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Joe And Voe: Episode 1

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Author’s POV




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The Joeans are the universe guardian, they are the one that protect the world from any supernatural danger.




The Joeans can only be lead by a JOE and their present leader is Joey Barton.




The Joeans are warriors who are very scarce to find, a human can give birth to a Joeans but only The Lion JOE can recognize them then bring them to the fortress.



The Joeans greatest enemy are the creature of the night called Vampire, they’ve been at war with the vampires for centuries.



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The vampires won’t just die instead they are gaining numbers everyday, all they need to do is turn a human to a vampire and their present leader is called DeVoe.




The vampires are fast, strong and also everything about them is heightened making them hard to kill.




Only the sword of the Joeans can kill the vampires and also if a stake is drove into their heart.




The Joeans stayed in a sacred fortress called the J-fortress which location is cloaked to the humans world.




Joey and his warriors look for a way to kill them all but it seems to be an impossible thing to do,




Joey planned to trapped DeVoe and his vampires in a deserted city and turned the placed to a prison and so they will be unable to get out.




Joey make sure no one can unlock the prison not even the Joeans, only the blood of a JOE can unlock it but before that could happen it requires a sacrifice.








Everyone in the J-Fortress is seen working very hard to track down the location of the vampires that are roaming the world sucking blood.


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Joey’s second in command Jayden came to meet joey in his cubicle.


Lion Joe, permission to enter” Jayden said.


c’mon in” Joey said then Jayden enter.





” Any progress Jayden?” Joey asked.



Joe, the vampires are creating chaos all over the world, we need to look for a way to stop them once and for all” Jayden said.




I know” joey said.


they are turning more people to vampires, they want to take over the world” Jayden said.




I know… know what find their location and send some guys out to take care of them” Joey said.




they are searching for them already but to put a stop to their killing” Jayden said.


yeah I know……I’m working on it” Joey said.




well work faster…..we are running out of time” Jayden said angrily.


JAYDEN” Joey shouted back at him.




Sorry, Lion Joe” Jayden said.


I’m working on it okay, tell them to be onhl the lookout, you can leave now” joey said then Jayden went out.




Joey’s third in command Josette also came to his cubicle then knocked.


Lion Joe, permission to enter” she said.


who is that?” joey asked.




Josette, Lion Joe” she said.


come in josette” joey said then she entered.


how are we doing?” joey asked.




Not good Joe, but we manage to track down some of them” Josette said.


That’s good, send some guys to eliminate them all” joey said.


Yes Joe” she said then turn to leave.


Josette, Good job” joey said.


thank you Joe” she said then went out.




A while later Joey left his cubicle then went back to his house which is outside the fortress.




Jayden’s hatred towards Joey started when he got married to a human, he believes the Lion Joe is supposed to live in the fortress with the Joeans.




Because a human can’t know about the fortress not to talk of going there Joey can’t take his wife to the fortress but he told her everything about himself.




One of the reasons Jayden hated him is that he let a human know about them, and also he’s more concern about a human than his own people.




Jayden can’t do anything about it cause Joey is 100 times stronger than him and everyone else.




Jayden thinks he’s not capable to lead them cause he’s not taking them seriously.


Jayden is the only one with this hatred but the rest took him as their leader.








As Joey got home his heavily pregnant wife Ashley welcomed him.


how are you doing dear?” joey asked.




I’m doing good” his wife said.


how about my littlest warrior?” he said rubbing her protruding stomach.




well not a warrior but a princess” Ashley said.


A princess….well it’s not bad either” joey said.




why don’t you clean up and have dinner” his wife said.


Yes ma’am ” he said then went to his room.




As they are having dinner together Ashley noticed that Joey is troubled and she decided to make enquiry.




darling” she called.


yes dear” he answered.




I know it’s not right for me as a human to know about what’s going on in the fortress…..”




what do you want to know dear” joey said interrupting her.


I know noticed you are worried and I know it’s something going on in the fortress” she said.


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it’s about the vampires” joey said.


how bad is it?” she asked.




very bad, they terrorizing everywhere…..they are getting out of control, MY people are looking up to me to do something about it but right now I’m clueless” Joey said.




is there no way to exterminate them all” Ashley asked.




it’s very hard, more like impossible…….they outnumbered us, we can only gain advantage during the daytime but at night…’s there time” Joey said.




if that’s the case why don’t you just trap them” she suggested.


trap?” he asked.




yes, draw them to a location then trap them there” she said.


