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Heavenly Fight – Episode 25

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Episode 25





Archie’s pov



We got down from the bus as we arrived at our destination, everyone was so happy for the school trip


Oh is evergreen boys ” someone shouted as every attention turned to us


We really like drawing a lot of attention to ourselves


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Archie what about Lisa and Ashley I’ve not seen them” Liam asked


They girls has already gone to their hostel” I said


Archie, liam” I heard our name as we turned to see Annabella towards us with her friends


Oh not again


She came as she hugged me


U didn’t know you guys are already here ” she said as she kissed me I pushed her out to see Ashley’s sad eyes staring at me


It was that moment I knew I was in trouble


Bella, I hope you dont try that again ” I said to her as I went to meet Ashley and apologize only to find out she was no longer there


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Where did she go now


Everyone please retire to your hostels the games are starting tomorrow ” someone announced


I didn’t bother adhering to him cos is just a bluff till 12:00 am, the first day of the trip is always truth and dare game for the schools that attended


Where is Ashley ” I asked Lisa as I saw her


She left to select a dress for the cheerleaders ” she said as I ran off


I got there as I saw her talking to a boy and like seriously she is smiling at other boys when it took her weeks or months to smile at me




Ashley” I called as u went towards her while I held her by the waist


Candy you never told me you have a boyfriend ” the guy said as I glared at him instead he smiled back



Huh, this, he is not my boyfriend and you take your filthy hands off my waist before I lose it ” she said angrily as I basically respected myself


What about mom” she asked him


She is fine, she is really mad at you for not visiting ” he said as he scattered her hair


Am really dead


Excuse me you are talking to my girl friend,” I said angrily and he still smiled Archie shut up” Ashley said


Candy won’t you introduce us” he said


Candy????? ” I exclaimed as I walked closer to him


Do you know me” I asked as I rendered a punch to his face Archie !!!!” Ashley called


Leo are okay ” Ashley asked as she went to him Am fine, he really loves you” he said


Since Ashley won’t do the introduction I will


Am Leonard Ashley’s step brother ” he said as he stretched out his hand for a hand shake which I refused I got into another trouble


Leo, let me see your face” Ashley said as she used her powers to heal the little wound


I will get going now” Leo said as he left


Am sorry ” I said as she started walking away while I followed her Get out” she yelled


Am sorry ” I whined like a Child


Why did you do that” she asked me


I thought he was flirting with you” I said childishly


And so, what if he was flirting how does it concern you is not like you are my boyfriend ” she said angrily



Am sorry, am really sorry ” I apologized to her Kk,” she said


So would you be my girlfriend so I will be able to beat all the boys flirting with you ” I asked


Sure” she agreed as I held her hand


Are you really serious ” I asked her


Do you want me to change my mind” she asked as she smiled at me


No, not at all” I said as I hugged her


Thank you” I said before releasing from the hug as I kissed her forehead


Let’s go T and D would soon start ” I said while smiling at her as she smiled back this girl is just too pretty


When we got there the game already started as I and Ashley sat down at the spot Lisa and Liam left for us


The game went on and on, although I wasn’t concentrating cos I was busy kissing and teasing my girlfriend


Hey, am to lap dance on you ” I girl said as I turned to face her before I could say a word she started her lap dancing, I looked helplessly at Ashley who only smiled


Everyone cheered her as she finished


What a nice lap dance” Ashley said to the girl from dream high as she thought it a compliment


Who is actually one of my flings


The game went on for hours when a bottle landed on a boy Jack my worst rival in this school trip

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Choose a girl from evergreen and make out with her After a long thinking the bastard choose Ashley


Why did you…. ” I wanted to say when Ashley cut me off and left with him


Ashley stood up and left with him after for like 30 minutes I was suddenly afraid Are they really making out



What’s taking them so long” Liam said as I noticed Annabella smiling as she sent a paper to me


She is making out with him, I know quite well Jack is your rival Ashley must have fallen for him


We turned immediately we heard a shout


I turned to see Jack on the floor


Next time I will personally cut it off ” Ashley said as she kicked him and sat down beside me


I know you didn’t trust me





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