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He Is My Mate – Episode 7

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Fucked Up Mate (2)








My fists automatically curled into a ball and I could feel the anger rise up. After arguing with him he goes locking mouths with some blonde bimbo? Oh, please. This woman needs a donation of fabric with the micro mini skirt and crop top she was wearing. I doubt she was even wearing a bra! Pathetic.


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“Ooooh~ Yes. Baby, right there. Gosh, you’re so good~” the ‘woman-who-desperately-needs-a-donation-of-clothes’ moaned as Adrian kissed her neck. Her



arms were all around Adrian and he didn’t seem to mind at all. They were sharing a wild and torrid kiss. A far better kiss than ours.


Yes, I told him earlier that I was going to move away and never see him again. But now, seeing him with another girl ached my heart. I couldn’t bear to picture my mate with another she-wolf. That alone is softly killing me. I don’t understand this. If I was confused with Adrian, I was more confused of myself. One moment I’m telling him to reject me and now, I don’t want him with another girl? I’m starting to think that I’m getting bipolar, now.


“Adrian…” I managed to say despite of the hurt, anger and sadness I’m feeling. Tears were pooling in my eyes, I had to bat my lashes several times to prevent them from falling. Crying in front of him would only prove that I am a weakling. I have to be strong and put on a stoic profile to hide my emotions.


Both of them stopped and turn to me. The blonde bimbo’s red lipstick was all over her face and she was smirking at me. Adrian on the other hand looked like he didn’t care at all that I saw them, making out.


“Well, if it isn’t my mate. What can I do for you my weakling omega ?” He stood up from the couch not bothering to close the three buttons of his polo and fixing his messy hair. His voice was dripping with sarcasm and his eyes, they displayed no emotion.


“Where are they? Where are my fellow pack members?” I asked through gritted teeth. He let out a low chuckle before placing his hands in his pocket. He looked over his shoulder and told the bimbo to go out. She obliged not before giving him a kiss on the lips. In front of me . Giving me a blood boiling smirk before swaying her fake ass out of the room.


“And what exactly will you do if I tell you where they are?” I snapped my gaze back to Adrian who was wearing his infamous smug face. Damn him and his handsome face. Ugh. If only I knew the way towards the cells, I wouldn’t have to deal with him. I took a deep breath, quirking my left brow up.

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“I’ll let them go, Adrian. When I told you that you’d never see me again, I meant all of us. So, tell your men to open the freaking cellars and let us go,” I said, keeping my voice stern as possible. I don’t want to shout at him at this point, that’ll just make me look pissed. And seeing me pissed gives him pure delight.


“And why should I do that, I may ask?” he tilted his head to the side, cocking his eyebrow. I held my chin up, showing him that I am not a bit afraid of him. Although, I was.


“Because I said so,” I said, voice full of conviction. Then, he started laughing. A laugh that was insulting. A laugh that was underestimating.



“Seriously? You actually think, I’d listen to you? Someone who’s as weak as you?” he smirked, trying to hold his laughs. I looked down. I’ve never felt so low and so belittled in my entire life And this. Just being laughed at by your mate never felt so heartbreaking.


“Well, news flash jerk: Neither do I,” I smirked back. I can’t lose to him. If he’s hardheaded, I’m twice as much as he is. “…I don’t listen to selfish, conceited and heartless monsters just like you,” I said, taking one step ahead at every word, meeting his cold stare.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“What. Did. You. Call. Me?” his voice was vicious and dangerous as he walked to me, leveling his face with mine. I could now sense the anger radiating off of him. “Oh, you want me to repeat what I just said? You selfish, conceited, heartless monster!” I taunted and the next thing I knew, I was pushed to t


he door, closing it. He placed both of his hands on each of my side, cornering me. Déjà vu? I ignored the pain on my back and stared at his now black eyes, completely covering his emerald orbs.


He let out a low growl, his canines showing. I bit my lip, remembering what happened two days ago when he almost killed me. Now, I regret everything I’ve just said. The anxiety and terror surfaced within me. No, doubt he’s going to finish me for real this time.


I looked down, tears threatening to fall. My lips were shivering and I felt like a lost pup.


You and your big mouth, Sapphire. Look where it’s gotten you. I tried to reach for my wolf but I couldn’t contact her.


“You worthless—-”


“Alpha Adrian, we just received notice that Hunter’s mate is one of the captives. She was throwing a fit last night. We’ve already injected her with a sleeping serum and will wake up in about 30 minutes. She’s at the third cell of the interrogating room,” a knock disturbed us, breaking our contact.


My eyes instantly went wide. Oh my goodness, Rachel! I almost forgot about her, again . The anger once again rose up when I heard that they drugged her. When Hunter finds out about this (which he probably found out now), he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. Knowing him, he’ll surely do everything for his mate. Adrian threw me one last growl before pushing me aside. I stumbled on the floor, my elbow hitting the cold ground. Wincing in pain, I looked up to the bastard as I rubbed my elbow that got a funny bone. F uck you, asshole. He gave me a grin as if he read my mind before walking out, slamming the door behind him.





