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He Is My Mate – Episode 13

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Back To School








He brought me into the woods and into the cliff where the waterfalls starts. The moon was shining so brightly. It was so big that you actually think you can reach for it. That’s impossible but it felt like it was only meters away from you. Adrian looked at me in the eyes and cupped both sides of my cheek. At first I thought he was going to kiss me but instead kiss me on the forehead.

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If you want me you have to come and play with me, ” he whispered to my ear. I cocked an eyebrow. I have to play with him?


What game? ” I asked as he held my waist and pulled me close to him.


If you can hit that red spot on that tree using this dagger, you earn one point but if you miss the target, I get to take off what you are wearing right now. Same goes for me ” he said with a playful smile plastered on his face.


My brows creased. I looked at the dagger he’s holding and the tree, 5-7 meters away from us. I’m good at targeting objects but I don’t think I can target it this far.


So, what? Game? ” he asked as he bit my earlobe playfully. A smirk tug on my lips.


Bring it on, Clark ” I teased.


Ladies’ First? ” he said as he handed me the dagger and took a step back. I breathed in and flung my arms to the north direction and heck yeah! I hit the target!


One point for me.

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Beginner’s Luck ” I heard him say with a chuckle. I glared at him.


Don’t get your hopes too high, Adrian. This is just the beginning, ” I threatened him.


Oooh~ I’m scared ” he said as he grab another dagger and in just a swift, it landed on the red spot.


It’s a tie. 1-1.


Jackpot ” I heard him say. I smirked and grab a dagger. I positioned myself and breathed in.


Good luck, love ” he said as he held my waist and kissed my nape. His kiss sent shivers through every part of my body. And it’s turning me on.


I kept behind the thoughts and focused on my target and threw it.


Sh-it ” I cursed when I missed the spot.


I guess, I get to take off anything from you, ” he said with a smirk. Damn! If it wasn’t for that kiss! Argh!


You were clearly distracting me, Adrian ” I said as I crossed my arms over my chest.


I did not ” he said as he raised both of his hands on air like he surrendered to the police. I rolled my eyes at his remark.


You obviously did, Adrian. You kissed my nape on purpose to distract me, ” I said as I wave my index finger around.


He smirked and walked towards me.


It was not my intention to distract you. I only wished you good luck but I guess, my good luck kiss affected you so much, ” he said as he held my waist and in just a blink of an eye, he ripped my gown in half.


I stared in shock. That was my new favorite dress and he just tore it into half?! Now I’m left with my black lacy bra and underwear. I feel like a stripper in front of him with my killer heels on when in fact he’s the one who stripped me.


I guess it’s my turn now, ” he said and he grab a dagger. I smirked. Two can play this game of yours, Adrian.


I walked towards him and ran my fingers up and down his bare chest and bit his lower lip and nibbled it.


Good luck, love ” I teased and stepped aside. I heard him cursed before positioning. He threw the dagger and hah! It landed on the other tree!

I guess it’s my turn? ” I asked acting innocent. He turned to me, face, serious.


You cheated. ” he said. I pointed at myself innocently.


Me? Cheated? Oh, no I didn’t! I just wished you good luck ” I said acting so clueless and all. You think you’re the only one who knows how to play this, huh? *smirks*


Stop it, Sapphire. You cheated, apparently ” he said. I smirked and walked towards him. I noticed he wasn’t looking at me but at my chest. I smirked even more.


I did not ” I said and since he’s topless, I have no choice but to tear his pants off leaving him with his boxers on.


He smirked and held my hand.


I guess we both don’t play fair and square, huh? ” he asked as he leaned in closer to me.


I guess



we don’t, ” I replied. He gave me a genuine smile and my heart literally melted at the sight I’m seeing. He never gave me a real smile before so I’m really happy about it.


He pulled me to him and hugged me. I sensed he buried his face on my neck so I tilted my neck a bit to give him more access.


Do you trust me? ” he suddenly asked. My brows creased at his question.


Why do you ask? ” I asked, confused. I try pulling from the hug to look at him but he just tighten our hug even more.


Just answer me, ” he said in a serious tone.


Do I really trust him? After everything he’s done to me? Aside from the fact that he’s my mate, do I really trust him?


I-I guess so, ” I said, unsure.


Good to know ” he said and pulled out from the hug. He held both of my hands tightly and we did what anyone wanted to do from this cliff.


We jumped.






Hall Of Supernatural Stories




Later In The Dead Night


I was running through the woods, barefooted. I didn’t know where to go nor I didn’t know where I was.


My eyes were filled with non-stop tears and moans escape from my mouth


everytime I step on a twig.


