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He Is My Mate – Episode 17

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This Happen Is Rated +18


Readers Discretion Is Advised.




As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: First Mating




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Sapphire’s POV


Get up, girl! It’s school time! ” Kayla barged into my room and spank my a$$. I immediately jolted at her hit.


Oww! My precious butt! ” I said as I rub it. Damn it hurts!



Don’t care. Get your ass up and go take a shower.Sapphire’ 7:00. I don’t want to get late AGAIN ” she said, emphasizing the last word. I rolled my eyed and groaned.


Why, school?! Why?!




The formula of finding x is simply multiply bla bla bla ” I rub my head and rest it on the desk. I’m so sleepy~

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I slept late last night since I had to take care of Alice. Alpha Jax was suppose to take care of her but stubborn Adrian wouldn’t let him stay.


I’ve never heard of the Lux Pack. As far as I can remember, Alpha Jax told me it was somewhere in Brazil. He came here for a pack negotiation with another pack when he found Alice, his mate.


And last night, he marked her. He said Alice was so stubborn and fierce. She was about to reject her but he quickly marked her which he said, he didn’t mind at all. He seems kind and he suits Alice well. They’re both Kind and Brave like Sweet and Spicy. I know Alpha Jax is going to take good care of her, the way he bravely stood up to Adrian last night was enough proof that he’s a good mate.


Hey! ” I shouted when a piece of paper hit my head. Everyone turn their heads to me and that’s when I realized I was standing up.


Is there a problem, Ms. Genesis? ” Prof. Park asked as he took off his eyeglasses and cleaned it with the hem of his blue polo.


N-no, sir ” I said as I sat back. He let my actions slip away and continued discussing. Ugh! I look up in front to see Kayla asking me what’s wrong but I just ignored her. Curse to whoever threw this damn piece of paper ball!


Pssst.. Hey ” I look back to see Shawn smiling like the Grinch. It makes me want to punch his face, I kid you not.


What? ” I snapped. I’m clearly pissed at this moment. I really hate it when I’m in the middle of relaxation and someone would disturb me. It’s really annoying and frustrating!


Cool down, there. Anyways, I didn’t mean to throw that paper at you ” he said as he gave me one of his boyish grin.


What?! Damn you, Greyson ” I said as I salute my middle finger at him. I heard him chuckle which made me annoyed even more.


Suddenly an unbearable pain hit the lower part of my stomach, basically down there. I clutch my fist and tried to endure the pain but it was so painful!



Hey, you okay? ” Shawn came by my side and pat my back. I was about to snap at him but the pain became more unbearable.


Aaaaaaahhh!!! ” I couldn’t help but shout.


What’s wrong, Ms. Genesis?! ” Prof. Park rush to my side but I couldn’t answer neither of them.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


DAFUQ?! Do I look like I can answer your damn questions right now?!


Sht. We need to bring her home ” I heard Kayla say. At this point, all I want to see is Adrian and nothing more.


Wait, what’s wrong in the clinic? Why does she have to go home? ” I heard Prof. Park question. Aaaarrgh! Old man just listen to her.


Just… ugh! We need to go home at this instant! ” Kayla yelled and helped me up. I felt Shawn carried me bridal style and ran.


The pain was becoming more and more painful and I was too weak to bear the pain. I was slightly conscious, enough for me to hear but my eyes were too heavy for me to open them. I felt him place me on the car before we rush back to the pack house.


We stopped and I felt Shawn carry me again and the familiar scent of the surroundings hit my nose. We’re back at the pack house.


What happened to her?! ” I heard Sky’s voice. By the tone of his voice, he seemed really worried.


We’re not sure, either ” I heard Shawn answered


Kayla! Didn’t we taught you, humans are prohibited in our world? ” Sky asked. Hello people, I’m in the point of dying right now!


Skyler! Is that even important right now! Where the hell is Alpha Adrian?! ” Kayla wa


s surely pissed at this moment.


” He– ”


I’m here ” as soon as I heard his voice my nerves started to calm but the pain down there became more unbearable.


Adrian! ” I managed to shout and I felt Shawn place me on the couch.


Dude, what’s wrong with her? ” I heard Shawn ask but I didn’t hear him reply.


Sapphire… ” I heard Adrian call my name and place his palm on my cheek.


Adrian! I-I w-want you… ” was all I could say as I reach for his hand and held it.


What’s happening to her? ” Kayla asked.


Heat. ”







As Produced By Rachel Romo




I woke up when I felt something heavy on my stomach. I slightly leaned forward to see what it is and to my surprise, there was an arm resting on top of my stomach.


I could also feel someone’s breathing beside me which made my heart pound in nervousness.


I sniffed the atmosphere and I smelled Adrian’s scent. So that means…


I gasped when I realized it’s Adrian beside me. Somehow I felt relieved that it’s him but I can’t hide the fact that I’m nervous. Believe it or not, it’s my first time sleeping beside a guy and it’s quite uncomfortable.


I slowly lift his arm when I felt him pull me closer to his body. He even buried his face in my neck which made me lean away from him.


A-Adrian, I need to pee ” I said as I tried to escape from his grip but he tightened it even more. I badly want to go to the bathroom, I kid you not.


Later. Let’s stay like this for five minutes ” I heard him murmur and he buried his face on my neck even more which I find very ticklish.


A-Adrian, I can’t hold it much longer ” I said truthfully as I pouted. I heard him chuckle before he decided to release me.


