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Heavenly Fight – Episode 24

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Episode 24







Ashley’s pov


Woah, what a sweet dream


Where is this nice scent coming from


I opened my eyes, as I saw a hand wrapped around me, I scanned the room this place doesn’t look familiar at all, I turned and saw that it was Archie that was cuddling me

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Aish,, how did I get on this bed with” I thought as my confused brain came together


Oh” I mouthed as I made to push him off but stopped


How could a boy be so attractive and with a long lashes ” I thought as I trailed his face with my finger stopped at his lips before proceeding to his chest


He even cuddled me without putting on a a shirt


I kept on drawing circles on his chest with my hand


If you don’t stop you would end up regretting it” he said with his eyes closed as I removed my hand startled


You are supposed to be happy am doing this to you” I said as I continued You really don’t know what you are asking for ” he said


I don’t know ” I said sincerely still drawing my circle as he flipped me over surprising me but I didn’t struggle

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Did anybody ever tell you that you shouldn’t touch a man in a room with just the both of you ” he asked me as I shaked my head innocently


I watched him as he brought his face closer to mine while staring at my lips


His lips met with mine while I still stared with my eyes open as my heart beat accelerated


He bit my lips for entrance as I let him Everything in my world my world disappeared


The intense kiss went on for I don’t know how long when we stopped to catch our breathe


Looking at Archie I dont know what to say, he smiled at me as we engaged in another kiss


When Nora barged in why we separated


Sorry for interrupting but this is already past 10 am everyone is already awake, remaining you two so calm down you have the whole Saturday to yourself, come and have breakfast ” she said as she smiled mischievously and left


After washing up I came down with Archie as I met all already at the dinning table Ashley come sit here ” Archie’s mom said


Sorry ma’am but I won’t be able to take breakfast, my parents are already at home waiting for me, I will get going now ” I half lied


Well my parents are waiting for me and I can’t look at Nora and Archie this morning


OK bye ” she said


Should I drop you off” Archie asked


I came with my car” I said as I walked out with Lisa


I drove home while Lisa slept I wonder if she didn’t sleep last night, well how would she be comfortable sleeping in the same room with liam


Lisa wake up ” I called as we reached her house


Won’t you come and greet my parents ” she said as she came down


Nope, maybe next time ” I said as I drove off while she waved




Nemesis pov


I can’t see Lisa, Liam put the boundary around her, and now I can only mind link her


They should enjoy there love why it last maybe they might end up mating then they would lose their powers and disappear forever then death superior and love would be a piece of cake they would be probably nothing they can do without their precious children

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They should have known that they are not meant to be together


Daughter ” I called through our mind link


Mom” she said


You shouldn’t do anything let them be ” I said


Why ” she asked me


Just let them be instead bring them together more and more ” I said as I cut the link




Lisa”s pov


Please can someone tell this woman that am not as old fashioned as her



How will I understand her riddle now, I think someone need to put together my destroyed brain


Hello Liam I was about to call you ” I said as I picked up my ringing phone


She mindlinked you right ” he asked


How did you know ” I asked


What did she say ” Liam asked


She said that I shouldn’t do anything, instead I should bring them together ” I said


Something is missing here, why would she say that” Liam asked


I don’t know, I even thought is a riddle ” I said


Wait, light and death are gods from different dimension they are not supposed to be together, they powers of death superior and love has already been transferred to them they are the strongest in the heavenly realms , so if they mate or will I say make love their powers will disappear and they would disappear ” Liam said shocking me


What would we do, ” I asked


We shouldn’t do anything let’s fate take its toll ” he said


Is remaining a week and 3 days before the eclipse of the moon ” I said


We really need to let things go at it own will and see the results ” he said as he disconnected








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