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Joe And Voe: Episode 11

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Author’s POV




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They alighted after the bus reached California and joseph flagged down a taxi.




They entered and the driver drove off to the address Joseph gave him.




A while later the driver reached Joseph’s house and they got down after Joseph has payed for their ride.




please come with me” Joseph said then they followed him as he punch in the code he used for his house and they entered.


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you live here? ” Josephine asked in astonishment.


yeah….i do, please settle down” he said then they sat down on the couch.




and you stay here alone……all by yourself” Ashley said looking around the place.


yes I do……me alone” he said.




what do you do to acquire all this?……how rich are you?….or should I say who are you?” Ashley asked.




oh now I know what you’re trying to say………see I’m not into anything illegal, I’m from Africa like I told you and I’m on scholarship, they provided all this for me” he explained and it seems they are convinced.




oh…now I get it but you should also know this could complicate things if the agency knows” Ashley said and Joseph smiled.




my father is one of the agency” he thought.




there’s nothing to worry about…….come see your rooms” Joseph said then they they follow him.




Ma’am, this is where you will be staying” Joseph said.




do away with the ma’am, call me Ashley” Ashley said.


oh okay” he said.




and thanks for this” Ashley said as she checked it out.




you’re welcome……..Josephine here’s yours” Joseph said showing her the room next to her mother.




thanks joseph” Josephine said.


since you are unable to grab any of your stuff, tomorrow you and your mother will have to do some shopping” Joseph said.




are you going somewhere?” she asked.


yeah, I don’t want to miss school, I will be drawing lot of attention to myself” Joseph said.




oh okay” she said.


will you be needing anything else?” he asked.


another pair of clothes will be nice” she said.




I’ll be right back” Joseph said then went to his room and came back out then gave her one of his jumpers and jeans and also with fresh towels and soap then handed it to her.




Joseph went back to his room to shower then he changed into another cloth.


After they’ve all freshen all up they gather back in the parlor.




what are you guys going to eat, I would’ve order for food but I lost my phone and the food here are Nigerians food” Joseph said.




do you have spaghetti?” Josephine asked.


I have noodles if that’s alright” he said.


noodles is great” Ashley said then Joseph head to the kitchen.






After they finish eating dinner Ashley told Joseph that the training will begin the next day after he got back from school.




They bade goodnight to each other and they went to their separate rooms.






(Next Day)




Joseph woke up in the morning he took his bath and get himself ready for school.




He got out of his room and saw that the guest are still in their room then he entered the kitchen to cook.




Ashley came out of her room then saw Joseph eating already, joseph greeted her which she responded to.


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After Joseph is through with his food he gave Ashley his credit card for them to get what they will be needing at the store.




are you sure about this?” Ashley asked.


you don’t have to worry about anything……just get what you need” Joseph said then he left for school.






(Harris High School)




As Joseph got to school his three friends were surprised to see him and they came to him.




” Hey man, where have you been?…..we’ve been asking around about you got us worried” Liam said.





” I’m good man, I’m just going through some things but I’m good now” joseph said.




your pop came to my house and asked for ya, you got the old man very worried man” Simon said and I was surprised.




my father?” Joseph said in surprise.


yeah man” he said.




see man……I’m good okay ” he assured.


okay man, let’s go” Zach said then they went to their class.










Joseph and his friends are heading to the cafeteria to have lunch and when they got there Nancy saw him then she went to inform her brother.




They both came to where Joseph is sitting.


hey guys” Joseph said. More interesting stories @


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hy Joseph, can we please have a word?” Luke asked.




sure hope no problem?” Joseph asked.


no not at all” Luke said then he excused himself from his friends then they went to sit at another table.




okay guys, your face isn’t cheerful at all and I think I know the reason” joseph said as they sat down.


are you angry with us?” Nancy asked.




no…no why would I be?” Joseph said.


then why did left your place without telling us” Luke said.




look guys, I’m not Angry with you or your father, me knowing that your father is my father is a very huge load on me, I figured you knew about that which is the reason for your little interrogation at my place the other day” I said.




we are sorry” Nancy said.


look guys, I’m not angry, i only left to clear my head and nothing else, I took you as my siblings already before actually knowing that we are related ” Joseph said.




so we are good ” He concluded.


thanks joseph” they said.




you’re welcome, are we good now?” he said and they nodded affirmative.


yeah we’re good” they said.






(After school)




After the rugby practice for the day Joseph bade goodbye to everyone and he and Luke head home.




