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I Love My Enemy – Episode 6

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Episode 6




Ella’s POV:


“Stop!” I yelled.


They both stared at me shocked at my sudden outburst. I’m the only one who understands why I stopped him.


“What’s wrong Ella?” Mom asked.


“No more questions Mom… You can leave us now Gabriel. Thanks for everything” I replied.


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He brought out all the things we bought from the mall “See you at school”


He entered the car and drove off. I packed the things inside, I saw mom coming behind me with William.


“What was that about Ella?” She asked as I came down.


“I can’t talk right now Mom so please…”


“He said his name is Gabriel but you didn’t let him finish. William’s father is Gabriel Jerry according to what you said. Is it that young man? He and your son look so alike… It’s him right?”


“Enough Mom! I don’t care who his father is!” I yelled and walked out. I can’t stop crying each time I think about it.




A year ago…


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It was a lovely Saturday morning. I had taken my bath and done all my chores, I laid on my bed surfing the net.


I logged in my Facebook account and stared at his pictures that popped up on the news feed. Gabe Jerry. That’s what he calls himself.


I’ve heard he’s a playboy and he attends one of the most prestigious schools in the country. I’ve fallen for him the first time I saw him, his beautiful ocean blue eyes. But I never thought we’d ever meet in person, but I was so obsessed with him.


My phone rang, I checked the caller ID and it’s Candace my best friend. I picked up.


“Hi Candace” I said.


“Listen up girlfriend. I have great news! There’s a party!” She yelled almost bursting my eardrums.


“Easy on the volume sister. What’s so important about a party?” I asked obviously not interested.


“Serena is holding a party and she has invited everyone from school and also… Winter Field High!”


“So… I’m not going… Wait! Did you just say Winter Field High?”


Gabriel attends Winter Field High but the school is in another city. Why would Serena invite people from another city when there are many other schools here. “Yes… You kinda sound excited now Ella… What’s up?” She asked.


“Ummm…nothing Candace. When is the party?” “Tonight… Are you going?” “Well… Yeah”


“Great then! I’m coming to pick you up, dress hot okay? Bye!” She hung up before


I could ask the time. She’s always like that, she forgets and the next minute I will


receive a text message.


Which I just received.


Oh my oh my… I’m going to see him tonight because he’s sure to come due to his love for women.


I have to start getting ready. I scattered all my closet and looked for the perfect clothes to wear. After two hours of searching… I found it.


I can’t wait till evening. I’m so excited that I’m finally going to meet him.


I’m going to call mom and tell her about it.


That’s how I felt then.




~In the evening~


Loud Music was blaring from the house as many people trooped in. Candace and I walked in, we’re also popular at my school.


Especially me because I’m a no nonsense person, yet I’m weak when it comes to him. I don’t know what he put in those eyes of his that keeps drawing girls to him. So many students are dancing, talking, making out, drinking and so much more. We saw Selena talking with some people.


Candace went to the dance floor while I took a drink and sat on a chair watching everyone but mostly looking for him. Maybe he’s not coming I think.


But that was a lie. He came in and some girls screamed, he was holding two girls and I felt my heart flutter.


I’m the only girl who didn’t scream or move, he stared at me for a while before walking away. My heart kept driving me crazy, I finished all my drink and got another one.


I kept drinking until I finally got drunk and I tend to embarass myself when I get drunk. I got to the dancefloor and began dancing crazily. I’m a mad dancer but I just don’t usually show my skills.


Soon everyone was cheering as I kept dancing and beating everyone with my skills. I swirled around and was caught by strong arms with a nice fragrance.


I looked up and felt numb. He’s visibly drunk but still he looks like a god. Wow.


I stared at those eyes and my heart raced like a marathon.


He pulled me up and held my waist with a $£xy smile that melted my heart.


“You’re really good. Can we meet later before I leave here?” He asked.


“Ummm…I…. I think… So” I stuttered.


He smiled “Meet me upstairs in ten minutes” he whispered and left.



I continued dancing but deep down I was very happy. My long time crush finally noticed me and he even wants to talk to me.


I checked the time and ten minutes later I slipped out of the crowd and went upstairs. I saw him at the staircase as he gestured me to keep following him. What does he want to talk about? We finally stopped in front of an open room. He entered and I followed with a little doubt and discomfort.


He closed the door and turned with a wide grin “Wow… You’re so hot” I blushed “Thanks”


“And I like hot girls a lot” he started coming close and I kept moving back until my back touched the wall.


“Ummm… May..maybe we should… keep a little distance while talking” I’m not getting comfortable with his closeness and lustful look.


“Come on baby… I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you want me” He kissed my neck but I pushed him away.


I’ve not had my first kiss and I won’t have it this way “I think I have to go”


I wanted to leave but he dragged me back. “Where are you going b—t.ch? I know you gonna like it rough”


“No please!” He pulled me and dropped me on the bed. He started ripping my shirt off “F’vk… You’re so sweet”


“Please… Please I’ve never done this before… please” I begged but he didn’t listen. I tried moving but he held me down.


He roughly tore my underwear too, he pulled down his trouser and dipped his finger down my p***y.


I screamed but no one heard me because of the loud Music. He finally entered me and I felt like dying. The pain was like my flesh was being ripped apart, hot tears streamed down my face.


My fingers dug into his clothes as he thrust in and out, All I could do was scream and shout as he kept thrusting like a mad man.


“Please stop … Please no more… Please… Stop…” I felt my voice breaking and


my vision slowly fading as he has been going on for a long time without stopping.


He finally stopped after pouring some liquid in me but I couldn’t move. He stood


up and I finally blacked out.




I woke up in an hospital with my mother beside me, then it dawned on me. I’ve been raped by my crush and I felt like entering the ground.



I felt a lot of pain between my legs and my stomach for weeks until I finally discovered that I’m pregnant. The shame made me leave and come to this city where my mom got a better job with good pay.


I ran my investigations and found out everything about him, I decided to make him pay after the baby is born.


→Flashback ended←


I’m here now to make his life a living hell and pay him back in the same coin. He doesn’t know William is his son and he won’t until my revenge is over. I will ruin his life just like he ruined mine. This is why I couldn’t let him finish his statement so mom won’t ruin my plans and tell him anything. He might run away.


I can’t forgive him. Never.




To Be Continue…



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