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Heavenly Fight – Episode 8

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Episode 8




Ashley’s pov


It’s been a month after the fire incident, the school relocated and we continued our normal studies


Ashley!!!” Lisa called


There is this cute, handsome guy who just transferred to this school ” she said happily


Is not like the other handsome boys we have in the school are useful ” i said sarcastically

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He is so handsome but no one can beat Archie in looks” she said


Speaking about Archie we ve tried our best to keep our distance so as not to cause another trouble



We were really mad at Lisa Wen she told us she was the one that locked us up although she refused to tell us the reason


Since then she has been behaving weird like inviting Archie to sit with us during lunch, making him take us home after school which makes us to fight verbally in the car


I guess she is in love with Archie, I don’t know how someone in her right senses would be in love with that bastard


The other day I found him making out with Annabella, next was Meribella and I know Isabella is no different from them


I stopped wearing my wig as I let my white hair fall freely


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Hey Ashley I got news that he is Archie’s cousin ” Lisa said as she continued blabbing


Hello everyone, we have a new student ” the principal announced as the class was filled with murmur


Wow he is so handsome, he is so cute


Hi, am Liam nice to meet you all” he introduced as he went to sit next to Archie


After some time the class president came to make an announcement


Listen up, their will be a school party for only our grade, we all know what the party is all about, so dress your best and the most interesting part is that no teacher will be around ” she announced as everyone screamed in joy as I took my headphones to avoid the noise


When is the party” someone asked


On Friday


Kk, since the party is on Friday there would be another party at my home on Saturday ” Annabella announced


Yessss” everyone screamed


Ashley are you going ” Lisa asked


Yes” I said


U know Archie don’t usually attend parties” she said


So how is that my business ” I asked her


Could you tell him to come ” she said


What, I should go to him and tell him to come for the party, are you crazy” I asked her shocked as she nodded


Sorry to burst your bubble but am not doing that” I told her Kk, let’s see what would happen ” she said smiling


After class we went to the cafeteria I went to sit down while Lisa went to get her food, I didn’t really feel like eating


She came back as she ate why my headphones was doing it job


Hey, Archie and Liam ” Lisa called out with smiles


Lisa, what now ” I asked her


You guys should come join us ” she said


Sorry to tell you this but they are eating with us ” Annabella said as she walked to our table with her whores


Archie love, ur seat has been reserved already” meribella said


Archie,” Lisa called cos I decided not to say a word cos I didnt want any of them to be at my table


Hey, you slut don’t call my boyfriend that way” Annabella said


Don’t talk to her that way” Archie said wow the chemistry is too much Archie!!! ” Annabella called


Hey Archie let’s sit with them ” Liam said pointing at us as he smiled at me If you say so, ” Archie said as Lisa squealed happily


I still dont get what Lisa saw in this Archie of a bitch Hi, am Liam ” he said


Sure, you introduced yourself in class, I replied harshly as Lisa matched me making me scream


Are you ok ” Liam asked


Yes” I replied


Why are you not eating ” Archie


Why are you asking is not like you care” I said as I hissed Hey don’t talk to me like that” he warned


So how should I talk to you, oh your majesty I don’t feel like eating, I hope you would forgive me” I said sarcastically as he face turned red in anger


you are such a bitchy fool” he said angrily as everyone’s attention turned towards us


What!!!! ” I said


Wait guys I want to say something Liam interrupted What!!” I and Archie asked together


Icjust wanted to say I love the colour of your hair” he said


Shut up” I and Archie said together again as Lisa burst out laughing That’s there daily routine ” I heard Lisa say

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Liam’s pov


Why is everything repeating itself here on earth Seems like I came quite late


There mustn’t be another love between this two again, I need to stop it before it grows


I hope mine doesn’t repeat it self too





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