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I Love My Enemy – Episode 3

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Episode 3




Gabriel’s POV:




Mom stood at the entrance glaring at me and Louisa who is trembling and buttoning her shirt.


She walked away without saying anything but I know my mother very well, she’s so mad at me. Louisa tried leaving but I dragged her back.


“You’re going nowhere until you finish what you started” I said, she smirked and


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grabbed my c—ck.




After having my way with Louisa, I decided to go have lunch with my friends at the cafeteria since I’ve wasted all my energy.


I bumped into Romeo on my way out, “Hey man… Why didn’t you come to class?” He asked.


“I was busy with something else” I replied coldly.


“Why so cold i.di.-t? Anyways I’m hungry, let’s go to the cafeteria. You need to


see something” he said smirking.


“What’s that?”


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“Let’s go first” he dragged me to the cafeteria and I met a shocking sight, I mean I’m not so shocked but I’m shocked.


Andrew is sitting with the new bitch and they’re laughing together. I don’t know why the sight is making my blood boil so much.


Perhaps it’s because Andrew is making a move before me and it’s annoying, he doesn’t usually hang out with girls unless he really likes them.


“Our dear friend is in love” Romeo whispered and walked to our usual seat.



I walked over to them glaring at them, “And this is why you’re not sitting with your friends? Because of this bitch?”


As soon as the word bitch came out of my mouth I received a resounding slap from her, the whole place went silent as everyone gasped.


“Don’t you dare talk to me like that! I didn’t beg for your friend’s company. He came to me like a sensible person not like a piece of garbage like you” she yelled. “You shouldn’t have done that…” I seethe as i dragged her out of the cafeteria, no one would dare stop me at this moment not even the teachers.


“Let go of me animal! Let go!” She yelled struggling with me, I carried her on my shoulders and made way to the lounge at the top of the school. I dropped her on the couch and closed the door.


“I’ll show you what it feels like to be insulted… I’ll make you cry and beg for mercy” I said unbuttoning my trousers.


She didn’t look scared, she had a look of hatred and murder rather and that got me thinking.


“I won’t beg you ever… Do you ever listen when you’re begged to stop? No you don’t so I won’t beg you!” She yelled again surprising me?


What does she mean I don’t listen when I’m begged to stop like we’ve met before. “What… What are you talking about?” I asked, she glared at me and stood up. “Since you’re not bold enough… Don’t ever bother me again scum” she pointed a finger at me and walked out, I can’t even seem to understand what she meant by that.


Have we really met by coincidence before? I can’t believe I let her fool me with some childish talk and let her get away.


You might have gotten away today but I’ll get you, I promise.




Ella’s POV:


I can’t tell you anything Gabriel… I don’t want to ruin the surprise plan I have for you.


I walked back to class. I picked my things and went home, I don’t feel like being in school anymore for today.


The first thing I’m going to do to him is to ruin his reputation in every schools in the country, what he just tried to do is a great weapon.


I’m going to make him try it again. You have no idea what I have in store for you.


“How come you’re home early Ella?” Mom asked.


“I have a headache mom, please I need to be alone” I replied.



“Shall I get you some pain killers? Besides you haven’t seen your son today” I sighed. “Leave the medicine mom. I will come see him after I’ve rested a little…please”


“Alright then… I’ll leave you to rest” I smiled and walked to my room. I slammed the door shut and fell on the floor crying, I’m hurting my son so much because of hatred.


What do I do? I’m so confused, angry and frustrated.


I can’t get the fool out of my head and I’m not finding it funny at all.


I opened my drawer, took some medicine and laid on my bed. In no time the sleeping pills made me drift to the dreamland. *********************


I walked into the school the next day which is my third day in Winter Field High. The hallways are crowded with students going up and down, I went to my locker as usual.


I found a card in front of my drawer that read ‘get ready to cry, you’re marked’. I ignored it and threw it away, I don’t have the time for rubbish.


Suddenly he pops up in front of me glaring at me, I tried leaving but he blocked my way.


“Hey calm down” he said.


“I’ll need to strangle you and watch you die if you don’t leave my way” I snapped “It’s okay… In a few minutes we’ll see who’s going to cry” he said and walked away.


The sight of him makes me so mad, I went to class and say down at my usual seat.


I saw him walk in with his friends, I’ve been nice to Andrew because he’s cool.


He winked at me making me blush. He’s so funny and nice, I like him.


“OMG! Guys you need to check this out! On the school web!” Someone shouted making the class become noisy.


The next thing they all stared at me murmuring between each other, what’s going on?


I saw the jerk smirking. I brought out my phone and logged in the school website, I met a very shocking news that I almost fainted.


‘New slay queen Ella is already a mother for a child that has no father” What?


Who did this to me? I almost started crying…





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