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High School Crush – Episode 9

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(game change it all)




Why will Isabella be in our group? Mteew I prefer Janelle instead of this ugly looking dry western witch.



The game starts , the first group to make it back to our cabin will win a prize.as per our class teacher.


We started our journey in the forest careful not to get lost I’m very angry because Isabella is just clinging to David every now and then which is making me fume with that kind of flame you know.


Suddenly we started hearing some kind of sounds like that of a wild animal. I’m so scared it get louder then David grab my and Eric grab Isabella when it seems that whatever the animal is coming to our direction. I and David slip on a semi cliff filled with dried grass and we roll and roll until a rock hit my arm. Eric and Isabella ran and ran that they didn’t even notice we fell.

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My arm hurts so much and it is bleeding. David unbutton his shirt and my eyes grew wide in shock.


“ idiot its not what you are thinking ” he knock my head. “ auch that hurts ” I cried.


He wrap his shirt around my arms to stop the bleeding and he rest my head on his shoulder.


“ I am in love with an idiot ” he said.


“ what? So that’s why you won’t look at me anyway who is that idiot so I can ruin her face ” I frown my face.


“ then get ready to ruin your face because you are the one ” he smiled.


What? So David loves me? Wow I don’t know what to say


“ since when? ” I asked curiously you know I have to know when na.

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“ the day I set my eyes on you ”


“ but why did you reject me? ” I hit him playfully.


“ because your confession sounds like a joke. I mean how will you just tell me you like me like that ” he pinch my cheeks.

“ but do you know how much I was hurt that day if not for


Janelle I will have commit suicide and when I saw Isabella hugging you my heart shattered in pieces ” a tear escape from my eyes.


He use his free hand to wipe my tear then he held my head in his hands and he plant a kiss on my lips. Am I dreaming? If I’m dreaming please let me wake up but I don’t want to wake up and


I kissed him back loosing ourselves into the world of love as we


kiss deeper.




Narrated by Isabella




“ eric stop I’m so tired ” I told eric when I almost fell. He is still holding my hands, but why didn’t I notice him before? He is so handsome and tall and he have a dimple making his smile look like a shining pearl. Yes I have a crush on Dave but Eric caught all my heart today. He made me fell helplessly in love.


“ oh anyway where is Dave and nikky ” he asked breathing hard. “ oh I don’t think they are near? Dave!! Nikky!! What if the wolf catch them? ” i said with fear showing in my tone


“ shut up nothing is wrong with them and I think they are safe ” he said with a calm voice.


“ I think I will look for dave ” I said but eric hold my hands. You need to see how my heart melt is this how it feel to be really in love?


“ are you going to leave me for him too? ” he said.


“ who? And what do you mean? ” I really didn’t know what he meant.


“ nikky left me for him and you too? ”


Oh this guy is pitiful hmm. He pull me hard that I sat on his lap. My heart almost jump out of my mouth, beating so hard that my chest couldn’t take it.


“ I love you Isabella the last time I confront you for hurting her I realise the hidden beauty inside you I love you ” he confessed.


“ I don’t know what draw me to you but anything that is it must be a strong okra soup Eric I love you too ” I said as tears filled my eyes.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


He hug me so tight that I like the warmth..


( love is strange )






Narration continue by me





I couldn’t explain the feeling but I like it so much that oh I’m short of words.


David and I walk together as we found every peg and that means our group won.


We found eric and Isabella in a romantic mood hmm are you thinking what I’m thinking? Wow Isabella look so pretty when she smiles and they both look good together.


We made it back before other groups and we also found the peg and guess what the prize is? Nothing lol. Our class teacher just want us to enjoy ourselves and I really enjoy my self except my bruised arm lol.


Here comes the aggressive couples and guess? Chris and Janelle. They are fighting and I know they love each other. Janelle confessed to me earlier but whether she told chris or not I don’t know.


The night was fun, we made bonfire and we sang I resting on David’s shoulder and eric and Isabella’s hands we were clamped together.janelle and chris are flirting with each other.


Do you know the reason why janelle let go of her crush? That’s because she found out doctor ken is dating our class teacher so she decided to let the adult have their fun.


Wow can you see how a little game change our love life?Its so cool.


During the weekend when my mom caught david and I smiling at each other she ask questions as usual.


“ nothing is happening between us its just that he change a little” I quickly deny the allegations.


“ I don’t think so you guys are strange ” she said.


“ mom there’s nothing strange about just that he started treating me well because we are neighbors ” I smiled.


“ oh look at that smile just take things slow okay? I was also a teenager like you. Stella and I attend the same school so that’s why we were still best friends not knowing one day will come when our families will live together ” she said kissing my forehead.


“ OK mom ”


David and I wash our uniform together not like how you are



thinking o but you know at the same time and not far from each other.


“ I love you ” he whispered.


“ hey our moms are at home ” I said shyly splashing water on his body.


“ it doesn’t matter ” he splash water on my body too and before we know it that’s how we waste the water we supposed to use to wash clothes.


We went to the tap to fetch another water again and our clothes is very wet.


“ do you know it is your fault? ” he said pinching my cheeks. “ two of them are funny ” David’s mom told my mom.


“ they grow up so fast ” my mom replied from where both of them were watching us before they enter the kitchen.


“ it is your fault why will you tell me you love me?” I said hitting him with a cloth but he caught it and he pull me closer and we end up in a hug position.


“ because I love you ” he said kissing me I smiled but that silly smile faded when I saw my mom and his mom starring at us with shocked expression. He saw them too eh? Not knowing what to do we started moving in circles then Omo see race!

I took right david took left.


That awkward moment when parents caught there kids dating father lord please take my soul..




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