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He Is My Mate – Episode 25

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The Last Of Happens (FINALE) N:B: Longest Happen Written


Word Count: 4,124


As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Back In Place






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Alice POV


I woke up with a mild concussion, my head was spinning, and it seems as if someone is driving nail with an heavy hammer inside my head, “Arrgh” I groaned in pain.


“She’s awake! She awake!! ” I heard voices around me, I forcefully open my


heavy eyes, although, my vision was very blur, I could still make out the person


standing above me smiling.


“Sapphire” I murmured.


Her eyes lighten up in happiness, I looked around and saw Jax, Adrian, Skyler, and Kayla, all staring at me like am the most expensive thing in the world. “Shh, don’t stress yourself try talking, you need all the rest in you can get” Jax said, placing a soft kiss on my head.


I smiled at his gesture, then I spoke up, ignoring his advice.


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“I thought am dead”


They all shot there eyes wide in shock.


“Well, that means we’re dead too” Kayla retorted, they broke into soft laugh as a smile crept on their beautiful faces.


“You’re really a strong one, another wolf may not have survived that” Adrian said as everyone made to sit down, still staring at me though.


“Are you going to explain how you got to meet Adrian before you guys came to rescue me?” Skyler asked, everybody shot their eyes at Skyler like he had just committed the gravest crime.


“Sky? Seriously? Never knew my brother was this selfish, so you’re gonna force her to narrate the story of your life at this time just to satisfy your curiosity?” Sapphire scolded her brother like he was some little kid.


“No, actually I really want to explain” I chipped in drawing their attention once again.


“After Lawrence had forced me into helping him, he asked me to kidnap sapphire,


as he already knew Adrian will be escaping with her. Immediately I drugged


Sapphire I heard Adrian groaning nearby, I walked to him and found an arrow


buried in his chest. It must have been the work of the scout sent by Lawrence that


was after you, I removed the arrow then gave him a potion that will mask his


scent, I told him where he could hid himself that I will find him there.” I think you


know the rest of the story. I concluded.






Hall Of Supernatural Stories




Sapphire’s POV


“Seriously? All this happened and I didn’t even know about it? Oh my gosh! sapphire you almost died!” Rachel screamed on top of her lungs as I narrated to her, Hunter and Alpha Raven my ordeal in the past 72 hours.


Adrian had come along with me to tender his apologies to Alpha Raven about the attack on his pack, explaining to him they attacked because a member of their pack killed the sister of a staff’s mate in his pack. Although Alpha Raven was still displeased and furious, but then he was flabbergasted about the fact that Adrian would apologize.



Suddenly, I felt something on my throat and before I knew it, I was running towards the kitchen and vomited at the sink. Adrian held my hair in place while rubbing my back while I kept on vomiting.


“Are you okay?” Adrian’s voice was filled with worry. I grabbed a cup and poured some mouthwash in it before gargling it. My stomach still feels weird and my head is throbbing. I really need to see the doctor soon.


“You’re not pregnant, are you?” my body froze at what Rachel said. Pregnant? That’s when I realized that I haven’t had my period for a month now. I’ve been eating weird stuff and I’m vomiting. I looked at Adrian who was aghast as well. “I’m fine. I told her.


“Wait, who got you pregnant” She asked sarcastically.


I eyed Adrian childishly and looked back at her.


“I think that should be Adrian” I said, placing a hand on my mouth to mimicking shyness.


“Adrian? You mean the hot guy who attacked our pack and took you away from


me? The one who made you cry and marked you against your will?” she said with


a smug look on her face. I chuckled.




hem…” Adrian cleared his throat, reminding us that he’s also in the room. Rachel, being Rachel, gave him an earful and even pinched him at the arm. I can’t help but to laugh at Adrian who looked like a puppy being scolded by his mother.


“By the way, who gave you the permission to fück her?” Rachel asked with a raised eyebrow.


Seriously did she just used the ‘f’ word.


This girl is nuts!




It’s been two weeks since the attack and everything’s going smoothly— perhaps, for me. We’re all back in the pack house and I never felt better. Dr. Marshall, our pack doctor, assured us that the baby was growing healthy and no complications were found. Adrian was worried that something might go wrong with our pup’s development due to the Sentiment that was injected to me months ago which I later found out, was Wendy’s doing. Ugh. That jealous bitch. Although, the doctor told us that I will be experiencing a lot of unusual things such as craving for bizarre foods and morning sickness. Oh boy, this 5 months pregnancy will surely be hard.



