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I Am Not A Gay – Episode 5

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He wrapped his hand around my waist as we both walked into his office


I could control the way I walk with his help anyway but I have a serious problem with his hand around my waist and the way he keeps moving me to himself

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Am beginning to rethink the fact that thus guy is actually a gay


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His office was extremely big and fancy


I sat down on the sofa breathing heavily as I removed my shoe


‘hey put that on will you.. Reporters will be here very soon’


‘but this shoe is terrible’



‘sir the reporters are here’the P. A said..


‘ okay ‘he said as she walked out of the office’ now put that on will you ‘


it hurts alot ‘I said


but it your size how come it hurts ‘

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can’t you see how tall the heels are, you couldn’t have chosen a shoe with low heels for me to wear ‘she said


yea I could have but it will be more fun seeing you fall on your face while trying to walk in this ‘


you are the worst ‘she said as she threw a cushion at me and put on the shoes


come on, help me up will you ‘i said


yea sure whatever lazy ‘he said as he walked over to me and pulled Me up on my feet and wrapped his hand around my waist again


why do you keep holding me there’


‘you told me to help you’


‘but is helping me holdingne by the waist’


‘yes it is baby ….’


‘you know you are the cheapest man I know’ I said ‘whatever…’ he said as we both walked out of the office


We walked into a hall and news reporters were present, they took pictures of my fake husband and I


‘sir you have a pretty wife’ one of the reporters said


‘thank you’ he answered


We were asked various questions and i was Gettin very bored


I am not used to reporters and being the center of attention


One of the reporters stood on his feet and said


‘sir we can see you married to a very beautiful woman now but that sto does not prove the fact that you not a gay, I mean you a very rich man and for all we know you could have paid this pretty woman over here to act as your wife so you can finally shut the public up, tell me how are you going to convince the public that what we saw the other day at the hotel is all a misunderstanding ‘


That question hit jungle so hard he could not answer it


That probably because it the truth


I mean look at this from my own perspective people, days before the event that occurred at the hotel we have never seen Mr kim jung woo with any girl, Even his P. A was a male before he changed to a female recently, if this marriage isn’t fake and only for publicity, tell me why did you get married to her only after the press caught you red handed in the hotel ‘


can I answer this question ‘I asked him while jung woo looked at me but I looked away


sure ma’m you are very free to answer it ‘


I stood up and talked with the tabletop microphone’ thank you very much you have said enough so. Let me say mine


‘what we see is often a practional part of what it really is… Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.



Open your mind to the world and the many different ways that can be found in it, before making hasty judgments of others. After all, the very same thing that you judge from where you are— may very well be something totally different in meaning on the other side of the world. The problem with making hasty judgments is that it will emphasize your ignorance at the end of the day. You said he is a rich man and can buy anything but do you also know rich mans can be framed by others who do wants to tarnish their image.. You talking based on what you saw the other day, did you bother to carry out some investigation.. You said you have never seen any girl with him can you tell me his offence in being committed to only me… He loves me alot that why he avoided other girls, he wanted to show me to the whole world but I told him not to because I hate being famous and stuffs.. It was when I saw what the people think of my dear husband that he is some kind of


gay that why i decided to get married and start our own family .. He is married to me and if you still think of him as a homosexual after this then it your Damn business ‘I said


I just made that guy shut up


I am that good


He slowly sat down on his chair having nothing to say again


Jungle was looking kind of pleased they all gave me a round applause as I went back to my sit


you are a great liar ‘he said to me


I know right… Working for Mr money ‘ I answered




I know this is all for money but she saved my ass back there


Guess she is not as useless as I thought she was

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We went back home that day and she sat down on her couch looking exhausted as she slowly removed the shoe she called death sentence


‘my legs hurt so much’ she said


‘really let me take a look at that’ I said


‘no don’t touch me, this is all your fault’ she said but I ignored her and raised her feet


‘this is what happens when you tell a man to put on heels’ i said


‘you mad man’ she said as she tried to hit me but I held her hand and pulled her close to me holding her by the waist


‘hey let go of me’ she said trying to free herself from my grib


‘you better get use to this sweetie, cause if you try to attack me again, I will just have to flirt with you like this’


‘you are a crazy person let go of me’


‘oh Act like you not actually enjoying this’


‘jung woo stop this, this is sexual harassment’ she said I guess she said that cas we were so close to each other




This is all so Confusing


I feel wierd being so close to him


The sexual harassment might have kinda upset him as he slowly let go of me and walked away


I stood on the balcony breathing heavily as I saw something moving in the bushes ‘what is that, I better check it out’ I said as I ran downstairs into the compound



Suddenly I felt a heavy hand cover my mouth from behind ‘Do not scream it me’ I know that voice


He slowly let go of me and I turned to face him Jin hoo


My ex boyfriend


‘what the heck are you Doin here’ I asked


‘I heard you married to the richan now’ he said ‘yea that just a lie, it for money’ i said ‘but now you love him’ he asked


‘I don’t’ I answered


‘have he touched you’ he asked


‘are you crazy ofcas he hasn’t’


‘babe I just want us to get back together again’ he said ‘what, get back with you, not interested’


‘pls min, I know you love me alot and I also love you so much please let get back together, you know just how much I love you’ he said


Yes I do love him


But am married


It fake anyway


I need jin hoo back in my life


‘yea sure whatver let get back together’


‘that great’ he said looking so happy as he wanted to kiss me ‘no don’t do that, am still married to him’ I said ‘but it fake’



‘I don’t care, I just don’t feel like kissing’ I said


‘okay then, i love you’ he said as he kissed my cheek and hugged me ‘bye’ I said


‘bye’ he said ‘I will wait till you go in’


‘okay’ I said as I turned my back and walked into the house




I smiled mischievously as she walked into the house ‘hello , the job is done’ I said as I disconnected the call

Am sorry baby but just like you I have to do this for the money


………………….. To be continued……..










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