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Joe And Voe: Episode 12

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Author’s POV




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Jose ran quickly to Jayden’s quarter and knocked.


Who is it?” Jael (Jayden’s wife) asked.


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it’s Jose” he replied then she opened the door.


Jose, what’s the matter?” she asked.


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is Jayden here?” Jose asked.


he’s taking a nap” she said.


he’s needed at the ICT center urgently ” Jose said.




okay……i will inform him” Jael said then Jose went back.


A while later Jayden came to the ICT center and saw the worry look on the soldiers.


what do we have here?” Jayden asked.




we found the location of the vampires” Jose said.


where?” he asked.




California” Jacquie answered.


daylighters? ” he asked.


yes” Jacquie replied.




Jose take a team with you and head over to California, they are going after the Lion JOE…….kill them and bring the Lion JOE here” Jayden said.




yes Jayden” Jose said then went to gear up.






Run” Joseph said.


whaaaat” Josephine asked.




let’s run” Joseph said again then they turned and started running.




get them soldier” Vladimir shouted and the vampires ran after then with great speed.




One of them caught of with Joseph then punch him hard which sent him to the ground.




Josephine turn back and started fighting with the ones she saw, joseph also stood up and they started fighting them.





Since they have no stake to exterminate them all they do is punch them which is not helping in anyway.




we need to go” Joseph said and they continue running then Josephine’s phone started ringing.




that must be your mom calling, answer it and tell her of our situation” Joseph said.




mom…. We are……..”




hey Josephine, where are you two?…..the game should be over by now” Ashley asked.




mom listen, vampires……there are coming after us” she said.




whaaaat, uhm……remember your training….just……” Ashley couldn’t complete her sentence as the vampire kick Josephine to the ground.




As the vampire was about to bite her Joseph instinctively throw a lightening bolt to the vampire and it burn immediately.




Joseph went to her then help her to her feet, the rest of the vampires see this and they draw back.




how did you do that?” Josephine asked.


I don’t know, it’s more like a reflex action” he said.




what did she say?” Joseph asked.


she was unable to complete her statement but I think I heard her said ‘ remember your training’ ” Josephine said.




right……training” Joseph said then they both closed their eyes and opened their mind.




Vladimir knew what they are about to do and he shouted at the vampires ” Stop Them Now” and all the vampires attack them.




As the vampires made to attack them they stopped after seeing what’s happening before them.




Joseph was surrounded by lightning while Josephine was surrounded by fire then they attack the vampires together.




One of the vampires jump up to attack Josephine but she throw a fire ball at it and it burn to ashes.




As they charge at them Joseph was throwing lightening bolt while Josephine was throwing fire balls.




Vladimir now see that he lost already and he made to run away but a force push him back which turn out to be Joean warriors.




After Joseph and Josephine barbecued all the vampires they saw the Joeans before them.




As Vladimir made to run again Joseph throw a lightening bolt at him then increase it volt by volt till he burns to ashes.




The Joean warriors saw this and they were surprised, they looked at each other in astonishment.




The move closer to Joseph and Josephine then they kneeled with one knee before them.




L’chaim Lion JOE (Long Live The Lion JOE)” they chorused and joseph and the girl looked at themselves.


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Joeans I presume” Josephine said.


yes, and we will be happy for you to come with us, Lion JOE” Jose replied.




come with you?….why would I want to do that?…….my last visit at the fortress isn’t so welcoming” Joseph said.


we are deeply sorry for that, our apologies” Jose said.


I can’t go back there, I have no business with you people” Joseph said.




please Lion JOE, we really need you……the fortress is unstable, we could really use your help” Jose said then Josephine draw joseph away from them.




c’mon Joseph you should go, I will come with you” Josephine said.




you seriously don’t know what I went through when I went to that place, but I’m sure you see the result” Joseph said.




but you’re not that person anymore……you’re stronger now” Josephine said.




this people wants me to lead them, what about my family, my education, I can’t abandon all that for this people” Joseph said.




you should at least go first, let’s see how things turn out” Josephine said.




are you saying this because you want to go there or because it’s the right thing to do? ” joseph asked.




maybe both” she replied.


we need to go home first and tell your mother about it” joseph said.




okay” she said then went to pick her phone and it started ringing again.




hey mom” she said.




