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I Am Engaged – Episode 1

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With my hands slowly slipping under the blankets, I felt my na.ked skin. I was laid on a soft bed covered in white sheets. I turned towards the floor to find my black bra lying like a piece of dirty rag on the white flowery tiles.



I caught sight of my purple gown, hung on the edges of the wardrobe like a butchered snake. Beside the bed lamp, was my brown human hair, hung roughly on a wooden sculpture.


I pulled off the blanket to find my body wet. I was stained with white semen, and left unwashed like a prostitute. I was devoured like a piece of bush meat, and covered in my own mess. I was covered like a used body. Just like a smelling piece of garbage. I felt like one being wrapped in leather to shield the flies from perching.


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“Fool. Big fool.” I screamed in anger and landed incessant punches to the bed.


“Fooollll!” I thundered loudly.


I stood up and flung the blankets on the floor.


Without washing myself, I stormed out of the bedroom with all the anger in the world. I was like a mad woman heading to retrieve her own sanity back.


I was like an ex virgin, walking up to a band of rapist to regain her pride. I could not believe this was happening to me again. Why can’t men keep their pe.nis in their trousers? I could not believe that yet again, another man had found his way through my legs.


First it was Dayo, and now Alex.


It’s been just two years since Dayo and I broke up. My relationship with Dayo was very promising. It was going quite well until the first round of sex.


Dayo and I had several conversations about how our first sex was going to be. We spoke sweetly about it. Our imaginations were wild and deep. He was such an adventurous man. I personally looked forward to such a day when we both will bring our wild adventurous imaginations to play.



I still remembered how I hugged my pillow several nights, wishing it was Dayo who held me. Despite my crave for him, I didn’t want to act desperate. I controlled myself and was careful not to show any sexual emotions towards him.


But then it happened. It happened on a cold Monday evening. Dayo and I had gone out for a friends wedding reception together. Hence it was going to be an all night after party, we were lodged in a hotel to spend the night.


That was where everything occurred. That was where I saw the wild beast in Dayo.


He had drank like a camel and was now drunk from liquor.


When he started touching me, I tried to push him off. But Dayo was like a professional who, had practiced the art of unlocking a woman’s bra and and bringing down a woman’s panties in seconds


Dayo’s first sex to me was more like a rape. When I tried to resist him, he pushed me to the bed and glued my hands together. He found his way through me in swift seconds. I felt his huge muscular pe.nis slide into me perfectly. It felt like I was designed specially for him.


Dayo rode me like a wild horse. I was helpless. I could not scream. I loved Dayo so much. He was my first love. He was the very first man I ever cared about.


Dayo was that man who made my nights with his warm care and attention. And at mornings, he showered me with sweet words to start my day.


Truth be told, I had known this day was definitely going to come. Especially when Dayo started going crazy over my sudden increase in hips and butts. He had become too touchy whenever I was around him.


I watched Dayo go in an out of me like a dog. He was so fast with so much acceleration around his waist. When I saw that, I knew this struggle was going to come to an end soon. It didn’t take long before Dayo came out soaked in his own semen after spending barely ten seconds.



My first sex with Dayo was that bad. So much for a drunk man. He had spent so much energy fighting to get into me only to let out a pile of cum when he suddenly had his way.


“You are so sweet. This is the best sex ever.” Dayo whispered faintly as he dozed off to sleep, snoring like a lion.


I cried that night. I shed tears like a child. But I could not blame Dayo. I felt he loved me. I felt I was his girlfriend and he deserved my body whenever he wanted. I knew he was under the influence of alcohol and could not control himself.


But things turned sour. My guard had been let off. Dayo now had me when ever he wanted. He had me for breakfast, he had me for brunch, ate me for lunch and devoured me for dinner.


He said I was the best. He told me how he wanted us to live happily ever after. I fell for his sweet words and charm. But months later, Dayo became too busy for me. Dayo stopped picking my calls. He stopped returning them too. He stopped giving me the attention I deserved. He had become a stranger to me.


Months later, Dayo invited me over to his house to tell me how our relationship was no longer walking out. He told me how we were loosing the connection and love we both shared.


When I cried and became sobber from the heart breaking words he dished out to me, Dayo kissed me. He kissed me so passionately and I could not resist him. I fell for his touch and warm hugs. I fell for his comforting embrace.

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Dayo made love to me that day. We both had sex. It was the best sex I had in months. It was one filled with so much pleasure and romance. We both enjoyed the euphoria of the moment together. The sexual ecstasy we shared was so special. I came four times before Dayo finally let out a loud moan.


Dayo had touched me at the right places of my body. His touches were so calculated and well planned.



After the sex, I felt things were back to normal. I felt I had been able to subdue him into having a rethink about us and our relationship.


But little did I know that was only a break up sex. That was only a way to live me with a lasting memory of him. Such wickedness. Dayo didn’t even look like one who was touched by our break up. He showed no remorse at all. He acted like it was normal.


I broke up with Dayo, and made up my mind not to fall cheaply for any other man again. Men are scumbag. They are sleazy, disreputable and despicable set of animals.


Dayo left me like a piece of trash. It felt like all he ever wanted from me was sex. All he ever craved for was to have a taste of me. When he was done, he dumbed me like a used toy.


Now just like Dayo, Alex had gotten his way. He had sex with me without my consent. I did not even know when all this took place.


Although I had known Alex for two months now, our relationship with him was just three weeks old. We had never talked about having sex before. We were just barely getting to know ourselves. I haven’t even gotten to know him too well.


Alex came to me like an angel sent from heaven. He was like a towel sent to wipe my tears away. Alex was like a healer meant to heal my broken and shattered heart; the same heart Dayo had hurt so much. He was like a gift to me on my birthday.


But now, Alex had become evil in my eyes. He now looked like Dayo in disguise.


He was like a criminal to me – sex thief.


Just when I had shut the door behind me, I sighted Alex making his way up the stair case with a tray held firmly in his hands.


“Hello sunshine.” He smiled.



Such devilish smile I thought to myself. It was that same smile that softened my heart the first day I saw him. I remembered the way he walked up to me with every boldness in a man. I remembered how good looking he was when he pulled off his hat to kiss my hands. How charming he looked when he told me I was beautiful. How gentle manly he walked with me to the car, and opened it up for me to walk in like a princess.


But now, all I saw was just another scumbag. A deceiver. A cheat. A bastard.


With my hands lifted above my head, I landed a thundering slap on his face. The cup of hot tea shook in his hands and tumbled backwards. It poured on Alex body, and he let go of the tray and fell backwards screaming in pains from the hot burns of the cup of tea.


I needed to do more to this man. This man who had defiled my body without permission. This man who had promised so much and had deceived me into saying yes to him, only for him to break one of his major promises three weeks later.


I ran down the stairs muttering words in anger, I was heading for the kitchen to pick a knife…


To be continued…





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