Thank goodness.


I stood up and ran to the bathroom not until I felt again the unbearable pain down there. I curled up in pain as I held my lower abdomen.


Love, you okay? ” Adrian hurriedly went to my side and helped me up as I struggle to stand.


It hurts ” I cried in pain as I buried my face in his chest as he placed me on his lap.


You’re experiencing Heat, love. And as much as I want to take the pain away, there’s only one thing I can do, ” he said as he soothed my hair which calmed me a bit.


Heat. Right. It’s something wolves experience when they are hungry for their mate’s love and sexual connection. In short, getting horny.


And there’s only one thing that can take away the massive pain. We have to mate.


A-Adrian, I-I… ” I couldn’t even finish my sentence when the pain occurred again.



Let’s take a bath first. You stink, ” he said and I directly smacked his head despite the pain. Damn this guy, he still got the nerves to crack a joke while I’m suffering here.


He carried me to the bathroom and placed me in the counter as he turned the faucet of the bathtub on.


I stared at him and can’t help but admire his back muscles every time he moves. Oh, I forgot to mention he’s topless and is only wearing a pair of blue striped pajamas.


Staring is rude ” he said as he walked towards me with a smirk on his face.


Well I’m sorry to say, Mr. Clark that I can’t help but stare at your perfect body ” I said as I placed both of my palms in his well-built chest.


Don’t start me, Ms. Genesis ” he said as he stood between my legs and wrapped his arms around my waist. I just chuckled and kissed the tip of his nose.


He stared into my eyes, his dark grey eyes bore into my hazelnut ones. He slowly started lifting my shirt up and tossed it anywhere without breaking our eye contact. “Fvck ” he cussed and once again, claimed my lips. I felt him carry me bridal style without breaking our kiss. I don’t now how he did that.


Own me Adrian… ” I managed to say in between our kiss. He stopped and looked into my eyes.


As you wish, love ” he said, his eyes turning to black.


The shower was running over us and it made the kiss more pleasurable. Am sure am a wet as as a soaked foam but the water won’t make it evident.


Maybe it’s because the kiss was too pleasurable, I found myself dipping my h


ands into his pajamas. And… god! It’s huge!


We broke the kiss and stared at each other’s eyes, he seems stunned, probably because he wasn’t expecting me to go for Mr Adrian Junior, I on the other was stunned at the size of it.


His face quickly shaped to a smirk, “like what you see?” He asked.


“Just felt it, yet to see it” I replied, giving him my best sexy eyes and tone. “Very well then, let’s go to the show room” He said winking at me.


He carried me and Straight to bed. I stripped the remaining obstacles on me and watch him as he was about to do the same before I stopped him.


“Wait! Let me do the honours” I said winking at him as I pulled down his pajamas and his d!ck came out flying.


“Its huge” I whispered into his ears. I felt him smile against my cheek. “I think I should give him a name”


“Can’t wait to attend the naming ceremony love”


“I’ll call him ‘senior’ Adrian Senior. It’s too huge to be called junior” I whispered back


He smiled again then pulled me in for a deep kiss as his hands found it’s way to my pûssy lips.


I gasped at his touch, his digging in my pûssy sent pleasurable shivers down my spine.


Back in the days when I watch porn and see the lady sùck the man’s dîck, it always disgust me. I told myself I’ll never do that.


However, with Adrian’s dîck in my hands and his two hands working the perfect magic on pûssy lips and nipples, as we share the hottest kiss section, I buried the stupid idea.


Without warning I went on my knees and sucked him hard.




I woke up with someone kissing my neck. I groaned in frustration as I turned my back from him and pulled the comforter close to me. I heard him chuckle and hugged me from behind and started kissing my nape. I elbowed him in his stomach and he didn’t even budge and laughed.


Shut up, Adrian. Let me sleep, I’m so freakin’ tired, ” I mumbled as I snuggled into my pillow more.


I know. Who wouldn’t get tired, last night? We had 6 rounds– ” I directly cut him off.


Shut up! I’m trying to sleep ” I groaned as I pushed him away but he didn’t even budge.


As much as I want you to rest more, I’m afraid I can’t do that. You have school today, ” he said as he kissed my cheek. I held his face and pushed it away.


I don’t want to, ” I whined as I pulled the comforter over my head. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He wants me to go to school, sore?!


C’mon love, ” he said and tried to pull the comforters from me which he successfully did. I directly sat up and covered my body with a pillow.


What the heck, Adrian?! ” I hissed at him but he just smirked at me.


Why do you have to cover yourself? I’ve seen and tasted tha– ” I cut him off.


Okay, okay! Geez ” I said as I threw the pillow that was currently covering my body in his face. He caught it and stared at me down to my body.


Please don’t let me go to school today, ” I begged as I laid back down in my bed. He laid beside me and started giving small kisses on my shoulder.


If you won’t go to school today, I’ll take you all day until you can’t walk anymore,


he said huskily as he sat on top of me. My eyes went wide at his remark.


Oh my gosh! I have to go to school today! I forgot I have a test on History! ” I said and pushed him from me. I directly stood up and ran to the bathroom and took a shower. The pain down there is already gone and I felt relieved. Adrian owned me last night yea, he finally got my v-card, and I can’t help but to blush about what happened. He’s my first and hopefully my last.












So they mated!




I mean he insert his côck in her pû##y…….


Don’t be tempted to follow suit tonight.


Had intentionally reduced the sexual details..


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