Josephine tell me where you are right now” Ashley said.





” calm down mom, we are fine……. The vamps are all dead” she said.




really?……you killed them?” Ashley asked surprised.




yes mom, we killed them using our power” she said.




you did it?” Ashley said.




yes mom we did it…….we are coming home now and there’s something we need to talk to you about” she said.




okay…… Hope all is well?” Ashley asked.




yes mom, we will be home soon” she said then ended the call.




let’s go” Josephine said then they all went to Joseph’s house.








When they got to Joseph’s place Ashley was surprised to see them with the Joeans.




joseph what’s happening?…….what are they doing here?” Ashley said pointing at them.


calm down mom” Josephine said.




don’t tell me that……you clear don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, they are the reason I was hiding all those years” Ashley said.




I promise you Ashley, no harm will come to you or your daughter” Joseph said.


what do they want?” Ashley asked.


they want me to come with them to the fortress” Joseph answered.


you remember what happened last time you went there” she said.




I know…..such will never repeat itself, I can control my powers now” Joseph said.


okay…….take care of yourself” she said.




mom, I’m going with him” Josephine said.


no you’re not” Ashley said.


mom, please I just want to see how things like over there” she said.




you don’t know this people Josephine” Ashley said.


don’t worry mom, I’ll be fine” she said.




I’ll look after” Joseph said.




you better do or I will show you my own super power……and you two should come back in one piece” Ashley said.




thanks Mom” she said then hug her mom.


we will back soon” Joseph said.




bye Mom” she said then they went outside to meet the Joeans.


So shall we” I said.




we need to get to a well secluded area, so no one would spot us” Jose said then they went to a more darker spot.




Jose bring a something that looks like a button and joseph was surprised.


” what’s that?” he asked.




it’s an inter-dimensional portal, which enables us to go to enter the fortress from anywhere” Jose explained.




oh……but this isn’t the way I entered the fortress in the first place” joseph said.




there are portals in so many places just incase we don’t have this button with us” Jose said.




okay…….so do your thing” Joseph said then Jose press the button and a portal appears.




we can go now” Jose said as they entered while Josephine clinch tightly as they enter through the portal.




As they entered through the portal they found themselves right at the fortress.


wowww” Josephine exclaimed.

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beautiful right?…….yeah that’s what I thought when I first came here though I was afraid then cause I was more like kidnapped” Joseph said.




this way JOE” Jose said then they went into the fortress.




Immediately the people saw Joseph again they were surprised to see him alive and standing.




They enter another phase and the people there are also surprised to see him and they keep following them till they reached where Jayden is.




Immediately Jayden and everyone saw Joseph they stopped what they are doing and stared at him in bewilderment.




” impossible, this is impossible…….i killed you” Jayden said in uttermost anger.


well obviously you failed” Joseph said.




maybe now, I will just have to separate your head from your neck ” he said then created a very big fireball and the people withdraw back from him but joseph and Josephine stand gallant.




He throw the fireball at him and joseph created a lightening shield to guard himself.




uuuuuugghhh” the people exclaimed and they started whispering to each other.




Don’t waste your strength, you can’t hurt me again” Joseph said.




Joeans, behold the Lion JOE” Jose announced and they all kneeled except Jayden.




Jayden also knew he’s the one he’s not ready to accept it, he has been leading them for years and he’s not ready to leave the power and authority.




No!, we still haven’t confirmed if he’s actually the Lion JOE, he needs to go through terrigenesis and if a Lion tattoo is drawn at his back only then can he be accepted as the Lion JOE” Jayden said.




Fine, let’s do it” Joseph said.


c’mon then let’s go” Jayden said then they all went to another hall.




In the hall there’s something like a phone booth at the place.


before we start I’m going to need your blood” Jayden said.




let me start first” Josephine said.


are you crazy?…..what are you doing?” Joseph said.




there’s no doubt I’m one of them so nothing will happen to me, it’s better I go first for you to know what you’re walking to” Josephine whispered to him and he think it’s a good idea.




I will go first” Josephine said again.


whoever you are, just know that if you’re not compatible for the terrigenesis you will die” Jayden said.




you talk too much……let’s get on with it” Josephine said.




okay” Jayden said then took a crystal dagger and pierce her palm then collect her blood in a jar.




