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He Is My Mate – Episode 9

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Lining Decisions








Are you sure you won’t change your mind ?” Sky asked for the nth time already. He’s in my room, helping me by only looking at me preparing my things *Note the sarcasm there. He’s not persuading me to stay or anything, he just wants to make sure if I am doing the right decision. He wants to assure if I’m going to be fine and okay by my own.


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Yes, Sky. I’ll be fine, really. I stood up on my own for 8 years so, I’m going to survive ” I said with a genuine smile on my face. He sighed nevertheless, he can’t do anything about it anymore. My decisions final.


I’ll be moving back to my pack with Rachel. Even if it was against Adrian’s will, he agreed anyways since he has left with no choice. If he’s hardheaded, so am I. I’be had enough of his dirty attitude. I don’t want to live with a man who I doubt who has a heart for the rest of my life.


My wolf’s not talking to me since last night, she’s ignoring me. It’s completely understandable. She doesn’t want to part with her mate but we have to. I have to.


But, can you at least stay for one more night ? I’m not ready to say goodbye to you. We’ve part for years and it saddens me that we’re going to part again ” he said and enveloped me into his arms. I hugged him back and buried my face in his chest.


It got me to thinking. One more night? That’s not so bad. I’ll have time to say goodbye to Sky and Alice. I guess staying for one more night ain’t that bad.


Okay. One more night, I’ll leave tomorrow ” I said and we parted from each other. He gave me a pat on the head before he left the room. I sighed and sat on my bed. Am I really doing the right decision? My heat will come before the month ends and that means… Complete torture. My wolf’s not talking to me. Adrian’s furious and I’m hurt. Am I really doing the right thing?

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Oh, Moon Goddess, please help me.




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I head towards Rachel’s cell. Adrian did not allow her to go out from her cell but he did gave me permission to visit her anytime.



She was sitting on the edge of the bed, with her knees close to her chest— crying. I directly ran to her and hugged her. Rachel is a type of person who acts tough around but really, she has a soft and sensitive heart. She easily cries when we watch movies, cries when she sees a stray dog (it’s her thing, don’t ask about it). She’s really a crybaby but I love her.


Hey, what’s wrong ?” I asked as I soothed her hair. She tilted her head to me, her eyes drenched with tears. She hugged me back and cried herself even more.


Hunter… He’s looking for me. H-He’s furious. H-he’s gone crazy l-looking for me, ” she said while crying. Don’t ask how she did it.


Thing is, when you and you’re mate have already done the Mating Ritual, there will be few changes in your relationship. Like: You can see a visual of what you’re mate is doing/thinking when you’re apart; Heat will occur often; and you will be forever his’ when he marks you.


That’s why, Rachel predicted how Hunter’s doing. They already did the ritual a few months back. I did envy her at that time, though. But now’s not the time to think about that.


We’re going home, tomorrow. Mind link him that, ” I said as I soothed her hair. She shook her head and wiped away her non-stop tears.


For some reason, there’s somewhat blocking our communication ” she said with a frown. I kissed her temples and stood up.


That’s okay. We’re going home soon, let’s just wait a bit more ” I said with an assuring smile. She nodded and muttered and ‘okay’.


Well, I better get going. It’s almost sunset, I have to do something ” I said and went out. Honestly, I have nothing to do. But, something’s telling me I need to see someone. I’m not sure who this someone is.


Aha! Alice! I almost forgot about her.


I ran outside the pack house and saw her training with a younger boy. Wow, she’s so fierce and amazing. Remind me not to anger her. She stopped what she was doing when she saw me.


Hey, you need something ?” She aske


d. I shook my head. She helped me a lot. And I’m so thankful to her.


I just want to say thank you. For everything ” I said, plastering my sweetest smile. She smiled back and pulled me into a hug.


You’re very welcome. You’re a good friend and I’m glad I met someone as kind and brave as you are ” she said. Brave. She called me the opposite of what Adrian calls me. And it feels great.



Thanks a lot, Alice. I won’t forget you, ever ” I said and hugged her even more. We parted from the hug and she went back to her training.


Everyone here is so kind, well not entirely. Some of them still give me death gkares and say dirty things about me. But nevertheless, they’re kind. I went back inside and into my room, I grab a book by John Green (I so love his stories!) and sat on my bed and started reading it.


It was already 7:00pm when I decided to go out and find something to eat. Gosh! 4 hours of reading is enough to make you hungry, I tell ‘ya. I stretched my body and went out towards the kitchen. I haven’t seen Adrian today, which is good. I don’t want to see his face.


I grab a granola bar and head outside. The moon was shining so brightly, it was so big and beautiful. I walked around and found myself in the dock, there was a huge lake and a couple of yachts scattered around it. I sat at the end of the dock, dipping my feet into the water.


All I can think about is Adrian. Gosh, why did he have to be my mate? He’s driving me crazy and he brings out the bad in me and I hate it. I hate it when I feel satisfied when his lips are on mine, I hate it when his touch makes me feel safe and I hate it when I think about him. Ugh!


I hate you, Adrian Clark! ” I shouted, not caring if anyone heard it. My voice echoed through out. Not fully satisfied of what I did, I shouted even more.


You know, I heard it the first time. You don’t have to yell it over and over again ” someone said behind me. I froze. I heard footsteps approaching and before I knew it he’s already beside me.


W-What are y-you doing here ?” I asked, stammering. Damn it! He stared into the lake and it took him a few minutes before he replied.


Don’t go, ” he said. I froze. What did he say? Don’t go?


Don’t make me laugh, Adrian. You’re the one pushing me to leave! You and your sick attitude! ” I said as I stood up. He stood up too and grab me and crushed his lips on mine. Here we go again.


I pushed him away.

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Enough of the kiss and make-up routine! I’ve had enough of you! You almost killed me! You imprisoned me! You kissed me! You cheated on me and hell you, despise me! And now, you tell me I shouldn’t go? ” I shouted, going hysterical. Tears fell down as I shout my heart out.


Just… Please ” he begged. This guy’s pathetic! After all he’s done to me he’ll beg me not to go? Unbelievable!



Why didn’t you just reject me the first time we met? Why? In that way, I wouldn’t be hurting like this ” I said as tears continuously rolled down to my cheeks. Indeed, he should’ve rejected me in the first place so I wouldn’t be suffering like this.


You’re mine ” he scowled, looking directly through my gaze. Those pair of dark grey eyes that can hypnotize me, looking directly at me. I saw sadness and emptiness in it but I shrug it off. He’s a cold hearted jerk for pete’s sake!


I’m never going to be yours, Adrian. Goodbye ” I said and turned my heel to walk away. Everything happened so fast, he grab my arm, spun me around and I felt a sting on my neck.


N-no ” I managed to say before darkness took over me.


Bastard! He marked me.












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