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Heavenly Fight – Episode 4

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Episode 4


Lisa’s pov


I had my dinner quickly, greeted my mom and dad good night as I went over to my grandmas study. She always stays in her study to avoid our noise saying it distracts her



Grandma” I called as I got her study but I did not receive any answer Grandma ” I called again searching for her


What questions to you have now” she asked as I saw her sitting on the floor with her legs crossed


Emmm, ” I started as she interrupted me


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Wait, come sit here ” she said getting me confused as her sat down on the floor crossing my legs like her


Who did you see today ” she asked


There is a lot of energy and power around you ” she asked again getting me more confused


Well, grandma is a new student that was transferred to our school. I made friends with her she stays two buildings away from us” I said


And who else ” she asked again as her closed in pain


Emmm, my classmate Archie ” I said


What happened ” she asked again


Well I was kind of kidnapped with Ashley by Archie, but grandma guess what after that I slept as I had a wonderful dream” I said as she opened her eyes


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Shut up whatever you saw wasn’t a dream so tell me what else happened ” she said impatiently


Grandma, you ve not even asked me if am hurt ” I said angrily Shut up” she shouted


Well, Ashley and Archie fought they were using magic that is been used in fairy tales” I said as she looked at me the look of you ve not said all


Yes, there appearance changed it was like the were gods and grandma there is something I noticed ” I said


What ”


Ashley”s side was filled with light while Archie’s side was dark but grandma do you know who they are and why they are on earth” I asked



Sweetheart you met a God and goddess “my grandma said shocking me. She gave me a book


In that book it talked about of a God and a goddess . They are to love each other but they are arc enemies, if they keep being enemies they would destroy the world like they almost did today with their fight. It is a prophecy and they must not be told about it. It should be kept a secret because if they find out they would make the world hell” she explained as more questions built up in my heart


Who is this God and goddess ” I asked her as I took an apple from her table


Is the goddess of light and the god of death ” she said as the spat out what was in my mouth


What, that handsome Archie is God of death. Wow, but grandma they don’t know each other but they still hate each other with passion, why is that ” I asked


Although their memory was wiped by the superiors to make things easier their heart still bear that hatred so until they recover their memory they will not be able to control their powers.


And now all you have to do is try bring them together make them love, although we don’t know the consequences of their soon to be love cos is not meant to be ” she said


Why me, why do I have to involve myself to them” I askef


Cos is ur destiny to teach them love, that is the reason of your birth” she said


Remember you can’t let them know about the prophecy or you would be punished, u can go to bed and figure the remaining answers yourself ” she said as she turned her back at me







The heavenly realms




They almost destroyed it today how long will this go, even after wiping there memories their hearts still bear that hatred ” love said



Leave them to the one who is born to bring them together ” death superior said as he sat down calmly


And didn’t you know about the part that says…… ” she said as she was cutoff


You don’t have to say it or it might really happen” he said I hope so”

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