After that they open the booth then she entered then Jose pressed the start button.




The booth was covered in smoke and everyone anticipate to see the result of her making.




After a while the booth opened then she came out covered in fire, all her body blazing with fire and everyone was surprised as such has never happened before.




Who are you?” Jayden asked as the fire cool off.


you don’t have to worry about that” Joseph said.




you look beautiful in that flame” joseph said to her.




thanks……your turn… wasn’t that bad” Josephine said to him then he moved over to Jayden.




Jayden took the crystal instead of piercing his palm, he stabbed him which make in wince in pain.




I see you have the intention to kill me every change you got” Joseph said to him as he collects his blood into the jar.




you’re going to take off your shirt as well” Jayden said and Joseph did.



After that they opened the booth and he entered the booth topless then Jose pressed the start button and smoke filled the booth.




Then after a while joseph started groaning in pain, then he started shouting and Jayden smiled.




what’s happening to him?” Josephine asked.




hey shut it off” Josephine said and as she tried to move to the booth Jayden stopped her.




you can’t interrupt the terrigenesis process….. If it’s complete….the door will open by itself” Jayden said.




but he’s dying in there” Josephine said.




well I warned him, didn’t i?” Jayden said as Josephine keeps shouting in pain then all of a sudden it stopped then the door opened but no one came out.




They couldn’t see anything as the smoke filled the booth, then they waited for the smoke to clear out.




Then something came out of the booth which make everyone open their mouth widely in bewilderment.




They expect a person to come out of the booth but instead a Lion came out of the booth which has never happened before.




Then the Lion turned back to human which is Joseph, the tattoo is designed at his back then everyone kneeled before him, even Jayden have no choice but to kneeled.




“L’chaim Lion JOE (Long Live The Lion JOE)” they all chorused.





” Joseph, a Lion?” Josephine said to him.


I’m surprised myself” he said to her.


that’s so cool” she said smiling.




please be on your feet” Joseph said then they all stood up with happy faces.




Joseph looked around and saw Jack which he remembered as the one he first met when Joana brought him.




come here” Joseph called and Jack went to him.


Yes, Lion JOE” Jack said.




where’s Joana? ” Joseph asked.


she’s in the dungeon” Jack replied.


dungeon?…..why?” Joseph asked.




she was sentenced to the dungeon for bringing you here” Jack said then Joseph faced the people.




I want every prisoner in the dungeon to be set free with immediate effect” he said.




YES JOE” the guard said then went to release the people from the dungeon.




After a while later the prisoners came out from a place and their Family went to meet them.


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A while later Joana and her sister Josette came out as well, Jeffrey and Joyce also came out and their families went to meet them.




Joana saw Joseph standing at the alter and she was surprised then she went to meet him.





” Joseph…….you’re alive” Joana said surprised.




yes……i can be very hard to kill” Joseph said.


joseph I’m so sorry for…….”




it’s okay Joana, I forgive you…….all you did was for the freedom of your people though your method was crazy and if not for you all this wouldn’t have happened” Joseph said.




thank you joseph” she said then went to hug him.




They disengaged then she went to bring her sister to him.




this is my sister Josette, Josette this is Joseph……the Lion JOE” Joana introduced.




hy josette” Joseph said then Josette came closer to him then shock him with a slap.




Joseph was surprised and was wondering what he did wrong to deserve a slap.


what took you so long?” Josette said.




I didn’t even know all of this existed till a few days ago” Joseph said.


don’t worry……i forgive you ” Josette said then hugged him.




seriously” he thought.




thank you” Josette said.


you’re welcome ” he replied then they disengage.




The other prisoners and their family also came to thank him as well.



All this while as all this was going on Jayden was infuriated, and when he couldn’t contain his anger he burst out.




Heeeeyyyyy” he screamed and everyone stared back at him.




Enough with all this ridiculous act, this sign of mercy you’re showing only proves how weak you are” he said.




Need I remind you that Mercy is for the weak, and we all know that only the strongest can lead the Joeans” Jayden said then made a move towards Joseph but all the soldiers stopped him by raising their sword.




woww, they are on my side now” Joseph thought.




Well then, I Jayden Brooks challenge you Joseph whatever to a Duel, let’s see how strong you claim to be” Jayden challenged.














. . .JOE VOE .

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