Normal she-wolves will experience the same pregnancy period as of humans which is 9 months. However, I am mated to the Alpha and technically, Alpha blood runs through my veins considering that my father is an Alpha and well, I am his daughter; my pregnancy period will be as of 5 months. The baby will grow normally but its development is in a much faster process.


“Love, where are you going?” Adrian asked as I sat up from our king sized bed. Yes, me and Adrian finally decided to stay in one room now that we’re expecting for a pup and so he could check up on me from time to time. I looked at my undeniably charming mate who just woke up with his hair all messed up and half-opened eyes. He looks so breathtakingly hot lying on his stomach while hugging a pillow with his lower torso wrapped with just a comforter.


“I’m going to make breakfast,” I said and kissed his forehead. I was about to stand up when he held my wrist and pulled me back to bed. My brows creased in confusion as I stared at him as if he has grown two heads.


“You can’t. You might stress yourself and the baby. Besides, I can make break—” I pressed my index finger on his lips, hushing him. The thought of him cooking for us would be so lovely but the fact that he doesn’t know how to is what bothers me. He might end up cooking burned pancakes or uncooked eggs.


“Honey, I’m only 2 weeks pregnant, I can still manage to do a lot of stuff. You don’t have to worry anything at all. Plus, you got enough work piled up in your hands.” We intend to merge Lawrence’s Pack with ours, And Adrian is still yet to complete the official paper work. Am the heiress to the pack, and basically am supposed to rule them, but since my mate is also an Alpha, We need to merge the two packs. It’s how it works in the werewolf world.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Or are you just worried that I’m not going to make anything that is edible?” he asked as he playfully growled at me. Yup, he sure knows me a lot. I giggled at his childishness and pinched his nose. He groaned and gave me a peck in return


“I love you,” was all I said and stood up. I laughed when I saw him pouting while keeping his gaze at me. I grabbed his blue shirt that was on the floor and put it on. Don’t get us wrong, people. We didn’t do it. Adrian’s very careful and is very good at controlling his self. He’s afraid that something might happen to the baby when we’re going to do it. One time, my hormones were acting and wanted us to do it but he declined my generous offer. He ended up sleeping my brother’s room due to the fact that I didn’t stop seducing him.


“Psh. I love you too,” he mumbled and stood up as well, walking around the room with his oh, so glorious body and Superman boxer brief I got for him. Well, it took



me a lot of persuading before I could get him to wear it. It was on sale, how could I not get 6 pairs of Justice League boxer briefs for only $1.99?


He walked towards the bathroom while I on the other hand head towards the stairs. I carefully went down with slow, gentle steps holding on to the raili


ngs. As I approached the kitchen and saw Kayla and…


“Shawn?!” I shrieked and ran to hug him. “Oh, my gosh! I missed you so much!” I said and hugged him even tighter. It’s been what, 3 or 4 weeks since I last saw him and I never thought that I would miss him this badly. He smells so good, I can bury my face on his chest all day.


“Woah, slow down there, rocket joe. I can’t breathe, plus I don’t want my future niece or nephew to get crushed,” he was squirming from my hold which I reluctantly did despite of wanting to be at his side 24 hours. “I missed you too,” he mumbled and gave me a pat on the forehead. I pouted at his action. Do I still look like a kid now that I’m becoming a mother? Psh. Just because he’s tall doesn’t mean I’m short, I mean— he’s just tall!


“Seen Wendy?” He asked, it’s really strange he asked after wendy.


“Haven’t seen her, I think she’s gone AWOL. ” I replied.


We settled around the island counter eating the grilled cheese sandwich Kayla made for us. She made a whole bunch of them and I finished half of it. Don’t blame me, I’m just pregnant. I clung my arm with Shawn throughout breakfast. I couldn’t manage to be away from him. He’s so cute, I wanna squish his cheeks. And I did. “Oww! Hey.. ouch! I should’ve known pregnant women would be like this. I would’ve brought a football helmet to avoid my handsome face from being molested,” he mumbled, his face still in between my palms. I ignored his remark and continued squishing his face. It was so soft and so tempting to be squished I couldn’t stop myself from doing so. Why haven’t I noticed his cuteness before? Perhaps, hormones?


“Oh, dear. It’s just the beginning of it,” Kayla said and laughed and soon after, the room was filled with good-natured laughter. Not until…


“You asshole. Get your filthy human hands off my mate!” Adrian roared from the staircase and in one swift move, Shawn was pinned to the wall. I gasped and it took me a moment before processing what the hell is happening at this point. I quickly rushed to Adrian’s side and tried to calm him down but he was too preoccupied.



