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I Am Not A Gay – Episode 1

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‘forget it Ben, am not interested’ I said as I placed my leg on the table chewing gum ‘this is a big opportunity for you, you can finally earn some cash with this’ Ben said



‘hey am not gonna involve myself in illegal practices, what am I gonna do when the cops get me am going straight to jail’


‘think about this cupcake, this is finally time for you to make some money, you need this Job’


‘I don’t need this job so fu.ck off’


‘hey but….’


‘you heard what she said she does not need this job so get lost’ my elder brothers said as they walked into our old small house


Ben slowly stood on his feet and walked out of the house


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Let me introduce myself


Am so min a 22 years old lady with two twin brother named Mark and caleb.. We are not full korean actually because my mum was American while my dad was korea


They died in a car accident here in Korea and since then my brother and I has been forced to live on the street and involve ourselves in illegal practices…i mean I have gone to jail 2 times.. Yeah my life sucks that much but the good part of it is I have two hottest street brothers who love me alot… They are only 3 years older than me and they are quite the ladies man on the street though, mainly because of their handsome bad boy look… I am also very beautiful but am a tomboy and I love black and also love getting myself in trouble


‘what the hell does he want you to do now’ caleb asked as he sat down on the sofa


‘he wants me to sell drugs again’ I said


‘that what you get for being a delinquent’ caleb said


‘hey mark pass me a soda’ I said as Mark threw a soda towards me and I caught it with my left hand, opened the can and gulped the whole thing down before



squeezing the can in my hand and threw it in the trashcan not too far from were I was sitting


‘guys I think am done with this selling of drugs and picking of pocket, don’t you think we should find something legal to do i mean we old enough right’ i said


‘maybe I should talk to youn so, she might have a good job for us’ mark said


‘your stripper girlfriend, if am not careful she might end up making me a stripper’ I said


‘Damn you’ mark said as he threw a pillow at me, he was clearly upset by what I said but I do not care, I am just saying the truth


I walked into my room and slept on my bed as I stared at my brown ceiling dirty ceiling filled with cobwebs which was originally white


I closed my eyes and went to sleep


Am tired of this lifestyle

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I am tired of being a delinquent


I am tired of having this boyish look


I went to bed that day and the next day I opened my eyes, showered, brought out my skate board and started skating on the road looking for who to fight with this morning


Yea I like fighting with people


Must especially bullies



I was still skating on the road with a lollipop in my mouth when I turned to my left and saw a girl being picked on by some other street girls



I am like the queen of street girls here, my brother and I formed our personal group called the “roughneck”.


We are pretty popular and powerful so everyone respect us alot, no respect is a wrong word actually they are very afraid of us because they know we might end up breaking collar bones if we’re messed with


‘hey’ I said as I stopped riding on my skate board ‘what the heck is going on here’


‘you somin right, the queen of streets, member of roughneck ‘ one of them said as she walked towards me trying to intimidate with her size


‘yea so?’ I asked


‘Do not interfere in my business’ she said


‘this is my business that why am interfering if you want to bully someone do not do it in my street’ I said as I looked at her bodly In the eyes even though she was taller and bigger than me


She glares at me for a while before saying


“common girls ignore this bitch and let go ‘their leader said as she walked away


I picked up the girl bag on the floor and handed it over to her’ stay out of trouble ‘I said as I walked away


I might be nothing but a very violent street thug but I never fail to help those in need


I went back home that day after picking few pockets and stealing stuffs from the supermarket


I am so fast and smooth with things like that


The number of camera in the supermarket does not matter am still going to end up taking whatever I want



I have a terrible life





A car arrived at the omayers resort and the driver opened the back seat door and bowed as a man dressed in black designer suit got down from it and removed his glasses


A woman walked towards him and she couldn’t say a word after seeing him


She just stood still and stared


He should be a god


Extremely handsome no not handsome beautiful cause he has this girl like kind of beauty


He walked past her with his p. A following him behind and walked into the hotel conference room


‘good to have you here Mr jung woo’ a man said as he stretches his hand out to shake him but he snubbed him and sat down on one of the chairs in the room


‘Now the CEO is here, let start the Meeting’ a man said


Kim Jung woo is a very arrogant, smart, handsome and popular business man


Alot of people hate him because of his bad character and ego


‘here’s your coffee sir’ his P. A said as she dropped a coffee for him and walked away


He slowly picked up the coffee mug and have a sip of it



About 30 mins later he started having slight headache and was dizzy



When he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he stood on his feet and walked away without saying anything to anyone


‘Rude’ they said as the meeting was adjourned since the CEO was clearly not interested in it anymore






I walked into my room as I held my head


It was all so confusing


What is happening to me


I collapsed on the bed with my eyes closed and I opened my eyes again


I tried my best to reach for the glass of water on my table but I could not


It was only a matter of seconds before I passed out


The next day i rolled to my left still with my eyes closed sleeping, I felt someone breathing beside me


That strange I thought as I slowly opened my eyes and coincidentally the person beside me opened theirs too


We stared at each other before we both screamed and sat up straight


He was a man just like me


He was not wearing any shirt neither was I as we both covered half of our body with the white duvet


As far as I can remember i was fully dressed when I passed out yesterday, then why Did I wake up next to a guy wearing only underwear


‘you what the heck are you doing here’ he asked



‘am suppose to be asking you that question, what are you doing in my room’ I asked


Suddenly the door went open as the press walked into our room and started taking pictures


The guy moved close to me and hugged me in front of the press on bed while I pushed him away wandering what going on


‘Sir since when have you been a gay… Sir is this why you not married yet… Sir is he your boyfriend’ questions like this are what the press kept on asking me

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What going on


A gay


But i am not gay


……………. To be continued…………….


Was he framed or is he trully a gay

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