I think you have a point” joey said then started thinking of a way.




Then joey stood up then pick up his phone and dialled Josette’s number.




hello josette” joey said.




Lion Joe” she replied.




I have a plan” joey said.




oh that’s perfect, what’s the plan? ” Josette asked.




I will tell you tomorrow but I need you to do something” joey said.




what is it, JOE?” she asked.




I need you to look for an abandoned city, very far away from the humans” joey said.




A deserted city” Josette said.




yes, I explained the plan tomorrow” Joey said.




Yes JOE” she said then ended the call.






you are a genius, dear” he said.


I’m glad I could help” she said then they continue eating.










Joey was writhing on the bed as he is dreaming, his wife woke up and noticed this and Tried to wake him up but he keeps struggling on the bed then suddenly he woke.




Dear, is everything alright?” Ashley asked.


it’s a dream” joey said.


you mean one of those dream?” she asked.




no no….it’s alright” joey said.


you and I know very well…’s never alright” Ashley said.




okay, I know this is never going to happen but if you don’t see me in the evening…….i need you to run far away from here and I will come find you” Joey said.




Now you are scaring me” she said scaredly.


you don’t have to be worry…..nothing will happen to you……just run very far away and never return here…..make sure you go dark” Joey said.




what about you?… will you find us? ” she asked.


you are carrying my child, we have a connection I will always find you” he said.




I’m scared Joey” she said.


it’s nothing to worry yourself about……i will be fine” Joey said.




are you sure?” she asked.


yeah, let’s sleep” he said then they went back to sleep.








Joey went back to the fortress and called for everyone’s attention. All the Joeans gather before him and listened to what he has to say.




We know the vampires are really causing alot of danger all around and we are humanity last hope” he said.




“They are getting stronger and larger in number which might seems to be impossible for us to kill them all at a time” he said then continue.




So I come up with a plan to trap them all in one place” he said.




Lion Joe, where could that be to contain such large amount of vampire” One of his strategic warrior Jeffrey asked.




Good point Jeff, Josette, what do we have?” Joey asked Josette.




last night after you told me, the only city I can find is the city called Doomcity, it has been deserted for centuries” Josette said.




it’s perfect” Joey said.


Lion Joe, how exactly do we trap them?……’s not like we can just use chained down the city” someone else named Jeremy said.




Good point Jordan, we will use one of the fortress sealing crystal to magically lock them up” Joey said.


That’s brilliant JOE” Jeffrey said.




Lion JOE, how do we get them all together in one place, it’s not like you will give them an invitation for them to come over from wherever they are” Jayden said.



After Jayden said that Joey remembered the dream he had about him killing his wife and their unborn child.




Joey knew his dream always come to pass but he refused to believe it cause he believed it’s not possible for such thing to happen.




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Lion JOE” Jayden called and he returned back from his reverie.


yes…yes that’s exactly what we are going to do” Joey said.




do you think they will listen and come” Jayden said.


yes they will if they knew I will be there” Joey said.




JOE, you can’t go with us it’s dangerous……you are our leader” another lady called Joyce said.




we all know they want my blood for them to be a day-light vampire, they will grab there chance for them to walk in daylight” Joey said.




with that they will come and we will trap them there, so send out a challenge to DeVoe” Joey said.


Yes JOE” Josette said.










After the challenge letter has been sent to DeVoe, DeVoe accepted the challenge and called upon all the vampires everywhere.




Joey and his warriors we got to the deserted city called Doomcity and await the vampires.



The sealing crystal they wanted to use to trapped them inside is set on the ground as they await the vampires.




DeVoe and his vampires came into the city and see the Joeans together ready to fight then they draw closer to them.




The Joeans saw the large number of the vampires and for a bit fear gripped them.




The Joeans moved back slowly as the vampires draw closer to them, when they noticed that they are all inside the city Joey asked for the crystal and they couldn’t find.




where’s the crystal?” Joey asked.


I can’t find it…….it’s missing” Julian said.




How is this possible?…….this can’t be happening?” Joey said and Jayden smirked scornfully.




what do we do now?” Josette asked.


we have no choice but to fight them” Joey said.




we are outnumbered…….there are just hundred of us but thousand of them…….the odds is not favourable” A girl name Jacinta said then Joey decided to play his last card.