On their way he told Luke he needed to get a new phone at the store and went home while he head over to the store.




He both three phone with new number for each of them then head home.








hey guys” he said as he got home and saw clothes and some things in the house.


hey …’re back” Josephine said.




yeah, I see you’ve gone shopping” Joseph said as he sat on the couch.




yeah, and don’t worry about your card, we didn’t use much, I also went to get a new credit card for myself since I left mine at the house” Ashley said.




oh really” he said.


and it was really fun” Josephine said.




yeah I know, here I got us these” Joseph said bringing out the phone.


you bought us phone” josephine said.




yeah……i figures we will be needing it” Joseph said then give them the phone.


thanks Joseph ” Ashley said.




you’re welcome” he replied.


let’s take these things back to our room then we can begin practice for the day” Ashley said.




okay” they replied then Joseph went to his room.




There came a knock on the door and joseph ‘shuush’ them to keep quiet, then he told them to hide.




After they went to their room joseph went to check who it is and see that it’s Mr Edwards and Mrs Edwards.




He greeted them and let them enter and they sat on the couch.




Joseph, I know you’re angry with your father for what happened to you and your mother which I know you have the right to be, but that doesn’t mean you have to make us all worried about, you can’t leave like that without informing us” Mrs Edwards said.




I’m so sorry about that” he said.


what happened to your phone, we called your phone it was not reachable” Mrs Edwards said.




I lost my phone, and I never thought it will be like that, I just needed to clear my head that’s all” he said.




I understand Joseph, and I also want you to know that it’s not completely his either he was young then, I know there’s nothing we say that will justify what he did, please Joseph Don’t be angry with him” Mrs Edwards said.




ma’am, I’m not angry………I’ve accepted that he’s my father, still that doesn’t change anything for me” Joseph said.




Joseph, just let me make up for the lost time, give me the opportunity to do that” Mr Edwards said.




sir, I think you need to speak with my mother………you need to have a word with her, she needs to know about you” he said.




yes, I was hoping you will give me her address and phone number” Mr Edward said.




sure” Joseph said then called it for him then he jotted it down.


I’m so sorry for everything Joseph” Mr Edwards said.


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it’s okay sir” he replied.


do you think your mother will forgive me?” he asked.




aahh, that I can’t say but you should try first” Joseph said.


isn’t that a ladies heels?” Mrs Edwards asked pointing to a high heel on the floor.


it’s not for me, actually I bought it for someone” Joseph said.




oh okay…….alright Joseph, we should get going and thanks for all this” Mrs Edwards said then hug him.




you’re welcome” Joseph said.


if you ever need anything, you know you can come to me” Mr Edward said.




yeah thanks” Joseph said then they hugged.


bye” they said then they went out and entered back inside their car and drove off.




Joseph closed the door and called out the guest to come out.




I thought you said your parent are in Africa” Ashley said.




I never said that……but my mother is in Africa, I just found out few days ago I have a father here in the states” he said.




so is everything okay? ” Josephine asked.


he wants to take up the role of a father” he replied.




lucky you…..i never got to meet my father” Josephine said.




your situation is far different from mine, he left my mother” Joseph said.


how are you feeling now?” Ashley asked.




I’m good” he replied.




Good, cause we are about to start the training now and we don’t want anything to hinder you, the earlier you get over this the better” Ashley said.




I’m okay, I’m ready” he replied.


Good now let’s begin, come to the backyard” Ashley said then they went to the back of the house.




They got to the back of the house and Ashley told them to sit on the ground and they sat down with their legs under their thigh.




” now close your eyes,….slow your breathing,….open your mind,…..block every other


distractions,…..block every other sound and listen to the sound of my voice and my voice alone” Ashley


directed them.




She lead them for one and half hour then she stopped there for the day with intention to continue tomorrow.




Later that day Joseph put a call through to his mother and told her about who he found.




His mother was very angry and she wanted Joseph to come back to Nigeria but joseph was able to calm her down.




He explained some things to her and also told her to forgive him and let bygones be bygones.




He told her Mr Edwards Is going to call her or probably visit her in Nigeria and also told her to take things easy.






Few days later Mr Edwards came to Joseph and told him that he’s going to Nigeria to visit his mother.




Joseph and Josephine continue their training and they did this for some days and Ashley begin to see changes in them everyday and on the sixth day.




While they were at it for two hours they both started giving off the significant of their power and after a while they were both surrounded by it.




After the training she was impressed with their improvement and told them that the next day they will learn how to use it and control it.




