Joana gave Joseph the inter-dimensional portal incase he wanted to come back.




Then Joseph and Josephine left the fortress.






After Jayden was banished from the fortress his hatred for Joseph grew more then he went to the Doomcity.


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Before he left the fortress he took the jar containing Joseph’s blood with him without anyone knowing.




He got to the boundary made as a prison for the vampires then pour a drop of Joseph’s blood on it and the boundary dropped.




He saw all the vampires dessicated on the ground, about thousand of vampire then he went in search of their leader DeVoe.




After walking inside the city for a while then he saw DeVoe on the ground as well dessicated cause of lack of blood.




Jayden took out the jar then put a drop of blood into his mouth and await for him to regenerate.




He went to other vampires on the ground and give each of them a drop of blood one after the other.









Two hours later he’s still at it and there’s only few remaining then he heard a movement which make him turn but he didn’t see anything.




He felt eyes on him and he started looking around then all of a sudden DeVoe ran to him and grabbed his neck.




Joeans” DeVoe said as he gripped tightly on his neck.




how dare you come here…….in the midst of a hungry vampires” DeVoe said then throw him on the ground.




wait…..wait….. I freed you” Jayden said breathing heavily.




yeah, in a prison you helped put us into” DeVoe said.




I’m not with them anymore……..they betrayed me which is why I freed you” Jayden said.




what makes you think I’ll believe you…….this might as well be one of your tricks” DeVoe said.




because the blood I gave you is not just any ordinary blood, it’s the blood of the Lion JOE” Jayden said.




Lion JOE ” DeVoe said.




yes, the last Lion JOE die and now there’s a new one,…… see you don’t have to hide in darkness any longer…… can now do whatever you want” Jayden said the rest of the vampires stood up and they look very hungry.




My people are hungry and as the only living being here, they are dying to drain your blood” DeVoe said.





” they will have to control themselves for a while longer” Jayden said.


give me the jar” DeVoe said.




it’s not much, there’s only a few drop left” Jayden said then gave it to him.




I’m sure it will be enough for what I’m about to do” DeVoe said.


what is that?” Jayden asked.




you know I’ve been wondering, I’ve never see a Joean Vampire before and I wondered how it’s going to be” DeVoe said grinning evilly.




No no no no…….you can’t do that… can’t do that……i saved you all” Jayden said then he tried to leave but the vampires surrounded him.




you will be needing this later” DeVoe said then gave the jar to one of the vampires.


please don’t…….no” Jayden pleaded.




how about I give you a gift as well” DeVoe said then bit himself then a little blood came out.




He grabbed Jayden by the neck and feed him his blood, Jayden struggled to free himself but he’s not strong enough.




After feeding him then he sucked his blood and after making sure he sucked his dry and he’s no more breathing he dropped his body.




phewww, it’s been so long……give him that when he wakes up” DeVoe said to the vampire holding the jar.




Vampires, we are no longer the creature of the night, we are no longer a prisoner, we have now been freed” DeVoe said moving closer to them.



I know you all must be hungry, it’s been decades since you had the taste of blood, the scream of your victim as your drain their blood” he continues.




the warmth of their blood in your throat, the look in their eyes as you take their precious life from them” he continues.




Now, we don’t have to hide anymore, it’s time to make ourselves known to the world, it’s time for the vampires to step out into light” he continues.




it’s time we take control of the world, we are no longer a slave, or a prisoner…….. it’s time for us to rule” he continues.




whosoever tries to hinder us will be killed, whosoever tried to stop us will become out meal for the day” he continues.




either be the humans or the Joean they should know better we will never give up” he continues.




we will wage war on them all, let them all be aware THAT WAR IS COMING”










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