Then I saw a figure ahead.


It was him. My mate. Adrien.


I tried calling him and screaming his name but no voice came out. I was mute. I was voiceless. I was helpless.


Then suddenly, he turned his head to me. But he only stared at me. I don’t understand. His dark grey eyes was empty and I can see no emotions in it. His figure became blurry and he seemed to have distanced away from me. I tried calling for his help but he just turned his back on me.



NOOOOO! ” I screamed as I sat up from bed. I was drenched in sweat and dry tears sat on my cheeks.


Sapphire! Are you okay?! Open the door! Dammit! ” I heard Adrien yelled before the door.


Sapph, open the door ” I heard Sky’s voice too. I wiped my tears away before I spoke.


Y-yeah, I-I’m okay ” I replied in a hoarse voice. I tried calming down but my breathing hitched. Damn! My asthma’s attacking!


S-Sky, ” I managed to say in between breaths. I tried standing up but my knees gave up. My chest started to contract and my wolf whimpered in pain.


Sh-it! Her asthma’s attacking! ” I heard Sky shout before I heard footsteps running away.


Sapphire! Damn! Answer me, love. J-just calm down. Inhale. Exhale. Just relax ” I heard Adrian say and somehow I managed to calm down a bit. Moments later, my door bust open and Adrian barged in like a dash of lightning and help me stood up. Sky brought in a nebulizer and directly put on the inhaler on me. He started it and I breathed in and out while Adrian was looking so tense, fanning me with his hands. He looked ridiculous but nevertheless cute.


I finally managed to settle down after a few minutes. Sky handed me a glass of water while Adrian was busy wiping the sweat dripping on my forehead.


Are you good now? ” Sky asked. I nodded. My asthma frequently occurs but when it does, it’s really intense. Sky used to help me with my asthma attacks too when I was young so he basically knows the drills.


You should get some rest. You were having a nightmare ” Adrian said. I tilted my head to him and looked at his dark grey eyes. My dream was so unusual. I simply don’t understand what it’s trying to relay and it bothers me.


It took me a moment before I slowly nodded.


Do you want to sleep with me tonight? ” Sky offered but I declined. I probably can’t sleep with his terrible sleeping habits.


You sure? ” Adrian asked, worry apparent in his voice.


I’m good. ” I assured them. Sky took the nebulizer with him and kissed me goodnight in the forehead while Adrian stayed.


Aren’t you gonna sleep? ” I asked him since he looked like he has no plans to leave yet.


Not yet. Not until I know you’re sleeping safely and soundly ” he said with a small smile on his face. I gave him the same smile before I lay down to bed with him sitting next to me.



He pulled my comforters up to my chest and he caressed my hair. I closed my eyes and felt hi


m humming. I don’t exactly know what song it was but it helped me sleep immediately.


I felt a kiss on my lips before I heard the door closed.




Wake up, Saph. I have some good news for you ” I heard Kayla’s voice as I felt someone shaking me.


Can’t it wait until later? ” I asked in a sleepy tone. I’m really exhausted right now especially after last night. I suddenly remembered Adrian when he stayed until I was asleep. The thought made me blush.


No can do. Come on, get your bum up! ” She chirped and pulled me up. I sat on the bed while I rubbed my eyes.


Spill. This better be good or else I’m going to kick you to Mt. Everest ” I said as I stared at her with droopy eyes.


Whatever but anyways, like I said I have good news for you, ” She said in a blithesome tone.


I groaned. Can’t she get straight to the point?!


Okay. Geez. You’re going to school! ” She shouted and jumped all over the room. I simply stayed emotionless.


How is that good news? ” I asked deadpan. She stopped jumping and slightly tug my hair.


Ow! ” I remarked. She just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Like duh. Education is very essential, you know. And besides, we’re going together! Alpha Adrian doesn’t want you to go alone ” she said.


My head shot up at the mention of Adrian’s name.


Adrian? ” I asked, confused and dazed.


Yup. ” she replied popping the ‘P’. ” He said you need to go out more rather than staying in the pack all the time. And he also said he wanted you to finish your studies ” she elaborated.


Oh. Does he really care for me? I smiled at the thought.


You look like The Grinch, fyi ” she said. Damn, does she ever considered about daydreaming?


Whatever, Kayla. Now off you go. I’m still going to take a bath ” I said as I pushed her towards the door.



Okay, okay. Geez. And oh! I forgot to mention that Wendy will be coming with us as well. Toodles ” she said and left like the wind.


Wait, what? Who the hell is Wendy?










A new character to be introduced in the next Happen.


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