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Heavenly Fight – Episode 30

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Episode 30




Archie’s pov




It was the eclipse of the moon and everyone seems to be in a bad mood Ashley won’t talk to me


Mom and dad has been in tears


I guess my leaving will cause so much pain but it has to be done It was already late since everyone decided to stay indoors


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I guess the pain they are feeling for this day is something I my self cannot explain Liam” I called as I saw him


Everywhere is unusually quiet today” I said


Today is probably the worst day of the year” Liam said


Am sure there will be best days ahead, don’t dwell in the past and move on ” I said You knew about it ” he asked as I nodded


I and Ashley seem to want the same thing ” I said


You can stop now if you want ” he said


You know is not possible,” I said


Take care of mom and dad make sure mom takes her drugs regularly


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Don’t let Nora date random boys


Help Nelly in her studies” I said as Liam nodded and hugged me


I will miss you




Ashley’s pov


Lisa can you stop crying ” I kept pleading with her


You would come back right ” she asked


I promise to be back” I said


Dad, take care of mom she has to deliver safely, let her eat everything she wants to eat, just keep the little brat in her alive ” I said to my dad in tears


I can’t meet her now so tell her I would come back, I will definitely come back is a promise ” I said to my dad as I hugged him


I won’t wait long for you ” Lisa said as she hugged me You won’t wait long ” I said


I got to my room as i cried my eyes out


Happiness does not last for long


Ashley” Archie called as I ran and hugged him


Is OK, everything would be fine ” he said as he kissed me


The kiss went on as my hand traced his clothes button


As Archie broke the kiss


Why did you stop” I asked him


Are you sure you want this” he asked while I nodded I let him do whatever he wants


Is a price we have to pay for a forbidden love


After a long ride I lay there as I looked at Archie


Archie ” I called




I guess we really have to separate now, no matter where you are whether you disappear for real just bear in mind that I love you ” I said as he cuddled me closer


I love you too Ashley Caines ” he said


As I drifted off slowly not knowing what will definitely happen before tomorrow




Liam’s pov


I watched as things calmed down on earth


The unstable world became stable


Yes it was late but I woke up immediately I heard the chaos


It has already happened ” Lisa said as she came out


You weren’t sleeping” I asked


Archie and Ashley are gone right?? ” she asked with tears Lisa” I called


It was supposed to happen anyway, I should have let them to continue hating each other ” she yelled


She kept on crying until she slept off


Somethings are meant to happen



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We are almost about to leave and Archie and Ashley are not yet out” Lisa’s mom said Let’s go” Lisa’s grandma said


Why would we go without them” Nora who didn’t know what was happening asked And why is everyone crying ” she asked looking at her dad and mom


Ashley sweetie let’s go ” her mom who refused to believe her daughter was gone went to knock at the door with her heavy tummy


Elena stop” her husband said


She promised me she won’t leave, she said even though I killed all the dogs in this world she won’t leave me” she yelled


Mom calm down ” Leo said as he held her


So where is Archie too” Nelly and Nora asked


They both of them are gone” I said


Did they elope” Nelly asked


What do you mean gone ” Nora asked


Those two are gods and goddess they have to sacrifice themselves to save the earth” Lisa’s grandma said What the hell are you talking about ” Nora asked


Archie left this paper for you ” I said as Nora dragged it out of my hand


No matter how hard I try to change the future it always comes down to the same thing


I have to do this for you all and the world


My destiny is probably not on earth


Liam is a god like me so is Lisa but she was dethroned Take care of yourself and others. Bye


No, Archie didn’t write this” Nora cried after she read it all All of you just shut up” Ashley’s mom yelled


You ve not yet told me were Ashley went to, Ashley never breaks her promises” she said She didn’t break her promise, she said she would come back ” Lisa said in tears


Can someone tell us what is going on here ” Lisa’s mum yelled I guess she doesn’t know


Well all of you are talking too much , we can continue after my wife gives birth” Ashley’s dad said We all turned to see her water broke


At that moment we didn’t think of anything else but to take her to the hospital or we might lose someone else





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