As Produced By Rachel Romo




Adrian (POV)


‘Congratulations, you just earned the Biggest Asshole of the Year award, Adrian. I never knew you were this pathetic,’


I shook my head, chuckling at what my wolf said. Asshole? I’ve been called far worse. It’s just one of the many words people always call me. I didn’t care. Other people’s perspective of my being or how I rule the pack never really mattered to me at all. I became numb. Something I’ve learned and mastered over the past years. Because, people— they only take you for granted when you’re at your vulnerable state. And that was the sad reality.


“Don’t, please. I’ll move away from this land and away from you and you won’t have to see me ever again just please, don’t hurt me,”


I closed my eyes, clutching my fists. I could still picture her crying face; her tears continuously flowing down her cheeks. Her eyes that held pain, anger, sadness and terror. And her words. Her words that left cuts of my heart. My wolf whimpered with just the mere thought of her leaving and we, never seeing each other again. But, that’s what I wanted right? Was it?


I plopped down on my couch, placing my elbows on my knees. She was afraid of me. When I tried to touch her, she flinched and horror was evident on her face. ‘Of course she would be scared of you, Adrian. You almost killed her!’ my wolf hissed, growling at me. I heave out a weary sigh before laying back on the couch. “Feeling a little stressed out, babe?” as if on cue, Wendy came in wearing a short skirt that showed her long milky legs, a crop top that showed her navel and her signature red bold lips. She gave me a sly smirk as she closed the door behind her. She bit her lower lip, swaying her hips as she walked towards me.




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“Do you want me to…” she ran her slender fingers on my chest, her eyes locked at mine; displaying pure desire, “…make you feel better?” her voice was laced with seduction. I mentally rolled my eyes. This is sickening me.


This was one way of relieving my stress or most of the time, filling my boredom—


I sleep with girls. Besides, they’re the ones coming at me not the other way around.


Who am I to refuse a very generous offer?


This was the typical Adrian Clark they knew. The Alpha of the Dark Monarchy; hea


rtless, cruel, arrogant and a casanova. I used to bring different girls each week. Yet, I only had one rule when it comes to sleeping with girls: to never sleep with the same girl after a one night stand. I managed that rule well.


And here comes Wendy, in attempt to seduce me for the hundredth time so I could get to sleep with her again. I shrug off the terrible memory. What happened to us two months ago was a horrible experience. Aside from her being terrible in bed, that was the same day I found out that Josh accidentally spilled orange juice all over my xbox console.


“What do you want this time, Wendy?” I asked in a weary tone, letting her know that I wasn’t interested in talking to her. She giggled and straddled on my lap. Before I could push her off of me, she crushed her lips on mine. Such a terrible kisser. She encircled her arms around my neck and deepened our kiss even more. Unable to resist my urges anymore, I kissed her back. I could feel her smirk but ignored it anyways. I trailed my kisses to her jawline down to her neck, sucking on her soft skin. She moaned as her hands roamed everywhere on my body.


Then, the door suddenly bust open. I was going to shout at the person for not knocking when our eyes met. Those hypnotizing eyes. Then, the scenes of her telling me to reject her, angered me. If she wants me to reject her, I’ll give her that. If she wants to leave, the hell I care. But she’ll be needing to have it by hook or by crook.


“…I don’t listen to selfish, conceited and heartless monsters just like you,”


Fury, once again, flooded me as I remembered what she had call me. I shouldn’t be bothered of what she said. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t f ucking matter. But damn it! Who am I kidding? Her words never left my mind and it ran over and over like a replay button. It’s killing me! It pained to hear my own mate call me a monster. Am I really that of a monster?


I shook my head. Why am I bothered with that matter anyways? Why am I bothered with the fact that she’s going to leave me? Why am I bothered that she’s



terrified? Why am I bothered that she’s an omega? And why am I even bothered with these questions?!




I tilted my head back as I inhaled the air, trying to locate his scent. As soon as he left the room, I ran to follow Adrian but he was too fast that for me to catch up. So, I used one of my senses, following his sweet, ecstatic scent. It led me to a steel door, which thankfully, was left unlocked. A long stairway greeted me as I opened the door and I wasted no time in going down. The walls were made of steel and the whole floor was covered with navy blue carpet. Fluorescent lamps were placed on the ceiling which illuminated the place.


I tilted my head again to find his scent. Right . I turned to see a long hallway before me. I could now hear clamor of voices but it was too far for me to really hear what they’re saying. I started to walk down the hallway, careful of my steps. And so sudden, I heard a loud scream coming from the same direction. And it just wasn’t any other scream, it was Rachel’s! I directly ran through the hallway not worried that my footsteps were making loud thuds. She sounded like she was in pain, which doubled up my anxiety.




