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I Am Not A Gay – Episode 9

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What wrong with me


I know I don’t like the way Somin was seeing another guy behind my back


But i definitely wouldn’t have done that to her


Something is wrong somewhere


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What happened to me


Never in my life have I ever sexually abused a girl


I have never done that to any girl


But why did I do that to Somin of all girls


How am I gonna explain to her that I was not in my right mind when I did that thing to her


How am I gonna do that




‘Somin, what going on and where are you going to’ grandma asked me but I ignored her ad I walk towards the door


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‘Somin what going on?’ mark and caleb asked


‘our job here is done let go home now’ I said


‘Somin please listen to me, i swear I don’t know…….’ jung woo said just before I interrupted him


‘let go home caleb and mark’ I said as I walked out of the house not listening to anything jung woo has to say


What exactly does he want to explain


He already ruined everything


I just never want to see his face because I can’t help but remember how he broke my trust


How he disappointed me


I just don’t wanna see him


I walked out of the house with my brothers who were still asking me questions but I refused to answer any of their questions and I just simply walked out of the mansion



We got back to our old house that day ‘Now can you tell us what wrong’ caleb said


‘the deal is over’ i said as I sat down on the chair I say down the same day this offer was brought to me


For some reason I hate this chair now


It use to be my favorite and I thought it brings me good luck It was all superstition


My memory keep going back to the pains I felt the previous night


The way he handled me with so much aggression I just feel like killing myself whenever I remember that


‘okay Somin, will you Atleast tell us what wrong ‘



I just couldn’t control the tears as they roll down my eyes


That what my brothers hate


They don’t like seeing my tears


And crying is not something I really do.


Unless I remember my parent


SOMIN what wrong, pls tell us’caleb and mark said At first I did not want to tell them but they forced me to


how dare that man, I am not going to spare him ‘the twins said They might actually kill jung woo



And i don’t want my brothers to murder someone


‘ pls, pls leave jung woo alone, what is done is done, pls ‘


am sorry but I definitely won’t spare him, I must kill him if it the last thing I do ‘caleb said


then kill me in the process cause I definitely won’t watch my brother go to jail because of me…. If you truly love me you won’t do anything to. Jung woo, you won’t ‘


He his his hand on the table looking frustrated I managed to convince them


We later moved out of that house because I know jung woo will come looking for me




it has been a week now and SOMIN is nowhere to be found Each time I call her, she never picks her phone


I looked for her in her former house but couldn’t find her


‘sir your coffee’ my secretary said as she dropped it on the table


The last time I drank coffee from her it made me do something bad to somin It was also this same coffee that affected me that day in the hotel


‘jennie come back here’ I said to my secretary and she walked back to me ‘how may I help you sir’ she said


‘who are yiu working for and what did you add in my coffee’



‘sir what do you mean’ she said


‘HEY!’ I shouted as I threw the coffee mug on the wall


‘I can kill you right here right now if you don’t tell me’ I said as I held her neck

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I mean no harm but I had to threaten her to get the truth out of her


‘I am extremely rich and I can easily bribe myself out of going to jail after I murder you, so if you tell me what you add in my coffee, I promise I will spare your life’


‘sir it not my plan I was sent to do it ‘ she said while my hand was still around her neck


‘tell me, who is it’ I said


‘i don’t know who it is actually but they do pay me to add a substance in your coffee, I added that substance in your coffee that night in the hotel and I also added one in your coffee a week ago, it like some kind of drug that won’t make you know What you are doing at a particular time ‘


I slowly let go of her


so that was what happened… Get out you fired’I shouted and she ran out of the office


I sat down on the floor looking frautrated


Who is this person


What does this person want from me


Why, why, why me


Why did poor SOMIN go through all this pain because of me








The past one week has been sad for me


I was ashamed to face or talk to jinhoo


He did not visit me like he use to


Neither did he call me


I gathered my courage and went to his house The was not locked


I opened it and slowly went into the house Jinhoo is not here


I checked the kitchen and bathroom but he wasn’t there either I started hearing moaning sounds coming out of his room ‘that strange’


I slowly opened the door only to see jinhoo and some other girl on the bed having sex


What the heck


am pretty sure jin hoo saw me but he ignored me and continued whatever he was doing


I angrily walked out of the room and into the living room looking upset and frustrated


This was what he did the last time


How could he


Few mins later jin walked our of the room shirtless with the girl


She kissed him and glares at me before walking away


‘what are you doing here’ he asked.


‘you how could you be so cheap… You cheating on me like you did the last time you son of a bitch’


He slapped me and I fell on the couch holding my cheeks.


‘you how dare you’


He grabbed my hair and I winced in pain


‘you how could you have sex with him how dare you allow him touch you, he touched you, how dare you allow that, I overheard your conversation with your brothers’…


‘then you should have overhead the part that I was raped’ I said trying to removed his hand from my hair.


‘how dare you talk back’ he slapped me as I fell on the couch again ‘now am gonna do just what he did to you’


‘no, no, no, no, no please don’t do it I will die if you do’


I can’t go through that pain again


I don’t want to


Atleast jung did not beat me up when he did is


But my so called bf is beating me badly



He was about to tear my cloth when someone pulled him back and punched him. Jung woo


‘how dare you’ he said as he punched the hell out of jin hoo


Seeing jin hop being beaten up like this would have affected me before but this time I don’t feel any sympathy for me.


‘how dare you touch her like that, I will break every living bone in your body’ he said still beating him up


I walked out of the house leaving him to kill jin hoo


‘SOMIN I need to talk to you’ he said


I refused to listen to him but he keeps following him until someone actually hit him on the head with a big stick


‘caleb’ I said


Jung woo fell on the floor holding his head


‘Now I Will make sure I punish you’ caleb and mark said as they started beating jung woo with big sticks




I know I can fight back but this is definitely what I deserve


I will punish myself for doing that to you SOMIN


‘SOMIN am sorry’ I said as caleb punched me making my mouth filled with blood


‘no, stop caleb, what are you doing, mark caleb stop it right now’




This time am not concerned about the fact that my brothers might go to jail for this


But the way they are beating him up bothers me alot


It was only a matter of time before his white shirt was filled with blood


‘why aren’t you fighting back you fool’ i shouted as tears started Rollin down my cheek


‘caleb mark, I beg you stop this’ they refuse to listen to me as they continue hitting him


‘STOP’ I shouted as I stood in front of jung woo ‘move aside now’ caleb shouted


‘you have to go through me to hurt him again, if you touch him again I will never forgive you’

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‘why are you defending him this guy took advantage of you’ he said ‘I know he did that but please this is enough’


I bent down and cupped his face in my hand crying ‘why you doing this’ I said crying


He smiled at me and said ‘this is what I deserve right ‘


How can this fool be smiling


He has been badly beaten up


His once beautiful face is now ruined


‘if you trully care about me go home now’ I said ‘SOMIN’



‘Do not say a word just go home now, please’ I begged still unable to control my tears


He stood on his feet staggering


He looked at me before he fell on the floor and loosed consciousness He started walking on the streets and i saw a car moving towards him ‘jung woo move out of the way ‘ I shouted and in the blink of an eye He was on the floor covered with blood I ran towards him








The car drove away almost immediately after running over him


‘Somebody call the ambulance ‘ i shouted as I placed his bloody head on my laps


………….. To be continued………….










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