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Heavenly Fight – Episode 16

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Episode 16




Liam’s pov


What did they teachers agree on” I asked Ashley as the four of us walked into the cafeteria


Since the three bitches don’t have evidence that I hit all of them, I was asked to go but they will be punished for bullying” she said as she pushed out her meal


After we took our meal and sat down, I knocked down Archie’s orange juice


Oh my God


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Am so sorry, I will go get another one” I said as Lisa smiled


I brought another juice emtiped the antidote inside it while I took it to Archie


Here take” I said as I handed it over to him


The drink will cause him some pains” I said to Lisa


We have to make him leave the cafeteria immediately he drinks it” she said as Archie wanted to drink the juice


Emmm, why don’t you finish eating first before drinking, is not hygienc to drunk when you are still eating” Lisa said as she took the drink from him


But am thirsty” Archie said


Endure it till you finish eating” I said as Ashley looked at us suspiciously


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But… ” Archie tried to talk again


No but, here eat” Lisa said forcing food into his mouth making Ashley smile


Liam and Lisa can I talk to you for a minute” Ashley said as I and Lisa exchanged look


Oh OK ” I said as we stood up


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Ashley’s pov


This two are really suspicious, I wonder what they are trying to do


I stood up as I left the cafeteria


What are you guys doing” I asked them as I folded my hands across my chest


Emmmm, no… no….. nothing” Liam said as he suddenly became a stammerer


Ahhhhhh, I can see you have turn to a stammerer all of a sudden” I said


Emmm, we were just watching out for…. ” Lisa said as she looked as Liam to


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His health” Liam completed as we heard shout coming from the cafeteria making us run back inside only to see Archie in pain


Oh no he drank it already” Liam said


What did you two put in it” I asked


Let’s take him out of here” Liam said as he went to carry him up but Archie sent him flying


As he groaned in pain


Liam are you ok” I asked him as o helped him to get up


If he stay here any longer his powers will be known ” Liam said


What do we do now” Lisa asked while they crowd increased


Ashley you can be of help, you can calm him down ” Liam said


How” I asked


it was your tears we used ” he said


What they hell are you talking about” I said angrily


I will explain later after we try to calm him down ” he said as he pushed a confused me forward as I walked towards Archie


What is she doing ” they students murmured


Archie” I called as I knelt beside him and held his hand while he kept groaning in pain


Let go of everything, free yourself” I said as he looked at me Archie” I called as I storkedhis hair


Everything will be fine, am here for you, Liam, Lisa, so let everything go, I know you can do it” I said as he calmed down


You will be fine ” I continued as I hugged him as his head was buried in my chest


For once in my life, I felt sorry and had a feeling I can’t explain towards him


He raised his head up



Am sorry light” he said as he kissed me while I kissed back while they students wowwed


After we stopped to catch our breathe


Immediately he fainted


With the help of Liam he was taken to the school clinic I don’t know but I kind of enjoyed the kiss



Lisa’s pov


When j saw Archie kiss Ashley, I felt bad


I left them as I went to the basement where it was quiet to cry my eyes


Don’t worry very soon, we will get rid of them” I heard a voice at my back


Mom,” I called


You know that they are not supposed to find out about the prophecy ” she said Yes, I know, do you want me to make them find out” I asked


No, I will let them know in my own way, you only have to make them hate each other the more” she said as she disappeared while Liam came in


What did she say” Liam asked


She wants to make then find out prophecy and hate each other more” I said


What do we do ” I asked as he ran his hand through his hair


We have to stop her before she does it





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