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I Am Not A Gay – Episode 7

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I woke up the next morning and jungle was not in the room Am sure he had gone to work


I stood on my feet, arranged the bed I slept on before going to the balcony


I do not know why but I really love standing on that balcony



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I walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my waist


‘that crazy girl is not in the room which means I can dress in my room’ I said as I walked over to the door and closed it


If only I can get rid of her permanently


Guess I still have 360 days to go


I removed my towel and threw it on the bed




I need to do other stuffs at home


But before that let me have my baths

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I turned my back to enter the room




That was Me screaming after seeing something I shouldn’t have seen Absolutely scary


I quickly closed my eyes

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‘don’t you know we share this room you should have Atleast changed in the other rooms like you always do’


‘you cannot blame me i thought you were not in the room anymore’ ‘but jeez why did you make me see that’ I said


‘Just open your eyes and give my towel it not too far from you’ he said



‘and see that again, never, no, no, no’


‘but am wearing my underwear already’ he said


I slowly opened my right eye and closed it back again almost immediately


‘but it still look akward, I can’t look at that even with the underwear’


‘and I thought you are one of those I don’t care girls’ he said as I feel him move closer to me


“are you moving closer to me ‘I asked


‘ yea I want my towel ‘he said


I am pretty sure he is in front of me now


He picked up his towel


you can open your eyes now ‘he said as I slowly opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was that gorgeous man body starring at me


I swallowed my spit and fixed my eyes on that beauty as water rolls down his perfect manly chest


Is it wierd that I feel like touching it6


Jeez this is pure lust



Why does this man have to be so Damn hot



‘hey, hey’ he said snapping his fingers at my face making me wake up from my dream land


‘were you just drooling’ he asked



‘w.. Wha….. D… D… Drooling repeatedly at the same time

‘ I said stammering and blinking my eyes



‘look who is drooling over me, why do I have to be so damn sexy’


‘stop saying that okay, I was not drooling I was just… I was…… I was’


‘you were what?’



I bit my lower lips and looked down


So embarrassing


‘you know what forget it’ I said as I walked out of the room


There was really no point arguing


He caught me red handed


I walked out of the house and immediately Someone covered my mouth with their hand and took me to a private place


‘I should have known this is you, will you stop doing that please’ I said looking a bit upset


‘am sorry but I was just missing you badly’ he said


I wrapped my arms around his neck and said


‘I know you are missing but you seriously do not have to come here all the time, what of someone sees you’ i said


‘but those that really matter’


‘it doesn’t but you still don’t have to come here, tell me how do you always manage to sneak in here despite the tight security’ I asked


‘you call that tight, Asif….. I. Just want us to be together again more than anything


else, tell me don’t you think you should get a divorce or something and let get back together’ he said


‘that will happen eventually but not right now, I have to be with him’ I said



‘waw that great you care about him but you do not care about me again,i have a feelings that guy has moved close to you, tell me has he touch you yet uhn?’


‘touched me, you mean like have sex with me, come on you know me better than that…. I do not give you anything more than a kiss and you think i will actually give him sex’ I said


‘but we are two different things…. He is your husband, i am your boyfriend… He is


richer and a bit good-looking than I am, he is the perfect guy for you and tell me what if he tries to take advantage of you’


‘trust me jungle isn’t the kind of guy that takes advantage of a woman, if he wanted to he could have done that, although he is a big flirt but he is not serious about it all’ I said


‘ummmmm okay, if you say so…. But will you go on a date with me’ he asked


‘a date’ I Said


‘yea or don’t you wanna go on a date with me’


‘yea sure why not I will love to go on a date with you’


‘that great meet me at the community park later in the evening’ he said


‘okay sure dear no problem’ I said as I waved at him and he walked away


I smiled and walked back into my room and saw a brand new designer sneakers


Waw that is super expensive


Have always wanted that sneakers but I don’t have money to buy it at all


Am guessing this beauty belongs to jungle


But wait he does not wear sneakers and the shoe is a small size


Definitely not his size


‘that is for you’ he said


‘me, for me’ I asked again


‘you see I had to do that for you…. You don’t like wearing stiletto and I forced you


to put it on that day’ he said scratching his head while I focused on him. ‘and also you stood up for me that day so think of this little gift as a way of saying sorry and thank you’


I smiled and picked up the shoes before hugging him and saying’ thank you so much’ then I realised I was hugging him which was so not right and I slowly let go of him


‘have always wanted this, thanks a lot’


‘it nothing’ he said as he walked away and I smiled


He is not a total jerk


Later in the night i got ready for my date and went to the community park


‘you look great’ he said as we sat down on the bench and we both stared at the moon holding hands


‘I got you something’ he said as he brought out a beautiful necklace


‘how can you afford this, it extremely expensive’ I said


‘not as expensive as those sneakers’ he said as he hooked the necklace for me ‘and beside nothing is too expensive for you’



I looked at him and asked ‘are you doing something illegal again’


He looked at me and did not say a word which means he was doing something illegal ‘promise me you won’t do that again’


‘I promise I won’t Again..


Anything for you’ he said as his lips met mine and we both kissed


‘but I still need money anyway’ he said breaking the kiss ‘and you can help me with that’


‘you married to a rich man make some money out of him’


‘no i can’t I won’t do that’


‘but you have to please’ he said


‘but I can’t do that to him, not him please I won’t’


‘well I will give you sometime to think about this, and if you don’t wanna o won’t force you okay’ he said as he kissed me


I smiled and said ‘okay’




I am getting paid to destroy their marriage and in the process I will get my SOMIN back


If she can’t be mine she won’t be long to anyone else


…………… To be continued…………..


There is fire on the mountain



run run run













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