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Joe And Voe: Episode 10

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Author’s POV




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what do you mean vampires?……..this is not a movie” Joseph said.




get back inside now” Ashley said then both of them entered.


Ashley also entered then lock the door from behind, Josephine also close the windows.


Mom, vampires?” Josephine said.




they are creature of the night, they are dead and the only thing that make them survive is blood, and also they only walk in the night” Ashley said.


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obviously mom, it’s not night it’s still morning” Josephine said.




exactly what baffles me, the only way for them to walk in daylight is when they have the blood of the Lion JOE, which I’m sure they had” Ashley said as she went to bring out guns.




You know I’m still trying to process all this, and now a vampire?” Josephine said.




there’s a new Lion JOE out there” Ashley said.




Josephine also went to her room and bring out an arrow and bow.




“ahh, I’m finally going to die, if I had known I would have reject the Scholarship offered to me and all this wouldn’t have happened” Joseph thought.




here have this” Ashley said giving joseph a Hunter’s gun.


have never shoot a gun before” joseph said in fear.




well now you will have to if you want to stay alive” she said then they heard a heavy bang on the door like they are trying to breakdown the door.




the backdoor, go through the backdoor” Ashley said then they went to the back.




Then the vampires kick down the door as they heard them running, they use their vampire speed to run after them.




” Find them, I need the Lion JOE alive” Vladimir said.




Ashley opened the backdoor then lock it back and they started running away, Joseph didn’t even look back as he just keep running.




Now listen to me Josephine, you are stronger than you know, you are also faster just try to concentrate and tap into your Chi” Ashley directed as they ran.




you will be able to see them coming, none of their movement will go unnoticed to you cause you’re also faster” Ashley said.




seriously, is this the right time to be doing all this? ” Joseph asked.


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if we want to survive then yes, we still don’t know what you are and how you’re able to heal like, there’s alot you don’t know about yourself” Ashley said.




we can’t keep running like this, it will only give them a chance to attack us from anywhere, we need to stand our ground and fight” Josephine said.




that’s the most craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, why would you even say that?… do you fight something you can hardly see?” joseph said.




Mom they are coming” Josephine shouted then they turned to shoot at them.




they are fast I can’t target them” Ashley said as she keep shooting without hitting anything.




Josephine closed her eyes and concentrate as her mother said and then she could feel them all around them.




One of the vampires made to attack her but she shot him with the arrow and it hit him but it didn’t kill him.




The Vampires used their speed to kick joseph and he hit the ground hard, the vampire attack Joseph and Joseph was able to punch him away, Ashley also shot one of them but they didn’t die.




One of the vampires speed towards her and grabbed her by the neck and strangled it.




Josephine turned then shoot the vampire holding her mother, then the vampire burn then she went to her mother.




mom, are you okay?” she asked.


yeah I’m fine” Ashley replied then she stood up.




they are coming back” Josephine said.


if we can’t see them how can we fight them?” Joseph said.




they are hard to kill” Josephine said.




oh…..yeah…….of course, to kill a vampire you have to put a stake in their heart” Ashley said.




so the gun is useless” joseph said.




looks like your arrow is the only weapon we have” Ashley said then Joseph look around for a stick.




Joseph and Ashley collect two arrows each from Josephine and they look around to search for them.




Mom, three are coming from behind, four coming from this side” Josephine said.




The vampires ran to them and they attack them Josephine draw her arrow and shoot at them killing two of them at a time.



Two of them pounce on Joseph and hold him down but joseph use his strength to push one of them away then stab the second one with the arrow in his hand and it burn to death.




Joseph was surprised and happy then the second made to attack then Joseph grabbed him by the neck and lift him up with one hand then stab him and it burn to ashes.




One of the vampires attack Ashley and as she made to stab it the vampire hold her hand then bite her.




She screamed out loudly then stab the vampire with the arrow and it burn to ashes.




Mom” Josephine shouted then she stab the vampire she was fighting and it burn to ashes then ran to her mother as she see her bleeding, joseph also went to her.




Mom are you alright?” she asked.


aaahhh, that thing bite you?…….are you going to turn a vampire? ” joseph asked.




Shut up,… doesn’t work like that, for anyone to be a vampire, vampire blood must be in their system before they die……and none of them happen to me” Ashley said and they heaved a deep sigh.




thank God, let’s go before they start coming back” Joseph said and they continue running.




As they keep running and came out of the forest Josephine feel them coming and they ran to the open field.




they are coming back” she said.


how many are this things?…..cause I killed two” joseph asked.




I killed four and I think mom killed one” Josephine said.





” I counted ten(10) when they appear at the house which mean they only remain three(3)” Joseph said.




Let’s hope that’s true” Ashley said.




we have to keep running we are out of arrow” Josephine said then they keep running. Vladimir and the remaining vampires pursue after them.



we can’t let them get away, especially the Lion JOE” Vladimir said as they ran after them.




they are here” Josephine shouted and Joseph turn back saw them running in great speed.




I thought you said they should be three left?” Josephine said as she see almost like fifteen more coming at them.




I guess I was wrong” Joseph said.




Joseph then felt an electric jolts running throw his body and he didn’t know what’s happening.


As he keep running it’s more like the thing is telling him to stop and he did.




what are you doing? They are getting closer” Josephine said.


we can’t fight them without weapon” Ashley said.




Joseph felt the it getting stronger within him then close his eyes and concentrate on it.


