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I Am Not A Gay – Episode 2

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(short and unedited)





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‘take a look at this sister, you know that from business man that worth a bizzilion won’ caleb said


‘ummmmm jungle right?’I asked


‘not jungle it jung woo’ caleb said


‘well I don’t care’ I said


‘there is a news of him being a gay on the newspaper’ he said as he dropped the newspaper on the table


‘come on caleb we barely have money to eat and you buying newspapers just to read stories about some rich guy riding his fellow guy’ i said


‘you think i will buy this with my money, of cause i stole it’ he said


‘dude you are messed up’ I said

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‘like you are any different’ he answered


‘and beside it not really a thing of surprise, that guy looks like a girl, he must be a gay’ i said


‘ever heard of the saying don’t judge a book by it cover’ caleb said and i shrugged and walked away


I mean what my businesses with a rich handsome guy who prefers Boyfriends to girlfriend




‘have any idea what this can do to your reputation’ my grandma asked sitted on her chair


‘come on grandma, we both know am not a homosexual’ I said.



‘how am I suppose to believe that, I haven’t seen you with any girls’ she said ‘that because I do not like girls they sicken me’ I said


‘but you like Boys instead, they don’t sicken you right’ she said


‘grandma you ain’t helping with your words’ I said as I sat down on the sofa ‘this is a set up and I thought my grandma of all people will believe me’


‘ofcas I will believe you when you married to a girl not a boy’ she said.


‘you know what grandma forget it.. Thanks for nothing’ I said..


‘but there is a way you can shut the society up’ she said


‘no, no, no, no, no, granny, I am sure this is one of your plans to trick me into some kind of stupid marriage’ I said


My grandma has always wanted ms to get married She keeps pestering me with grandchildren nonsense ‘but it what good for business’ she said


‘you do not care about business, you only care about your grandchildren, marriage nonsense’ i said


‘w… W.. Well yes I do’ she said stammering which means she is clearly telling a lie


‘I care about business and if you trully care about your business and reputation, you will do this just to shut the people up’


I sighed and said


‘but grandma, marriage, girls, yeishhhh’ I said ‘it the best thing for business dear’ i said





‘there is a man here to see you’ Mark said as he walked into the house


‘a man, what the heck does a man want from me’ I said and he shrugged


The man dressed in black suit walked into the house and sat down on my chair


‘you are somin right, queen of the street’ he said


‘yes… So?’


‘well I have a job offer for you, and it gonna come with a lot of money for you’ he said


‘hey, I am not smuggling or selling drugs again so if you here to talk about drugs am not interested’ I said


‘well am not here for drugs, I want you to get married’ he said and my brother and him looked at me before we burst into laughter


‘you want her to get married’ caleb said pointing at me


‘I know pretty funny right’ I said laughing


‘for 5 million dollars’


‘shut up you kidding right’


‘what the fu.ck, 5 million dolls…’


‘yeah “he said’ we want you to get married to one of the world richest business man kim jung woo ‘


w.. W… What ‘I said laughing in between my words’ you want me to get married to a gay ‘


will you or will you not ‘ he asked


but why me ‘I asked


because his grandmother chose you ‘


his grandmother ‘i asked looking puzzled ,


yes she said you saved her weeks ago from being killed ‘he said




An old rich looking woman was attack by some thugs who wanted to steal from her


What is a woman like her doing here

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She was struggling with them and they brought out their gun to shoot them but I jumped in and saved her


Ofcas my brother and I beat them up badly


We gave the woman her bag and she thanked us


She was particularly interested in me and thanked me for everything


She asked me what my name was and ofcas I told her before walking away with my brothers


She even gave us a thousand buck and yea we were beyond happy that day because we never even got that amount while picking pocket




‘So she is jungle grandma’ i said


‘jung woo’ caleb said


‘yea jung woo’ I said



‘here is 5 million’ he said as he opened the suit case filled with money and our mouth fell open


‘will you or will you not, it nothing but business, just for 1 year’ he said




‘I will think about it’ I saod


‘what just say yes somin’ mark said


‘I Said I will think about it, now leave’ I said and the man stood on his feet and walked out of the house with the money


‘somin just say yes, we talking five million dollars here and that a lot of money’ caleb and mark said ‘we will finally get a better life, please say yes’


‘hey this is my life, unlike you I think before I do things, so let me think of it’ I said as I stood on my feet and walked away


……………..to be continued……………..


Will she say yes to the offer or not


Let wait and see







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