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Heavenly Fight – Episode 17

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Episode 17







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Archie’s pov


I woke up to find someone’s hand on my body, I turned and saw that it was Ashley

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I was kind of surprised wondering when we became so close to this extent


Oh my!! ” I exclaimed when the event of the day came flooding into my memory


The kiss, oh God is there any other way to die, she is really going to chop off my head, what was wrong with me why did I make such misatake


Oh, you are awake ” she said as she woke up Emmmm, yes” I replied


How are you feeling now, are you feeling any pain anywhere ” she asked as she used her right hand to touch my forehead while her left hand was on her forehead as she checked my temperature


Seems like you are fine now” she osaid


I will go get you something to eat” she said as she tried to leave but I held her


Where am I” I asked her

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My house” she said


What, are you serious” I said as I started studying the environment and noticed that it was not familiar


But how did I get here” I asked her


You ve been unconscious for seven hours now” she said


What!!! ” I exclaimed


You had food poisoning from Liam and Lisa which made you to faint, you didn’t wake up that’s why I brought you here” she replied



Food poisoning, Liam and Lisa, why” I said Don’t you remember what happened” she asked me


Huh?, I… do…. don’t…. re…..re…. remember” I said


I can see that my three friends has suddenly started stammering” she said with a smirk


Seriously I don’t remember” I said


You talk too much, let me go get you something to eat” she said with a smile as she left


Immediately she left a sign of relief escaped my mouth


I wonder why she is acting strange. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App. But her room is beautiful, everything is white, I saw piano that was covered with a cloth


I went closer as I tried to touch


Archie, take your hands off that piano now” she yelled from wherever she was


I wonder how she saw me


Come to the dinning room” she said as I left the room as I found my way to the dinning room, I sat down as we ate in silence

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The kiss was still troubling me, but I really don’t know what to say


Should I apologize, no it won’t work


Should I tell her to forget it, that is nothing, nooooo what if she has feelings for me


No she can’t have feelings for me, she hates me so much but why did she kiss back


Ahhhhhh, what am I going to do now


Archie” she called


Yes, yes” I answered


I have been calling you for some time now, what are thinking about” she asked


The kiss,am …….” I said as she cut me off



No need of saying anything, is nothing just take it as something you did unconsciously anyway I didn’t read any meaning to it” she said


Now that hurts so much


Ok” I said as I faced my meal disappointed


You will spend the night here since is already late” she said as the maids packed the dishes


Do you play the piano” I asked her


Yes but not every time” she said


Can you play it for me” I asked ready for a rejection No problem” she said as we went to her room


I watched as she started playing faded, I listened quietly to both her voice and the sound


I don’t know this new feeling I suddenly developed towards her The night was really a long night





I left her home when she was still asleep as I went back to mine


I prepared for school as I expected a great day ahead with Ashley am suddenly getting attached to her


I made to get into my car when a strange woman stopped me, even her dressing is strange


Death it has been a long time” she said


Who are you and what do you want ” I asked her Death” she said


You will be the one to die, how can you come to someone’s house and say such evil thing” I fired at her


That’s your name” she said



What!!! My name is death, what the fu.ck are you saying, am sorry ma, am Archie not death you met the wrong person” I said as I walked past her


You are the god of death, your powers can be an evidence” she suddenly said as I stopped in my tracks


What did you say” I asked her


There is a prophecy that the god of death and the goddess of light has to come together, but two bad they hate each other” she said


Why did you allow this mad woman into my house” I yelled at my security Sir, no one entered” he said


Ashley is the goddess of light, your hatred for her must not quench if not she would take over the heavenly realms, she is your rival, you want to destroy the humans but she won’t let you do it


She wants to take over the leadership, that’s why you must not love her” she said as she disappeared


I got into my car as I kept pondering on what she said to me


Ashley a goddess, and am a god, maybe she is right, I should listen to her


I drove to school, I came down as I saw Ashley she saw me but avoided my gaze and I think is better that way it will make my work easier




Ashley’s pov


I woke only to find out that Archie has already left


I prepared for school as I was dressing up when I saw a strange woman


How did u get in” I asked her


Light, stay away from Archie” she said


Why?? ” I asked her


Here ” she gave me a book


As I went through the book, it was the same like the one I saw in my study, I read it as it was the same prophecy


Why are you showing me this” I asked her


The god and goddess in the book is you and Archie, he wants to destroy the world but you are stopping him, he wants to take over your leadership, your hatred can never be quenched, don’t fall in love with him” she said as she disappeared


I left for school still pondering on what she said, everything she said makes sense, maybe she’s right I should listen to her


I got to school as I saw Archie but I ignored him as my hatred for him started building itself up again







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