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Heavenly Fight – Episode 10

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Episode 10


Lisa’s pov


Class went fast as everyone went home preparing for the party I dressed up as I went over to Ashley’s house


Wowwww, here is so beautiful” I thought as I admired the building



Lisa come on inside so as to take of the makeup ” Ashley said as she saw me What about your parents ” I asked her


I don’t live with them, they only come to visit me when they are free” she said as she brought her kit


Lisa are you wearing that to the party ” she asked as she looked at the jeans and the blouse

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Yes, any problem with it ” I asked


Well no problem, but you are not wearing that ” she said


Emmmm, let me check if I have any coloured clothes ” she said as she left a red gown and 6 inches heels


Wear those, while I go dress up” she said as she left as I wore the dress, it fitted perfectly as my curves came to view


The gown was moderate at least no sensitive part of my body was showing, I kept on looking at myself from the mirror


As she came inside all dressed in white


A short white gown, that has an opening from the shoulder to the waist, with a golden chain that was from the opening and rested on her waist, giving her the look of typical bad girl


Sit down here” she said

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As I sat down right in front of the mirror


Come in ” she said as two girls came inside


We will start the makeover now


After some minutes of sitting down, the ladies announced that they are done

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I saw my reflection from the mirror but it didn’t look like me


I was more pretty than before although my makeup was simple making me look gentle, but I still loved it that way


I turned to Ashley, she was Wowwww, if you see her for the first time you would mistake her as evil and wicked, her makeup was simple but wicked as her white hair was resting on her shoulder , am just jealous


Are you done” she asked me


Yes, am done ” I said


Is time to go” she said as we went down the stairs to as a white car which have a little touch of red was waiting


She got into the drivers seat as I also got in and we drove off


After a long drive we arrived at the venue.


I got down while she went to park the car.


I got into the hall, as music was doing it job


And too bad I bumped into the Bella’s again, I will confess they are pretty but the makeup was just too much


Oh, look at who we have here” Annabella said


Did you change your dress sense, and where did you get that rag you are putting on” she said as she pushed me making me fall immediately the light went off leaving only a particular light which was close to the door


As Ashley and Archie made a sweet grand entry, I couldn’t stand up as I was lost looking at the first guy that have ever fallen in love with


Yes, I know am supposed to bring him and Ashley together but I ended falling in love with him


Am sorry Ashley


Hey, why are you sitting on the floor” Archie said bringing me out of my thoughts


Emmmm, nothing ” I said as I gave him my hand helping me to stand as I hugged


The dress you called rag can possibly buy you and your family” Ashley said to Annabella who was still standing there shocked


What of liam” Ashley asked Archie


He said he had something to take care of, he woyybe here soon


Liam’s pov


I left as I sensed goddess of love’s messenger


The bird flew to my arm, as I took the letter from it’s peck



I ve prepared the antidote for the love portion but to complete it we need Ashley’s tears ” I read the letter shocked


We all know that Ashley don’t cry no matter what


She has never shed tears before, how would this be possible


I sent the bird back, as I proceeded to the party


Right now the only person able to make Ashley cry is Archie.


It has to be in this party


What was that,


Oh no, goddess of nemesis is here she can’t meet Lisa




Lisa’s pov


As the party was still on going I excused myself from Archie and Ashley as I went to the restroom, those two has been together for the past hour without fighting


I don’t why it hurts,is not like they ve fallen for each other” I thought as I washed my face and looked at the mirror as I saw an elderly woman standing as my back in a red gown just like Ashley’s own


Who are you ” I asked


You have to make him fall in love with you, the love potion will be extracted very soon, you have to make him yours, so that we would rule the world ” she said


Who are you” l asked her again


Am nemesis superior your mother” she said shocking me


Let her be” Liam suddenly said as he stood in front of me


When she needed your help so that she won’t be stripped of her position as a god, you denied her


You denied the crime you did together, you denied Your Own daughter


Let her be, she has to fulfill her mission ” Liam said as I stood there not knowing what is happening but understood everything


Stay away” the woman said



This is not the heavenly realms, she disowned you the day you denied her, they stripped her off her powers and position because of you because of your greediness to rule the world, so let her be ” Liam said again


Let her make the decision on her” the woman said


I love Archie, but I can’t betray Ashley


Humans life are at stake


But if I separate them


I would be a goddess again and be powerful


Annabella won’t be able to withstand me, I will be like Ashley


But this woman betrayed me in the heavenly realms, she is the reason why am here


Ohhhhh, what would i do


Lisa I trust you to make the right choice” Liam said


Trust Mummy, everything in the world will be yours ” my mum said





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