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High School Crush – Episode 7

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(zip it up)




“ food is ready ” David said placing the bowl of soup on the dinning table.


I’ve already place the cooler of rice earlier and Samuel arranged the plates.


The stew look some kind of forget it.


Everyone have rice on their plate but now remains who will taste the stew first.


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“ Samuel you go first ” David said.


“ no aren’t you the chef taste it na ” I said with a low tone.


“ I’ve taste it so much in the kitchen that I almost ate everything ” David said without sharing a glance with me.


“ oh really Samuel go first” I said feeling scared.


“ oh no sis you go first Since you like him so much won’t you be delighted to taste the first meal cooked by my brother? You taste it first I will eat after you have take a bite.” Samuel replied. Oh no with something that look like a mixture of prayer and curse I brought the spoon to my mouth and I smiled sadly. You know that kind of smile that you will be crying inside.


Those two grab their spoons too and they ate whatever the rubbish is because I’m sure its not a soup again. We spat it out together.


“ but David why na? Just tell me why you hate me so much that you want to kill me? Why na bhet why? Hmm? Vinegar inside stew? Is it a sin to love you so much?” I cried.


“ I’m sorry ” he muttered.


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“ even if I’m stupid and I don’t have a single brain. I can’t put vinegar in your soup bhet why? What did I did I do so much, ” I sniffed.


“ okay I will make another one ” I said when I finally gain my strength. Ah David is pitiful he got A1 in everything but got an F9 in cooking. Even I the supposed idiot can cook with my eyes closed.


After 20 mins I’m done after eating I gave David a wicked frown before I retire to the couch.




Next morning




“ ah you are so loud! ” David shouted because I’m singing in the bathroom.


“ what? Why are you there in the first place but wait are you spying on me?” I yelled back.



“ what? Me spy on you? Its not as if you are attractive ” he hiss before he walk away. Seriously I don’t know why I suddenly hate him.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“ since you don’t see me as a girl you must be a tree, with all these curves at my young age what kind of a guy reject me? ” I hiss loudly for him to hear.


After dressing up I had a hard time zipping up my gown but I don’t want to call David and Samuel has went out to play. Well he doesn’t see me as a girl so what? What if he know I don’t use to wear bras? Oh no wetin mtcheew shey I will kill myself ni its just my back na let me call him.


“ why should I zip your dress up for you? Do you even have pride? ” he said.


“ why? You said you don’t see me as a lady why getting worked up? ” I twist my mouth.


“ what do you think I am? A tree? ” he shouted.


“ of course you are like a big iroko tree in my eyes ”


“ hey! I’m not a tree okay you are a girl and I’m a guy I can’t do this ” he pat my head after shouting.


“ eiyyy you must have some weird thought going on your mind just zip the thing up ” I remove his hands from his pocket then I turn my back..








(I’m so sad)




After pleading and pleading he eventually did it


“ but which kind of a girl doesn’t wear bra? ” he asked suddenly but how did he noticed? This guy is really something.


“ you are something how did you know if a lady doesn’t wear bra? Seriously anyway I’m outta here I have to see Janelle and probably Eric ” i slam the door on his face.


“ oh girlfriend your parent are not at home did you sleep with aunt? ” Janelle is already waiting for me I didn’t know.


“ where did you sleep? ” she asked.


“ Aunt is not at home but I slept in their house ” I replied.



“ what?! You spend the night with Dave?! ” she place a palm on her mouth.


“ hey stop thinking dirty Samuel was there too ”


“ ah! Oh this dress you always have a hard time zipping it up who help you? ” Janelle can ask questions.


“ David ”


“ what? Why would he? Are you that shameless? ” “ whatever he almost kill me yesterday ”


“ what? As how ” she said hands akimbo. “ he put vinegar in the stew ”


“ what? He is something so he can’t even cook? ” Janelle laughed.


That day is really stressful, Janelle kept dragging me everywhere it is after evening she let me go wheew my mom is at home already.


“ do you have fun? ” she asked.


“ with who? Someone that almost kill me? ” I hiss.


“ kill you? Oh my god don’t let it be what I’m thinking ” my mom said with a serious voice.


“ seriously why is everyone thinking strange like this? He almost kill me because he put vinegar in the stew ” ewww I have to explain so she can believe me.


“ oh is that it? I don’t know he can be so bad at cooking oh ” my mom twist her mouth in the manner I use to twist mine.


I retire to the bed later that night .








I feel like I’m alive since David is not with me,. But wait am I really forgetting him? It will be cool and I will get to think with my head but I doubt if that will be possible.


School is really fun today, without maths teacher harassing me, with Eric treating me to lunch and with Janelle by my side but why do I feel like something is missing? Forget it.


Ring ring


I’m going home because we are in the middle of exam so no much work but did David read during the weekend? He must


have he must. Speaking of the devil here he comes.


“ oh Nikky I will be right back please wait for me but if you don’t see me after five minutes check me in the class okay? ” he said.


Who told him I will wait for him? Let me wait he is my prince charming after all


After seven minutes I still can’t find David what is wrong then I started going to the class.




In the class




David and Isabella are in the middle of discussion which seems very serious. From the look on Isabella’s eyes it seems she begging david for something, she saw nikky coming from afar then she quickly hug. David try to get her off him but she held on tight.


Nikky saw them and she turn back immediately crying her eyes out.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Narration continue by me




Seriously why Isabella? why her? Why not me? Why Isabella? I thought you said I’m the best thing but why will you hug her.


“ nikky I can explain ” he try to say but I cut it.


“ you don’t have to I’m nothing to you right? You even said you don’t see me as a girl but you Bella is a girl in your eyes? But why? I love you openly for three years but you did not even look at me but you hug Isabella do you know how much that hurts?! ” my tears rush like a river as I say every words.


“ its not like that hear me out ” he try to hold my hands but I snap it away.


“ just get lost and stop making things hard for me, you didn’t


like me and I’m not a girl I your eyes just like Isabella said I’m your loyal dog just please get lost! I don’t want to see you again! David stop making things hard for me I’m not your plaything! Don’t talk to me! Don’t appear in front of me again! ”


It hurts and I’m so sad..More interesting stories available @generalloaded.com





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