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I Love My Enemy – Episode 7

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Episode 7




Gabriel’s POV:


I can’t stop thinking about her. What’s really wrong with me that I can’t get her out of my head?


I’m not usually like this and I’m beginning to think I’m falling for her. I wonder who the i.d.io.t that [email protected] her is, how could he do this to the poor innocent girl? I can’t wait to see her. Maybe I should go check on her later in the evening. Later in the evening I took my car and went out of the house, I got to Ella’s house and stood by the door. She’s having an argument with her mother over that j£rk again.


I suddenly felt so angry and jealous. I’m angry that the i.di.ot took advantage of her and caused her pain. I’m jealous he got to touch her in such manner, but why am I getting all possessive.


I went round the house and managed to climb her bedroom window, well I’ve seen her there before so I know this is her room.


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I laid on her bed and almost immediately the door barged open and she came in.


She jumped in fright and held her chest breathing hard.


“What are you doing in my room?” She half yelled.



I got up overshadowing her with my tallness “I just came here to say hi” “I don’t want to see your face so leave now” she said pointing at the door. “Can you tell me who he is?” I asked. “Who?”


“Your baby’s father” as soon as I said that she got so angry that she slapped. Okay what’s really going on?


I pulled her and pinned her to the wall with my body, she shivered. I saw a look I haven’t seen since I’ve met her days ago. Fear.


“Leave me alone please don’t hurt me… Please leave me alone” she bent her head covered with her hands shivering and crying.


“I’m not going to hurt you Ella. Just tell me who his father is, I want to avenge you” I replied but it’s not working.

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She continued shivering and begging me not to hurt her. I can’t imagine the trauma she’s going through because of that bastard.


I have to stop her, I pulled her close and gave her a warm kiss and she stopped shivering. She held me tight as I let her go, well I’ve tried this on different occasions with girls and it worked well.


“Ella look at me. Just calm down” I told her.


“Please don’t leave me, he’s gonna come back. Don’t leave me please” she begged still holding me tight.


I pulled her in and embraced her “Don’t worry Ella, from now on I’m going to be with you and I’ll never let anyone hurt you again”


I took her to the bed and made her lay there, soon she fell asleep in my arms. I adjusted the blanket and kissed her forehead.


Why do I feel so much affection for her now? But why did she get traumatic when I pinned her to the wall? Is she scared of me?


“I hate you Gabriel” she muttered in her sleep. I stared at her shocked. She hates me? But why?


I have a feeling she’s hiding something from me and I’m going to find out what it is. I went out through the window again and jumped down.


I walked to where I parked my car and went back to my home. But I can’t stop thinking about the crazy thing that happened this evening. I touched my lips and I swear I feel like kissing her sweet lips again.


“Where have you been Gabriel?” Mom asked as I entered the mansion.


“I went to visit a friend, is there a problem with that?” I replied with a question.


“You better show some respect young man I’m your mother” she yelled.



“I’m not doing this today so leave me alone” I walked out and went to my room locking the door.


Mom kept talking and complaining that I had to put my headphones on. She thinks I went to [email protected] another b—t.ch today, seriously I wanted to but I couldn’t.


I’ve been playing good guy all day. Does she even know I kissed her? I swear I was already erect but I can’t take advantage of her in her destabilized state. What are you doing to me Ella?




Ella’s POV:


Today’s Monday and another school day. I can’t stop thinking about what happened on Saturday.


I didn’t see him yesterday and I feel relieved. I can’t believe I fell into trauma again because I looked into his eyes too much.


I’m so embarrassed, even though I don’t know what I really did. Mom told me I usually shake in fear that he might come back and do it again. And now I did it in front of my real fear.


I parked in my bike and walked inside the school, some students were all staring at me while others were saying something to themselves but I don’t care. “Hi beautiful” I heard a familiar voice as I closed my locker.


“Andrew. Hi” I replied with a smile.


I just like him i don’t know why. He’s not like the j£rk, I can’t stop thinking about him. What exactly is wrong with me?


I don’t love him anymore, I hate him. No you don’t, my stupid mind told me.


“Shut up” I yelled.




Gosh I said that loud “Sorry… I was saying something else… I mean doing something else… Argh what am I saying?”


He chuckled and he looks so cute “You’re talking to your mind? I do that all the time. Let’s go have some fun it’s free period this morning”


“Really? I didn’t know” he held my hand, “come on Let’s go have some fun” he dragged me away.


But unluckily we bumped into Gabriel on the way. He looked angry. He stared down at our hands and I swear I’m so uncomfortable with the awkward silence. “Hey Gabe. Ella and I are gonna catch a little bit of fun… You wanna come?” He asked.


“No… I’m busy” Gabriel replied and walked out.



Andrew shrugged, he took me to the a very quiet area. He asked me to wait for him while he goes to get us drinks.


He came back later and gave me one Pepsi while he bought a coca cola for himself.


I opened it and took a sip.


“I wanna ask you something Ella” he said.


“What is it?” I asked.


He sighed “Promise you won’t get angry”


“I promise” I wonder what he wants to ask me that’s important.


“The j£rk who [email protected] you… Was he like… Your boyfriend?” I spat out the drink. I wasn’t expecting that kind of question but I already promised not to get angry. “Well… I had no relationship with him. He’s just someone I fell in love with before even meeting him. His picture alone got me head over heels in love with him but he wasn’t near me. Until one day at a party, he finally came to my city. He said he wanted to talk to me, I wasn’t expecting something like that. I was so happy that he noticed me, I wanted to burst with joy. But then he had other motives, he never liked me. He took my first kiss by force then my virginity….” I’m already crying.


“I kept begging him to stop but he didn’t. He [email protected] me and left me there to die… That’s why I’ll never forgive him”


He hugged me “I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have asked. I’m really sorry” I wiped my tears “It’s okay… I understand” “No! No!! No!!!” We heard someone yell.


We turned and saw Gabriel moving back terrified, then he runs off. Omg! He heard me.


No, he can’t find out. He can’t find out, but does it mean he remembers? “What’s wrong with you Ella? What’s going on between the both of you?!” Andrew asked confused.


“He… He heard us. I’m done”.




To Be Continued…



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