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Heavenly Fight – Episode 33

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Episode 33








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Liam’s pov




NOT TOO FAST SWEETIE” we heard a familiar voice


I turned my head as I received the shock of my life


Aish, didn’t I warn you not to get to bad side no matter what” it said


How did you come back, I thought you disappeared for real” nemesis superior said as I stared not knowing what to say


I guess am shocked, happy and surprised


Maybe i did disappear but an back” it said as it attacked nemesis after a long fight he was able to defeat and trap her


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She would be trapped in this blood fountain for like five years” it said ARCHIE!! Lisa called as we found our tongues back


Are you really back, did you really come back” Lisa asked happily as she hugged him


Am happy you came back ” I said as I hugged him


But why didn’t you kill her immediately ” I asked him


I don’t have the sacred Phoenix and sword that can kill her” he said


What!!! ” Lisa exclaimed


Light has it ” he said


Come to think of it why am I not seeing Ashley with you” Lisa asked


Ashley??? ” Archie asked


Yes ashley” I said


Oh I don’t want to talk about her” he said


Why” I asked


I want to get over her, don’t think she is coming back although I will still wait” he said as he left us sadly


Then what if nemesis superior is free from the blood fountain how would we kill her without Ashley ” Lisa asked


Let’s not talk about that now” Archie said


What about death superior ” he asked


Him and love were injured during the fight, so they are in their chambers ” I said


Son” Death superior called as he came towards us with love


You came back ” he said


Yes” Archie said


I thought I lost you” he said as he hugged Archie What about light ” love asked but no one said anything


I know I asked a question “she said calmly but still no one said anything What about my daughter ” she yelled angrily


At this moment I pity those that are having a serious relationship on earth cos her anger just destroyed their love


Death what about my daughter ” she asked


What about light, why isn’t she with you” she asked again


Light isn’t coming back ” Archie said


What do you mean” love asked


We were given a chance by the Supreme to choose who would disappear forever and who would come back


She decided to disappear while I came back” he said


What!!! How could you?? ” love yelled as she attacked Archie while he blocked it


Do you think I wanted to leave her there,” Archie yelled angrily as him and love’s powers clashed


I insisted we come back together or she comes back, but instead she pushed me into the tunnel, I tried to retaliate but I was blocked out, I couldn’t do anything ” Archie yelled


So that’s what happened ” Lisa said in tears


Is more like betrayal” he said


I will try and get over her, I can’t continue like this she is the only one who understood me and loved me, although getting over her won’t be that easy but I will” he said as he walked out


And an going back to earth, my earthly parents might be worried ” he said


I don’t think is a good idea, Ashley’s parents are also mourning her Death, so going back might bring back the memories ” Lisa said


You can go see them ” death superior said


Nemesis take love to her chambers” death superior instructed


Liam make sure no one goes to light’s chambers ” he instructed



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