“Adrian, put him down! He’s my friend! What’s the matter with you?!” I shouted at him, earning his attention. His eyes were turning black and I could already see the veins popping out from his neck and the temples of his forehead.


“I swear Adrian, if you won’t put him down. I’m never going to sleep beside you again!” I threatened him as I crossed my arms over my chest, challenging him. He was a bit aghast at my remark but nevertheless, glared at me even more.


“Don’t you dare, Sapphire,” he scowled and looked directly at my gaze, challenging me back. I raised a brow at him. Oh, he wants to fight eh? Let’s see how tough are you, Clark.


“You know me better than anyone else, Adrian. I’m a woman of my words,” I said and gave him a devilish grin that clearly says, ‘ Try me’ . I saw him gulp a few times before dropping Shawn to the floor. He growled at him before turning to me. He gave me an emotionless expression before walking out of the kitchen. Ha! Take that, Clark!


“Wow. That was quite entertaining to watch, honestly” Kayla said clapping, like what just happened was a melodrama. I looked at my dear friend, Shawn, who was coughing; trying to catch his breath. I gave him a pat on the back apologizing to him about Adrian’s irrational actions. He just laughed about it and gave me an assuring smile.


“It’s alright. Besides, I think you should go and tame your jealous mate,” he said earning an uncontrollable laugh from Kayla which was later joined by him.




Nightfall came and everyone’s busy for the arrival of Alice and her mate Jax. Alice is about to officially become a member of Jax’s pack. Oh am so gonna miss her.


“You okay, Saph? You seem a bit off,” Kayla said as she added the sauce into the spaghetti. I just hummed in response and helped her finish everything. I haven’t seen Adrian since but it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m mad at him. .I get that he doesn’t want me near any males but can he blame my hormones? And it’s not like I’m fli


rting or anything, Shawn’s my friend! Oh, why did Shawn needed to leave early? Everyone went out from the house when we saw a black Veneno approaching, signaling everyone that they finally arrived. Sky came out first and Jax came after and opened the door for Alice. We all welcomed them warmly and it wasn’t long



’till the party started. Everyone was having fun, the music was booming all throughout the area and a lot of people were dancing and going wild.


“So, where’s your mate ‘lil sis?” Sky came and placed an arm around me while handing me a punch but I looked at him as if he was insane. “Oh right, pregnant” he chuckled and chug it down instead.


“Probably sulking around the corner or whatever. I don’t want to talk about him.” I told him


“I was scared,” he suddenly said. I looked up to him in confusion and saw him staring at the bottle of beer he’s holding. “About what?” I asked.


“I was scared that I couldn’t protect you. We were both young and mom and dad’s death affected me so much. I thought that if I ran away and honed myself, I would have manage to protect you. I wanted to come back for you but I can’t. I was then part of this pack, your rival pack. But I still kept an eye on you, I still cared.


Remember the creepy dude with jet black hair and thick glasses? I hired him to keep an eye on you—” I cut him off.


“You could’ve hired someone less eerie,” I said. We both laughed and rested his head on the side of mine.


“I’m just glad everything’s finally okay, now. And despite of us not siblings by blood, you still are my little sister. And no one can change that,” he said and placed a kiss on my forehead. With those words, a tear escaped from my eyes and I hugged him.


“Me too. Despite of you being a jerk sometimes, you’re still the best brother and I could not ask for more. Well, a niece or nephew perhaps?” I joked and he once again, ruffled my hair.


“You’re pregnant and yet you want to be an aunt already?” he asked in amusement as he shook his head, smiling.


“What’s wrong with that? The sooner the better and not to mention, the more, the merrier” and we laughed once again.


“Ehem…” our laughing session ended when we suddenly heard someone clear their throat. We turned our heads to see Adrian leaning on a tree with his hands crossed over his chest and his legs in form of a number 4.


“Hey, dude…” Sky approached him and they did those weird man-hug stuff. They exchanged how are you’s (with a bit of bickering, of course) before Sky left to ‘who knows where’ which leaves me and Adrian in a very awkward atmosphere.



“Love,” he started. I raised my eyebrows at him before turned my heel around to walk away. Before I could even take my first step, I felt his strong muscles wrap around my waist, stopping me from leaving.


“Come with me…” he whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe. Thousands of sparks spread throughout my body as he kissed the back of my ear. He took my hand and brought me to who knows where. After a few minutes of walking around, I caught sight of a very familiar place.