Joseph told her they might not practice the next day cause the rugby competition quarter final is the next day.






Vladimir got to California and walked around the place then entered a gym full of about 28 people.




Hello everyone” he shouted drawing attention to himself.




Good, now that I have your attention” he said then went to sit on a table.




I’m a vampire and I am in need of an army of my kind, the ones I once made were easily killed even by a mere human, which is why I come looking for you people” Vladimir said.




I noticed the Lion JOE is not yet in his full potential which now is the right opportunity for us to take him down” he said.




and I could you someone of your strength, see those muscle you’re the perfect ones” he said.




is this some kind of a joke, if you keep saying these ridiculous sh*t we will throw you out” one of the men said.

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ohh…’re not taking me seriously” Vladimir said then speed to him and snapped his neck and the rest were shocked.




where was I?…..yeah….i needed people like you and all I need to do is feed you my blood then snapped your neck….Voila…’s done……so who’s first” Vladimir said then they all charge at him.



oh okay then let’s do this” Vladimir said then started beating them to the ground one after the other and feed them his blood then snapped their neck.




He did the same to the rest and left only for them to complete their transition.






(Next day)




In the afternoon Joseph got himself prepared for the competition and announce his departure.




can I come with you?” Josephine asked then Joseph turned to Ashley.


bring her back safely” she said.




I will” he said.


let me change into something better” Josephine said then entered her room, she came out dressed in another outfit.




you look lovely darling” Ashley complemented.


yeah…… You do” Joseph added.




thanks” she said.


c’mon let’s go” Joseph said and Josephine followed.




bye Mom” she said.


bye baby” Ashley replied then head out.




(Harris High School)




Joseph and Josephine got to School and they head out to the pitch where the game will take place.




The school they will be playing against have also arrived as everyone is heading to the pitch.




They met with Luke and Nancy and they were also surprised to see Josephine.


Hey ” Luke said.




hi” I replied.


hy bro” Nancy said.


hey nancy” he replied.




is this Joanna?” Luke asked pointing to Josephine.




No, guys this is Josephine, josephine meet my siblings Luke and Nancy” he introduced.


hi” Josephine said.




Josephine, woww….you two seems to have the same name” Luke said and they smiled.


yeah I know” Joseph said.




nice meeting your Josephine” Nancy said.


same here” Josephine said then Joseph’s three friends came to him.




hey man, coach is calling us…..we need to go” Liam said.




and who do we have here?” Zach said staring at Josephine.




oh yeah, guys this Josephine…….Josephine meet my friends Zach, Liam and Simon” he introduced.




nice to meet you guys” Josephine said.


hy” they replied.


okay now let’s go” Joseph said as he saw the guys drooling over her.




Josephine stay with Nancy……i have to go now” he said then they left.


c’mon man, who’s that girl?” Zach asked.




a friend” he replied.


damn, that girl is hot,… come a black dude like you get all the hot girl in this school” Simon said.




like I said she’s a friend” he replied.


really, so if I make my move on her it’s okay with you” Zach said.




No!,…she’s a no go area, stay away from her” Joseph said.


that’s what I thought” Zach said smiling.






(two hours)




After the game which Harris high school won and qualify for the semi finals, and joseph being applauded for his wonderful performance.




Joseph, Josephine, luke and Nancy are all heading back home, joseph and Luke are discussing about the game while Josephine and Nancy are discussing about something else.




Then Joseph felt something and Josephine came to him and whispered into his ear.


Vamps, they are here” she said.




yeah I felt that too” he said.


we need to draw them away from here” she said.


yeah” Joseph said and luckily a taxi came by at that moment then Joseph flagged it down.




guys, you should enter……we will find another one” joseph said.


c’mon, it’s big enough to take us all” Luke said.




don’t worry, we need to go somewhere first……don’t worry we will see later” Joseph said.


okay, bye” he said then entered.




bye bro, nice to meet you Josephine” Nancy said.


bye Nancy” I said.




same here Nancy” Josephine said then the driver drove off.


they are getting closer” Josephine said looking around.




and they are many” Joseph said then they saw them running with speed.




I’d say we fight but we don’t have weapon, what are our option?” Josephine asked then they see Vladimir.




hahahaha,….we meet again Lion JOE, I noticed our last encounter isn’t in our favour but I promise this time around will be hot starting with her death” he said pointing at Josephine.




behold soldiers….that’s our grand prize……The Lion JOE” Vladimir said grinning.
















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