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Heavenly Fight – Episode 35

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Episode 35






Quarter finale




Liam’s pov




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Am not a hey” she said as she removed her mask




Wait a minute


The masked celebrity, which am a number one fan and I and Archie even performed with her is Ashley and we never knew or noticed


What are you surprised ” she asked


Whoa how did you come back ” I asked


Just shut up let me concentrate and get you two out of here” she said as she broke the chains


After we were released


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Lisa jumped on her


I knew you would keep your promise” she said


I almost didn’t keep it” she said


Am happy you are back” I said as I hugged her


Let’s get back ” she said as she mounted on the Phoenix


While we teleported


We got to the realms


Is it nemesis superior that did this” Ashley asked


Yes, thankfully all the gods are wounded but not dead ” I said


Apart from Archie, who died and thanks to you we have hope that we won’t lose him” Lisa said


What about love and death superior” she asked


They are trapped at the blood mountain ” I replied


Maybe you can release them” I said


I can’t …. ” she said


What?? Then what are we going to do” Lisa said in panic


But the Phoenix can” Ashley completed as we heaved a sigh of relief Let’s go there ” she said as we walked towards the blood fountain


Hey, I told you guys to defeat nemesis and not to bring a masked human here ” love yelled in our minds


Take Archie to his chambers, I will go there after am done here ” she said to the minor gods as the carried Archie inside


She went closer to the blood fountain as she tried to remove the array but she was pushed aside by the power surrounding the array


She used the powers of the past gods and goddesses and also the power of the blood fountain to trap them so it won’t be easy” she said


Peace( Liam) who is this ” death superior asked as I just smiled at him Ashley summoned the sacred Phoenix and sword


Together with her powers, that of the Phoenix and the sword she charged at the array as it broke free



Immediately we helped love and death superior out she coughed out blood Are you ok” Lisa asked her


Am fine is just that I used my powers excessively ” she said


So ( peace and nemesis) Liam and Lisa who is this ” love asked as Ashley removed her mask


Mom is me ” Ashley said as she hugged love


Light??!!! ” love asked


Are you really the one , are you really light” she asked as she released from the hug Yes, I missed you” Ashley said


If you missed me why didn’t you come since” she said in tears Am sorry, am really sorry ” Ashley said in tears


I gave my handkerchief to Lisa as she was already in tears When did you come back” love asked her


Five years ago, I changed school on earth, u changed my identity and I couldn’t come back here cos it was an instruction never to show myself to those who knew me or who knows me” she said


But why would the Supreme give such instruction” I asked while Ashley just smiled And there is something hiding in that her smile


The prophecy was only meant for two lives and one life was left, the Supreme would let you go if another life was involved ” love said


Ahhhhhh, I didn’t know about that” Ashley said nervously


Light are you pregnant ” love asked as she walked towards Ashley examining her body


Pregnant that not possible and is by the way is been five years already and even though I was pregnant am 25 already” Ashley said nervously


Kk, but I would have been very happy to carry my grand goddess or god ” love said Mom I wanted to ask something ” Ashley said


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Why am I not the goddess of love but light ” Ashley asked


And that’s right I ve been curious about it and now I can die peacefully


Well I would have been love superior while you are love but when you were born it was the reverse The day you were born here in the heavenly realms was like a light to the humans


They recorded the highest amount of happiness in every good aspect


Some found their love, some evil ones tormenting the innocent ones died, some became wealthy, while some terminal illness were cured immediately, it shocked us all. A lot of things happened within that time


Well that’s what made you light ” she concluded


You have the highest power in the heavenly realms ” death superior said


But come to think of it you weren’t pregnant then why did The Supreme let you go ” love asked Tell us” Lisa said


I don’t know, and I have to check on Archie ” Ashley said as she made to leave


But we dragged her back


Tell us


Tell us


Tell us


Okkkk, fine” Ashley said defeatedly


I was pregnant ” she blurted




What do you mean


Are you serious


Were is my grand goddess you bitch


Mom, mom!!! ” two kids came running in


Mom!!!! ” we all chorued as we turned to Ashley


While she just shrugged her shoulders


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