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Heavenly Fight – Episode 13

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Episode 13


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Liam’s pov I took Ashley home as I put her to bed


Bestie, you have to endure for the time been, soon everything would be ok, am only thankful the prophecy don’t have a time limit maybe I will be able to block the fight from happening


I kissed her forehead and left


I need to check if the antidote is ready




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Lisa’s pov


It was another week as I prepared for school, am surprised that Ashley hasn’t come yet


I ate my breakfast in silence as I kept wondering why she changed,


Did she find out that I love Archie, oh my maybe she is in love with Archie Lisa!!! My name jerked me out of my thoughts me Yes,” I answered startled


What are you thinking about ” my mom asked


She is probably thinking about the wrong guy she fell in love with” my grandma said as her face was visible with anger


What do you mean wrong guy” my mom asked


She came to you right ” my grandma asked


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Who” I asked her


Nemesis ” she said


What nemesis, !!” my mom said


Yes, but trust me grandma I rejected her, I want everything to be fair and let him make his choice ” I said as my mom and dad looked at us confused


What are the two of you talking about” my mom asked


Get rid of that feeling ” she said angrily as I bent my head sadly Is not that easy grandma” I said


Kk, can someone explain to me what’s going on here” my dad yelled angrily Immediately we heard a car horn


Oh Ashley is here” I said as I took my bag as I left only t oh receive the shock of my life


Archie, what are you doing here ” I asked



I knew Ashley won’t come that’s why I decided to come pick you , get in let’s go” he said as I got in and he drove off


We, got to school, I looked at the parking lot but no sign of Ashley’s car or any car that look like hers


Maybe she did not come with car today” I thought as I left for class Classes began but still no sign of Ashley, what could be going on with her


I paid less attention to what was happening in class as I couldn’t get my mind off Ashley


We were having our last class before recess when the school erupted in an uproar as everyone rushed outside


I went to see what it was


She is so cool


An gonna ask her out” they kept murmuring as I struggled through the crowd as I got the front


Ashley!!!! ” I said as I stared at her


I watched as she drove into the school in high speed with her power bike which was white in colour and white helmet


Her dressing was something else


White top that only covered her bust and a bomshort and a chain around her waist and her heel


She parked her bike as she removed her helmet as she arranged her hair She walked into the class ignoring everyone.


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Archie’s pov




I watched her as she walked into the class ignoring everyone as she headed to her sit


I love this dangerous side of her


I know what I did was wrong and maybe that’s why she changed, I kept looking at her as Liam went to her


Girlfriend, I missed you during the weekend ” he said as he sat on her desk


Ashley looked at him as she smiled, I will confess her smile is beautiful


What am I saying


Girlfriend should I give you a kiss, I missed you ” Liam said as he bent towards her as Ashley closed her eyes, wait is she going to let him kiss her


I made to stand up as I heard a bang


Ashley hit Liam with her forehead


Hey, do you have a death wish Huh??? She yelled


Do you know how painful that was” he asked as Ashley tried to walk out


As she stood the book on her table felt down




Liam’s pov


This girl is becoming too strong


The knock was so painful


She tried to walk out as the book on her table fell down with a piece of paper


I bent as I picked up the book , it was the history humans wrote about the prophecy, then the paper


I took it as I read


” They have till the eclipse of the moon to be together ”


What!!! the missing part, is a time limit


How did you get this” I asked her instead she took the book and paper away from me as she walked out


The missing part has resurfaced and is a time limit I sent the message to love as I made to leave


Liam what’s the matter ” Lisa asked


The missing part is a time limit ” I said


What! When ” she asked


Eclipse of the moon ” I said as she gasped


That’s two months from now” she said


I will be back” I told her as I left for the heavenly realms





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