As Produced By Rachel Romo




“Hey, you!” I ignored the guards chasing after me. They were the least of my worries now. All I want right now is to get my pack members and get away from this horrible place. If that means placing my life on the line, then so be it. My pack has done so much for me and the least I can do is save them. I looked back and saw that they were about three meters far from me so I sprinted towards the third door where Adrian’s scent was strongest.


As I was about to open the door, it opened first, revealing a familiar face. I shrieked and ran towards his direction and held both ends of his shoulder.


“If I were you, you should go back to your room,” he said his voice low and his face was serious. I’ve always viewed him as a happy-go-luc


ky person who always had positive vibes all around but right now, he looked dead serious. I was waiting for him to say, ‘Got you! You should’ve seen your face!’ or something in the likes but no, none came.



“Sky! What are you talking about? They have Rachel! I can’t just stand here doing nothing! You’ve got to help me! They drugged her and I heard her scream and I—” I yelled as I tried escaping but he won’t let me.


“Sssshhh… I know. Just calm down, okay? Breathe in, breathe out,” he instructed and I did so. It did help me to calm down but still, I was worried of my best friend’s state. And then, I heard her scream again.


“Rachel! Oh my gosh! Sky, let go of me! She needs me! My best friend needs me so get your hands off!” I yelled as I squirmed from his hold of my arms but he wouldn’t let me go. I could hear Rachel’s faint voice from behind the door and Adrian’s shouting.


“Sapphire! Don’t be hardheaded and do as I say! Everything’s going to be fine. Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of it,” he said as he tucked a few strands of my hair behind my ear.


“The last time you said that you left me,” I scoffed at him. He seemed to be taken aback at what I said and was left, speechless. I took that as a chance and pushed the door behind him, barging inside.


“Rachel!” I exclaimed when I saw her lying on the floor. I ran towards her, Adrian’s men unable to stop me. Enveloping her in my arms, I could hear her low sobs. She was a total mess. Her hair was sticking all around her face and her eyes were red and puffy. And she looked exhausted. Thank goodness I didn’t saw any stain of blood on her. But what caught my attention was her cheek had an imprint of a hand, not to mention, on both sides. Anger fueled me. How dare they slap my best friend?!


“Take her back to her room,” Adrian demanded, addressing to his men. They tried to get to me but I gave them the deadliest glare I could muster, stopping them in their tracks. I looked at Rachel and she was now sleeping peacefully. I brushed her hair to the back with my fingers and wiped the blotches of tears on her cheek. “Everything’s going to be okay. I promise we’ll get us out of here,” I know I sounded like a fool, talking to a sleeping person. But it was something I always like to do, to assure a person that everything was going to be fine even though in the end, it won’t.


“Get out of here and go back to your room,


now ” Adrian voice boomed around the room, his voice full of authority and terrifying. I shook my head. His Alpha tone won’t work on me, not now. Yes, the anxiety and terror was still there but my best friend needs me more than ever.



“Didn’t you hear me? I said go back to your room!” He shouted as he grabbed me by the arm and harshly pull me up. I winced in pain as his grip on me tightened; his nails digging on my skin. That’s it. I’m done.


“Who are you to tell me that?” I shot back, anger dripping in my voice.


He seemed to be pissed at my remark and growled at me. His fangs coming in view and his eyes turning to darkness. Once again, the familiar feeling surfaced but I tried to compose myself. If I’m going to keep on feeling scared of him, nothing will happen. I have to woman up!


“I’m the Alpha here!” he roared. With my peripheral view, I could see his men stepping aside. He’s gone to his peak. I know at any moment, he’ll shift and will possibly shred me to pieces.


“And I’m your mate! I’m sick of you shouting at me as if I’m not! And getting angry at me for no reason! For making me feel worthless and low and stupid! And I’m tired of you for always hurting me and my wolf!” I broke down as tears one by one fell from my eyes.


If he’s had enough, I too had. This relationship won’t work by any means.


He surprisingly let go of my arm that was now red from all the gripping. I met his gaze which had now soften for a bit but his eyebrows were still furrowed together. His fangs were no longer in view yet his fists were clenched. I looked away, unable to hold my emotions any longer. My chest was getting tight and it was nearly hard to breathe.


“You do know that I c


an actually kill you right here, right now. I don’t care if you’re my mate,” he said, his voice dead serious. I closed my eyes before turning to him.


I wasn’t surprised that this happened at all. I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. He’s Adrian f ucking Clark. The Wolf Assassin. The one who loathes omegas, nearly killing hundreds of them. He was heartless and possesses an ice of a heart. He was a monster.


“Then kill me. I’m an omega after all, right?”


“Kill me”






See ya in the next happen


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