“The dock? Really?” I asked deadpan as I looked at him in disbelief. The memories of this place isn’t something I want to remember. Though it did something good, it wasn’t right.


“This place is memorable to us,” he said and guide me towards the end of the dock where a small yacht awaits.


“Getting nostalgic? And just to inform you mister, this isn’t very memorable to me considering the fact that you marked me here against my will,” I said pokerfaced. He scratched his head in embarrassment and looked down.


“Love, look. I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry about what happened earlier and… about the mark. But you’re my mate. I have all the right to be possessive, especially when it comes to you,” he said as he cupped my face and looked at me directly at my gaze. My heart melted at his words. He leaned in closer and closer with both of his eyes closed and so I did the same. I could already feel his breathing brushing against my lips. We were so close to kissing when I suddenly remembered something…Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Did you eat the cookies I made t


he other night?” I asked as I placed my right hand in front of him making him kiss my palm. His eyes went wide and groaned in frustration.


“Did you really have to bring that up now?” he said in frustration. I gave him the deadliest glare I could muster and he immediately threw his hands up in the air. “Nope. Not me. I was out doing patrol,” he said and gulped a few times.


“That’s the thing. Right after I finished baking them, I went to use the bathroom


only to come back with my tray of cookies, missing! And by then, you came home


already.” I elaborated.


“I-I went straight to bed right after,” he said and rubbed his nape.


“With cookie crumbles on your shirt and a few stains of chocolate at the side of your mouth? Clark, you are in big trouble” I said and crossed my arms over my chest. He narrowed his eyes at me, looking nervous.



“I was hungry. Love, spare me. I would do anything, please just forgive me!” I was trying to control my laughter hearing him plead. It’s not like I’m a sadist or anything, I just find it so cute.


“Anything?” I leaned in towards him, my face an inch from him. I saw how his lips twitched and beads of sweat form on the temples of his forehead. I mentally laughed like a maniac. Prepare yourself, Clark!


“Y-yes. Anything,” he stuttered and held the neck of his shirt and fanned himself


with it. It’s so cute knowing that I have that effect on him. I also noticed he easily


gets intimidated by me these past few days probably because he’s trying to adjust


to my temper now that I am pregnant.


“Strip,” I demanded.


“Are you serious?” he asked in disbelief. He scoffed and gave me a look of astonishment. I gave him a sly grin and shrugged my shoulders.


“You said anything. Now, strip.” I said. This is going to be fun. I can’t wait to tell our children how their daddy stripped for mommy.


“Psh. I’m doing this just for those damn cookies…” he huffed and started taking his maroon shirt off exposing his well-built muscles and defined abs. His v-line in sight and well-toned chest exposed just right in front of me. “And because I love you,” he smiled and started unbuckling his belt and moments later his pants were on the ground leaving him with his Hulk boxers. He was hesitating whether to pull it down or what. He looked around the place before pulling it down. A smirk appeared on my face seeing my oh, so handsome mate na.ked.


“Now, am I forgiven?” he asked as he cocked his eyebrow at me. I smiled and walked towards him. I saw how his breathing hitched and how his eyes showed lust as I seductively bit my bottom lip. I reached to touch his bare chest running my fingers on his abs; he was quick enough to hold my hand when I attempted to bring my hand lower.


“Not…yet,” and with that I pushed him to the lake. Not realizing that he was holding my hand, I, too was joined by him in the cold water.


“What the…you do realize that winter’s approaching! Damn it, it’s so fvcking cold!” he said and ran his hand through his wet hair. Where did my brain go? Indeed, it’s freezing cold even with my sweater and jeans on. I suddenly felt guilty of what I did. I even made him mad. I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt his arms around me.


“Hey, baby… what’s wrong?” he asked as he wiped my tears. I encircled my arms around his neck and buried my face on the crook of it still sobbing.



“I’m sorry,” I sobbed and buried my face even more. I heard him chuckle before pulling me so that we could face each other. He kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my lips.


“There’s nothing to be sorry about. Don’t worry, we’ll make lots of those cookies,” he said and before I could even reply, he crashed his lips into mine. He nibbled my lower lip making me moan which allowed him to slip his tongue inside my mouth. It was so passionate and full of desire when I felt something hard against my stomach. We stopped kissing and I looked at him in disbelief.


“It’s because of the cold… or something more,” he smirked and once again devoured my lips.


Am not sure I can say anything other than that.


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The End?




The End.


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