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I Love My Enemy – Episode 5

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Episode 5




Gabriel’s POV:


I laid in my room staring at the ceiling.


I’ve been doing this for hours all over a girl named Ella.


I can’t seem to get her out of my mind since yesterday.


Well there’s no school today and usually I look for b’tc.hes to f’vk but I don’t feel like doing any of that today.


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Mom came in without knocking.


Well my room is always open in case I need the services of the young maids who like me if you know what I mean.


“The maids told me you didn’t eat breakfast or came out today. What’s wrong with you Gabriel?” She asked sitting beside me.



“Nothing mom I want to be alone. That’s all and I’m not hungry yet” I replied facing the other side.


She sighed. “I know you’re mad at me but you need to know that I can’t let you keep doing things that would ruin the image of this family”


“Whatever. Leave now”


“I’ll suspend it. You are no longer grounded but if you do anything stupid, you’ll be grounded for life. Are you happy now”


A smile formed on my lips and I jumped on her.

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“Really mom! Thanks you’re the best!” I kissed her cheeks and rushed out of the house but not without my credit card and phone.


I’m going to visit the mall. Perhaps getting her something might make her forgive me, I don’t even know why I decided to apologize when she started it.


But something keeps drawing me closer to her and I can’t help but wanna get close.


I drove straight to the city mall which took me an hour though. So many people are there and so many b’tc.hes are present too. If I could…


I saw someone. The same reason I came to this mall today is here with a baby. Ella and her son I think.


I quickly got down and locked my car, I followed her though I’m a bit far. I didn’t let her see me because I don’t know how to face her.


In just four days that I’ve known her, I can’t believe I’m actually scared of a girl. I’m not scared like scared… I just don’t know why my heart jumps at the sight of her.


I saw her get in a store with baby stuff and baby food. I followed her as she bought all the things she needed, she was putting them on a trolley but she’s having a difficult time pushing it.



So I decided to finally appear in front of her, I took the trolley for her. Our eyes locked in an intense gaze, she looks surprised.


“W…what are you doing here?” She stuttered.


I looked at the baby who smiled. “Your baby is cute” the baby had blue eyes and curly brown hair.


“Go away. I don’t need your help” she said trying to take the trolley.


I sighed “You really are… so stubborn. But I’m going to help you because of this cute guy”


“The same baby you regarded as fatherless? I don’t think so. I don’t like seeing your face at all so just let go” she yelled and I saw pain than anger.


What’s the issue with me that she just keeps getting like this every time I try to get close her?


I dragged her and the trolley. I bought a lot of things that she didn’t pick. She can throw them away if she wants. I took her to the counter and gave the cashier my credit card, she keeps fl!rt!ng with me though.


“Wow miss… You’re really lucky to have such handsome men. The baby and the father are both cute and hot” a lady pa*ssing by said. I looked at Ella who is uneasy and the baby who has the same eyes as me.


Does the lady think I’m her husband? That’s weird.


Ella’s POV:


Today’s Saturday and there’s no school. So I’m taking William to the mall today to get some stuff and food for him. I’m taking a taxi though.


I quickly did all my chores, got ready, took William and bade mom goodbye. Mom has already helped me to prepare him, I hailed a cab to the city mall.


There are so many people at the mall, I went in holding my baby and my bag well. But I feel like someone’s following me, I can’t really say because a lot of people are in the mall so how do I know.


I entered the baby store. I took a trolley and started picking all the necessary things my baby needs. The trolley’s getting heavy and I’m finding it difficult to move it. I suddenly felt a hand on mine, I looked up and my eyes met with his. My heart almost disappeared from my body. I felt so uneasy and painful that I wanted to strangle him and pluck out those alluring blue eyes of his.


He wouldn’t just go away and he had to buy so many things. He dragged me to the counter and began paying for everything and this lady just came out of nowhere saying my son looks like him.



I feel like running away right now and it seems he’s getting suspicious of me. He carried all the things he bought and dragged me out.


Some annoying girls keep stopping us on the way and fl!rt!ng with us. Why am I angry anyway? Right because I hate stupid people.


We finally got outside the mall, “Thanks for your unwanted help but can you leave us alone now?”


He sighed in frustration “Would you please just forgive me and stop hating me for once?”


“You don’t deserve to be loved. Leave me alone and take your things with you” I wanted to leave but he dragged me back.


He looked at William who keeps playing and then back to me and I swear I’m getting scared.


“Who’s the j£rk who did this to you?” He asked.


Gabriel’s POV:


“It’s none of your business Gabriel. He’s gonna pay for it before he realizes. It will be too late by then” I can’t believe how much revenge has consumed her.


At such a young age she speaks with so much anger and hatred. She has so much thoughts for revenge and I suddenly wanna stop that.


She’ll only end up destroying herself too while trying to destroy that animal.


I held her hand “I’m not trying to hurt you. Let’s just stop fighting and agree on something for once Ella. Please just give me a try”


She jerked her hand off “But maintain your distance. And stop being a j£rk”


“I’ll drive you home… ”




“Ella please. Even your baby wants to go” I pleaded. Why am I even doing this when I can just f’vk her and leave.


I suddenly don’t want to hurt her anymore, I pointed to my car and she walked there. I carried all the bags and dropped them in my car then opened the car for her to get in.


I was about to enter when I saw Louisa coming towards me with a fl!rty smile. Not now of all times Louisa.


“Hey baby. I didn’t expect to see you here today but I’m glad i did. Why aren’t you picking my calls?” She asked roaming her hands on my chest.


Is she trying to make me f’k her on the road? I gently removed her hand. “I’m busy. Why not wait for my calls?” I looked back at Ella who is waiting impatiently in the car.


Louisa saw her too “Who’s she?”


“None of your business Louisa. I have to leave now. See you later” I gave her a long kiss, spanked her b—t.t and waved at her.


She smiled leaving “Bye rough boy”


Another girl pa*ssed. She winked at me then placed a paper on my car and left. ‘Call me. I’m Ashly…’ she also added her phone number. I smirked and put it in my pocket then entered the car.


I hope you’re strong Ashly cos I’m gonna make you cry.


I started driving and she was silent all through. The baby is already sleeping peacefully, I feel so much pity or love for the child.


I stopped in front of their house, she looks surprised that I know where she lives. A middle aged woman came out of the house, I’ve seen her before and she’s Ella’s mom.


“You even know where i live… Just great. No wonder” she said and got out. The woman collected the baby from her. She turned staring at me as I got out which is getting awkward.


“Is this your new boyfriend Ella? You seriously just started and you already have a boyfriend?” She turned to me “Who are you?” “I’m Gabriel…”


“Don’t!” Ella yelled scaring us.


What’s going on and why is she so terrified?




To be continued…



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