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Heavenly Fight – Episode 5

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Episode 5




Lisa’s pov


I was still wondering of how am going to bring them to love each other


Seems like I have to come with a plan


Plan A : lock them up in a room as the do in movies, they will stay there and cuddle each other because of cold and then Archie will give Ashley his jacket before they kiss


Time to go to school, hope my plans will work out


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After preparing for school I went down to the sitting room only to find Ashley in another all white dress but sincerely she is pretty


Ashley” I called as I came down the stairs remembering what my grandma told me last night


A goddess is really standing right in front of me, no matter who I tell they will still take me as a mad person,


Emmm, are you ready? ” she asked asshe stood up and straight her skirt which was extremely short but was fitted


Yes” I said as I went towards her



Lisa won’t you take breakfast ” my mom asked No am late” I said


Go and have your breakfast I will wait” Ashley said as she sat down and brought out her phone which was white and has diamond all over it


Bring your friend as well to join us ” grandma said as she headed towards the dinning table

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I and Ashley went to join them as she sat down


Immediately my mom started lecturing her of the dress she should wear as a girl making Ashley uncomfortable


Yes, I know you are pretty but you shouldn’t expose your body, your skirt is too short and the blouse didn’t even cover your tummy


Judith can you just shut up ” grandma said as she noticed Ashley putting on her gloves and glasses, my mom really got her angry


Mom, you are embarrassing her” I said but she only glared at me


When you are done am in the car waiting ” Ashley said as she stood up and left, I followed her cos I also lost my appetite


We got into the car which was also white in colour as she drove off


Am sorry for what my mom said ” I apologized


Is OK she said


We got to school as they kept staring at us especially Ashley


Class went by quickly as I decided to put my plan to action but that will be after recess




Ashley’s pov


After what happened at Lisa’s house today, I still couldn’t stop being angry


I just hate it when people try to interfere in my life


I and Lisa walked into the cafeteria as every eye turned to us



I walked towards a table as one of the Bella’s brought out her leg from were she was sitting making Lisa as I bent to help Lisa up one of them kicked me at the back as I fell as if that was not enough they took a tomato juice and emptied it on me and that is another offence don’t stain my white


I stood up as I helped Lisa up as I decided to ignore them cos I am not ready to transfer to another school, but instead they stopped us from passing as they dragged my hair making the wig to fall off as my long white hair fell freely making everyone to gasp


I couldn’t control my anger as I took they wig from Annabella’s grip slapped her multiple times with it as she fell face flat on the food Lisa already positioned


I turned to Isabella dragged her hair as I put her face on someone else’s meal after I apologized


Lisa took care of Mirabella with another tomato juice


After the five minutes madness I went to clean myself up I changed to another set of clothes and left for the science lab cos the place was overly quiet.


I got inside as I closed the door and turned only to see Archie staring at me from were he sat


Right now don’t think am in the mood cos to fight him as I turned to leave but discovered that the door was locked


I banged the door but seems like nobody heard it


Can’t you see that no one is around ” he said but I refused to listen as I continued banging




Lisa’s pov


Thanks to the Bella’s I was able to find a way and lock them up


After the incident, I knew Ashley would definitely look for a quiet place to stay and the only place that is always quiet Was The science lab and luckly for me Archie was also there


So I was able to lock them up I just hope it works



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