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Then all of a sudden he was surrounded by lightning bolt and the two women are surprised.




Vladimir and the vampires also stop in their track and as they made to ran away Joseph throw the lightning at them and they all burn.




Vladimir was able to escape the fire then he ran away.




Oh My God, how did you do that?” Josephine asked as she went to meet him then Joseph fell down and blackout.




what’s wrong with him?” Josephine asked.


I don’t know…..maybe what he just did took alot from him, he’s not strong enough” Ashley said.




how is he able to do that?” she asked again.


it’s impossible……..only the Lion JOE is capable of doing what he just did” Ashley said.




so are you saying………”


yes he’s just like your father, he’s the Lion JOE” Ashley said.




c’mon let’s take him out of here” Ashley said then they take Joseph away from there.








Jayden is in his chamber then one of the warrior came to knock on his door.


who is it?” Jayden asked.




Jose” he replied.


come in” Jayden said then he entered.


what’s the matter?” Jayden asked.




we have a situation” Jose said.


what situation? ” Jayden asked.


we got a distress signal few hours ago in the Forest of Arizona” Jose said.




have you checked it out?” Jayden said.


yes we did” Jose said.


what’s the cause?” Jayden asked.




I know this might sounds crazy but it’s a vampire problem” Jose said.


yes it does sound crazy……’s impossible the last JOE made sure of that” Jayden said.




that’s what we thought too…….but it seems they are coming out again” Jose said.




I can’t believe this…….let’s go” Jayden said then they went to the ICT center.




They got to the ICT center then he told them to find any disturbance anywhere for them to start tracking them.




have you check the border at the Doomcity?” Jayden asked.




yes we did……the border is still intact….there’s no way they could’ve get past the border” one of them called Jacquie answered.




I still don’t understand this, the vampires should’ve been dessicated after all this years and unless they have a human blood they can’t be revived, so how is this possible” Jayden said.




we have no idea as well but the most disturbing part is that it’s in daytime” Jose said.




I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Jayden said.


the vampires walk in daytime, they don’t burn” Jose said.




whaaat…..we only know that could be possible only by the blood of the Lion JOE” Jayden said.




it only means the Lion JOE is out there” Jacquie said.



if that’s the case, the vampires must be following him and we can’t find him through them” Jayden said.




find him and bring him here” Jayden said.




(Edwards Residence)




Mr returned back to Joseph’s house to check in on him but he met the door just the way he left it.




He was so worried that he didn’t sleep at home then he asked his children to called his friends to know his whereabouts.




Luke knew Simon’s house so he and his father went to his house to ask him and his reply was that he went away with one girl.




He told then he went away with a girl named Joana but he didn’t know her house.




Mr Edward asked if he knew anyone who know her house but he said he doesn’t.




since they don’t know who Joana is or where she live they went back to their house.


how did it go? ” Mrs Edwards asked.




it was a dead end” Mr Edward said.


I think we should report to the police” Nancy suggested.




I already did” Mr Edward said.




this is my fault, I shouldn’t have tell him the truth, I was assigned to take care of him” he added.





” let’s just hope they find him, let’s hope he’s alright” Mrs Edward said.




Joseph’s POV




I opened my eyes and looked around and was wondering where I was then I see Josephine and her mother.




I stood up and see that we are in the street and see people walking around.


aahh….. What happened?” I asked.




you barbecue the vampires to ashes with the lightening bolt” the woman said.




you’re awake…….how are you feeling?” Josephine said.


good…….where are we?” I asked.




outskirt of Arizona, a bus brought us here, that bus over there will take you to California” the woman said pointing to a luxurious bus.




where are you going to stay now?” I asked.


don’t worry about us, we will find a place” she said.




how did you do that lightening stuff?” Josephine asked then I remembered what she’s talking about.




seriously, I don’t know…..i just felt it all running through my body” I said.




that’s because you are the Lion JOE” the woman said.


How is that possible?, I still don’t get this, how?” I asked.




I don’t know……but it seems the girl that took you to the fortress was right about you” she said.


but I want no part in all of this” I said.


well it seems you don’t have any choice, you’re in this already” she said.

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if they come after me, I will be dead in no time…….i don’t even know how to control any of this” I said.




only the Joeans can teach you how to activate it fully, and be in your full potential” she said.




how about you teach me…..i heard you guiding your daughter through it…… can also put me through….. Cause I don’t ever want to go back to that place” I said.




I don’t know much about all this…….my late husband just told me how it works but I don’t really have any idea about it” she said.




I have been teaching her all this this since she was little but I didn’t let her know why but I know one day she’s going to need it cause it’s in her” she said.




you have to help me too or maybe I should just go back to my country at least they can’t follow me” I said.




what makes you think they won’t follow you, the vampires can track you cause they have your blood in their system, which is how they are able to find you at our place” she said.




that may be true and if I went back to Nigeria, I would be putting my people in danger, oh God, what have I gotten myself into” I thought.




Mom, if there’s anyway we can help him, we should” Josephine said.




thanks so much…….since you don’t have a place yet……you can come stay with me till you get yours” I said.





” what about your parents? ” Josephine asked.




I stay alone and there’s enough room for you two….and you won’t have to worry about anything……


I’ve got it covered” I said.




mom, what do you say?” Josephine asked and after a while she speak up.


fine…… Let’s go” she said.




thank you so much, is there anything you have to take before we leave? ” I asked.




No Nothing……let’s go” the woman said then we left.














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