Everyone fall back, Jayden and I will try to hold them off” Joey said and Jayden’s eyes bulged out in shock.




JOE, you can’t do this” Josette said.




Go Now…..that’s an order……take the rest and go…..and put a call through to my wife tell her to do what I told her to do” Joey said.



Yes, Lion JOE ” Josette said then took the rest along with her as they ran away remaining Joey and Jayden.




The vampires saw that the Joeans are escaping then they charge quickly at them.




Joey magically create a thunder bolt then throw it at them which burns most of them then bring out his scepter and magically turn it into a two piece sword then charge at the vampires.




Jayden also create a fire ball then throw it at them before he pull out his sword and charge at the vampires.




Joey and Jayden keeps killing extinguishing the vampires, they tried to keep the vampires from getting pass them.




The more they kill the vampires the more they charge at them, they keeps killing them and it feels like it’s impossible for them.




Joey noticed Jayden getting tired and he knew it’s only a matter of time before they get him.




Joey used a mighty wind to push them all back and they fell to the ground then he knew it’s time for him.


Go Jayden…..Now” Joey said.




you can’t take them all by yourself” Jayden said.


Go Now…….it’s an order” Joey said and Jayden ran away.


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Joey knew if the vampires get out of this place it will put the whole world in danger.




Then he used all of his might and every ounce of power and energy left him to create a boundary in Doomcity.


As he was creating this boundary he notice the life draining out of him by the second.




Immediately the border was complete Joey fell to the ground, the vampires tries to jump on him but the border bounce them back.




DeVoe himself came forward then tries to get past the boundary but he couldn’t, he tried all that he could but couldn’t and he grew angry.




Jayden saw all that happened and he went back to carry Joey back to the Fortress.




Immediately he brought Joey to the fortress everyone was worried as they see his condition.




They took him to the medical section to operate on him, and after operating on him the doctor came out.




Julian… he going to be okay?” Josette asked.


I’m sorry, there’s no Aura left him in……he used every ounce of power and energy left in him to create the boundary” Julian said.




there should be something you can do” Jeffrey said.


we tried to stabilize him but his body is failing” Julian said.




what are you trying to say?” Josette said.


I’m not sure how long he has left” Julian said sadly.




After a while Joey called on the leaders of the leaders of the Fortress.




Jayden, Josette,Jeffrey,Joyce, Julian, and six other people entered the ward.


” Lion JOE” they all said.



” I….need you….all to be….strong for me…..and protect our people when I’m gone” Joey said weakly and


some were crying.




” as we all know not anyone can be the leader of the Joeans, it has to be a JOE” he said.




” A JOE is coming,………he’s not like every other JOE, He’s different……from everyone, He’s going to be


the strongest,……….mightiest of all JOES, his strength and power is unfathomable” Joey said and


everyone was confused.




” Lion JOE, where is this JOE you are talking about?” Jayden asked.




” he’s coming……and when he arrives………. you will know…….he’s the one but….. You will have to be patient” Joey said.




” it’s time……..I can feel…… soul being lifted up……it’s time…… for me……. to join…..


the….rest……of…….the………….. JOES” he said slowly as his breathing reduces till it stopped.




They cried bitterly as he gave up the ghost, Jayden feel a little bit sad though he knew he might be the reason joey died.




He only hates the fact that he chooses a human other than the Joeans who are his families.




Joey’s phone started ringing and Josette saw that it was Joey’s wife and she remember what joey said to her.




” hello Ashley” Josette said.




” Uhmm… Josette?” She said.




” Yes it’s me” Josette replied.



……where’s my husband?” Ashley asked.




do you..remember what…he told you to do? Josette asked.




yes I do…where is he and why do you sound like this?” Ashley asked as she noticed her broken voice.




I’m so sorry Ashley…..I’m so sorry” Josette said crying.




Sorry?…..what for?…..where is my husband?….where is my Joey?” Ashley asked trembling.




I’m sorry Ashley” she said.




NOooooooo” Ashley cried out loudly then the phone disconnected.






(Days later)




They buried Joey along with the rest of the JOE, and they gathered themselr together.




The late JOE said a new JOE will come and when we see him we will know that he’s the one” Jayden addressed the Joeans.




When is he coming?” someone asked.


I don’t know……We just have to wait and see” Jayden said.

















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