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Heavenly Fight – Episode 34

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Episode 34








Lisa’s pov




It been five years now since Ashley disappeared


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I will say it was a difficult year for us all


I graduated from college and worked as a designer and makeup artist I will say I am popular in the designers world


Liam owns a company and he is also an entrepreneur, I will say he has a part-time job of being a model and he is also popular in his own aspect


We are engaged and would be getting married soon


We decided to come to earth at will but most of our times were spent in the heavenly realms


And Archie….


I just don’t want to talk about him


He suddenly turned cold after Ashley’s disappearance and he wouldn’t date


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We set blind date for him both on earth and in the heavenly realms but still he just wouldn’t look at any of the ladies and goddesses


I will say he quite popular


The richest male model, CEO of companies and the most handsome


How I wish Ashley was still around she would have been so busy waving off girls away from Archie



It even came a time when he was rumoured as a gay, the public waited for a reply but they received none


Now our most problem is nemesis superior


In the next few days she would be free from the blood fountain and would be stronger and we still have found a way to kill her permanently


We just have to wait for a miracle on that day


Mrs Caines Ashley’s mom still haven’t gotten over her and I guess is because of the promise Ashley made


And her daughter Elmira is a typical version of Ashley Cold and sassy and also way too pretty


Is so bad that she hasn’t even seen her sister before


As for Nora who got married to Leo last year, well they are perfect for each other But Liam do you think Ashley would come back” I asked him as were on a picnic


I don’t know for sure but since she made a promise she might come back only if the Supreme allow it ” he said


Am just worried about Archie


He changed a lot and did you notice he is more handsome now” I said You are not supposed to say that to my face” he said as he pouted his lips


He is way more handsome but my eye still got you in it” I said as he pecked my cheeks What are you watching” I asked him as his eyes was fixed on his phone


Is the masked female celebrity who doesn’t show her face ” he said Are you a fan” I asked him


Yes, am a die hard fan ” he said as I hit him


But am still wondering why she hasn’t shown her face to the public yet” I asked I don’t know but I feel she has a familiar aura around her” he said


Are you sure or you are falling for her” I asked with jealousy visible in my voice Not at all” he said


I don’t know the last time we had a picnic because of our busy schedule” he said


And I think this picnic is not going to end peacefully ” I said


What do you mean ” he asked


Nemesis superior has broken free ” I said


I thought it was supposed to be in a few days” he asked


You will continue thoughting, let’s get over there ” I said


Is thoughting even an English ” he asked


Stop talking too much” I held him as we teleported


What is the matter” Liam asked as she saw death and love trapped in the blood fountain We couldn’t defeat her so she trapped us here


She has gone to the crystal fountain ” love said through the mind link


She can’t have the Crystal sword or the world world would be under her, she would be more powerful and no one would be able to stop her” death said


What about Archie” Liam asked


He went after her, no more questions go now” love said We got to the crystal fountain


As we saw Archie in a pool of blood


Oh I can see you also came you want to die like him” nemesis said as she went closer to the crystal sword

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I made to go over to Archie bit Liam pulled me back


Can’t you see the array there if you go close you might end up dying” Liam said


We made to attack her but we were sent flying


Immediately we landed on the floor she chained us


They more we tried to release ourselves the more the chains inflicted pains on us


We watched helplessly as she went closer and closer to the crystal sword


The next thing we saw was a bang that sent her flying


The sacred Phoenix came flying in as someone sat on it


That white hair and mask with the sacred sword


They engaged in a serious fight


Not long the white hair stabbed her straight into her heart while the Phoenix burnt her to ashes


After the Phoenix flew around the fountain it came down as the white hair stepped down as her hair was flying along with that air


She went closer to Archie as she broke that array and knelt beside him


She sobbed for some time before she cut herself and fed the blood to Archie


She carried Archie and put him on the Phoenix as they were about to fly out


Hey won’t you help us here” Liam said


She turned to us as she came down from the Phoenix and came towards us


She came closer as I saw her face well


The masked celebrity


This was the mask she usually wore in her concert and model


What is she doing here


Am not a hey ” she said as she removed her mask







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