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Hope For Tomorrow – Episode 10

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Episode 10




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The doctor quickly alerted Fred of what could be done for his wife, “What’s going on?”Fred had asked the doctor,


“your wife needs to be operated on, the labour is not progressing and she is in much pain, we are afraid that she and the baby may become weak and that’s dangerous” the doctor replied. Fred was told to sign some papers and then the doctor asked him to leave the room for them to properly do their job.


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As Fred was in the waiting room, he couldn’t sit down. He was restless and kept walking to and fro. He picked up his phone to call Sofia’s mother and told her everything that happened. Sofia’s mother was there in no time and they both waited together in the waiting room.




After about an hour, the doctor came out of the labour room with a tensed look. “Doctor how’s my wife?” Fred asked nervously, “Things aren’t looking too good” the doctor said. Fred was tensed and scared at that moment and asked the doctor what the problem was. “Your wife and your baby is too weak” the doctor said.




Fred was trying so hard to put himself together and not lose it.


“What are we going to do now?” Fred asked, “We are going ahead with the C-section. You have to pray for both of them to come out alive, because if things get too complicated and critical, one person might not come out alive” the doctor said and hurriedly walked away.




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The doctor’s words almost gave Fred and Sofia’s mother a heart attack. Fred’s mother almost collapsed at the other end of the phone when Fred told her everything that was going on over the phone.


Fred kept replaying what the doctor said in his head and when he couldn’t hold it any longer, he burst into prayers. “God I know I’m not perfect, I know I don’t pray or read my Bible like I should, I know I haven’t served you sincerely as I should, I know that I go to church occasionally, I know I complain alot but please God, don’t let death take away my wife, the only person that gave me a reason to be a better person, the woman that has changed my world. God please help my wife because she is so tired at this point as there’s no more strength left in her and my baby, help Sofia


, Lord” Fred prayed with tears in his eyes.

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After about 6 hours, the nurses came out of the labour room smiling. Fred was anxious and wanted to know what was going on so he tried to ask one of them, but they politely told him that the doctor was coming to attend to him. Sofia’s mum was restless but she waited patiently for the doctor.



Finally, the doctor came and Fred rushed him. “Doctor how’s my wife and child?” He asked, the doctor smiled and said “I have good news, the good news is that your wife and your children are alive and healthy”




“Children?” Fred asked


“Yes, congratulations, your wife delivered two babies, twins , a boy and a girl, and they are healthy babies not premature and she delivered on her own while we were busy preparing the theatre for the caesarian section, it was a Vaginal birth! It was a miracle” The doctor replied excitedly




Fred was so happy, “thank you Lord God” he whispered and then he asked to see his wife and children. he couldn’t contain his excitement seeing Sofia laying on the hospital bed with two babies wrapped around her. Fred walked to where she laid and hugged her from the side and kissed her head. Tears of joy kept flowing from thier eyes.




“Baby see our children, the ultrasound I had was wrong, it was two babies all along not one but two” Sofia said with a big smile on her face. Fred was so emotional at this point and rested his head on Sofia’s head as he cried. “I love you so much and I thought I had lost you” Fred said sobbing. Sofia stretched her hand and touched his head, “You are my strength and my hero, I love you forever” Sofia said with tears on her eyes. Sofia’s mother couldn’t hold her emotions and didn’t know when she started tearing up too, she regretted standing against thier union. “They love each other so much” she thought.


Fred’s mother screamed of joy over the phone when she heard that Sofia gave birth to twins.




Write stories about your life. The difficulties you have faced, all your faults and fears. Write as well your dreams, prayers, hopes and your masterpieces ..



Your life is like a book and every pages of it is like the beats of your heart… The quintessence and Essence of your life lies behind the scars, your victory and its purpose …




Life is a wind that blows up and down


Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced


The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you,if you do that you’re in control of your life, If you don’t, life controls you..


Don’t take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive”


Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce.




Your mates are married with children, your mates are very successful and very wealthy, don’t forget that your mate are also dead, be thankful, live one day at a time, don’t allow anyone to rush you, when I mean anyone, including yourself, don’t rush yourself.


We should live our life happily cause we dont know what will happen tomorrow. learn from yesterday… live for today..fall in love, marry who you love, Love doesn’t needs to be perfect, Love only needs to be true! Pray always and hope for a better tomorrow.






♥HOPE FOR TOMORROW. Live your life prayerfully and hopefully.







The End

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