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Heavenly Fight – Episode 36

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Episode 36






Semi final




Ashley’s pov


I was supposed to disappear but it seems like nature was with me After I and Archie disappeared


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The Supreme had to keep us for what looked like weeks, it was during our little stay there in captive that I discovered I was pregnant , I knew I had a chance to live but Archie doesn’t


Luckily one was supposed to live and the other disappear


Well that explained the reason why I pushed him down the tunnel


When I finally I had to disappear it was discovered that I was carrying another lives


The Supreme let me go with the order that I shouldn’t show my face until nemesis superior breaks out from the blood mountain


Through out those days I lived my life in secret wearing only mask and thanks to the few friends I met who helped me




Mom Mom!! ” my kids called as they came running in But how did they get in here


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Mom!!! ” everyone chorued as the turned to me


While i just shrugged my shoulders


Sweeties, how did you get in here, you were supposed to be with aunty Dora ” I said


We don’t know how we got in here we just saw a bright light and we saw ourselves here” Mira said Did you wear my wig again” I asked Mira as I bent to her size


Am sorry mum but I wanted my hair to have the same colour like yours ” she said innocently giving me that puppy face


See sweetie you have the same hair colour like mine


Miles did you dye the part of your hair again ” I asked


Am sorry mom ” he apologized giving me that puppy face


Is OK ” I said as I used my powers to remove the dye



Mira, miles go greet your grandma and grandpa then your aunt and uncle ” I said as the looked at me nervously


Go on” I urged


Death superior, mom this are your grand god and goddess ” I said as mom carried miles He is so cute and handsome just like his father ” mom said as she pecked his cheeks


Mom grandpa is handsome can I marry him” she asked childishly as everyone burst out laughing You are free but don’t let your dad find out ” I said


For once I saw death superior laughing and smiling heartily as he played with mira


This is what is like to have a complete family


Mom ” Mira yelled in tears


what’s the matter ” I asked


Aunty Lisa don’t want want uncle Liam to be my boyfriend ” she said in tears


Lisa don’t tell me you are jealous of a child ” I said teasingly


She is just too cute” Lisa said


Mira you can be my girlfriend ok” Liam said as he pecked her small lips


Liam!! ” I called warningly


Sorry” he said chuckling


Aunty Lisa why don’t you be my girlfriend ” miles asked as I turned to him just to see him kneeling with a flower in his hand


Oh God who taught this 4 years old kids this


Oh he is so cute” Lisa said as she took the flower and pecked his cheeks


Let’s go on our first date” miles said


Miles!! ” I called


Let him be, he is just like his father” mom said


At last my kids has been stolen from me


Mom what about dad ” Mira asked throwing me off guard Huh??? ” I stayed speechless 8


Mom why us it that anytime we talk about dad you will change the topic ” miles asked Kk, right now your dad is I’ll but let’s go see him


He might be awake by now


I led them towards Archie’s chambers


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Archie’s pov


I opened my eyes as I tried to sit up but my whole body was in pain Ashley” I called but no one answered


I thought I saw someone that looked like her, I must have been thinking about her too much


I just hope I will be able to see her again if not I might make a move on that masked celebrity who has her personality


But why am I still alive


Nemesis stabbed me at a vital point where I would be dead by now


What could have happened


I struggled to get up as two kids came running in


Dad!!! Dad!!


Did the newly married gods have children, how long have I been out


Dad ” the cute girl with white hair called as she stood beside my bed


Miles, dad is so handsome just like you ” she said as the cute boy nodded


Did I wake up in someone else’s body


But these kids look familiar


Daddy, mommy said you are sick how are feeling now” the little boy said as he placed his little hand on my forehead


While the girl covered me well with the duvet and brought water which I took still confused Emmm, what are your names” I asked


Am miles and this is my twin sister Mira ” the boy said


Miles, daddy even have the same hair colour like you” Mira said And I just noticed it


Daddy recover fast so that I would play with you and mom, I misses you so much” Mira said as she dragged my hand pouting her lips


Aish she is so cute


But who are they


Mira stop…” miles tried to say but was cut off


Sweetie stop it daddy is sick remember ” a familiar voice said


As she walked into the room


Don’t drag daddy like that ok


You guys can stay with him quietly ” she said as she carried them and put them on the mattress as she tucked them in


So now you can stay side by side with daddy” she said


I didn’t know you would wake up so soon” she said


Long time Archie ”


Ashley” I called as she smiled





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