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Haunt By Love – Episode 3

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✅Episode 3 ✅














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Ana looked around the environment that she has missed for a long time not knowing that Derrick is there also Witt her in the same environment. Derrick couldn’t hold his temper anylonger as he walked directly to Ana who was busy looking at the busy road for her to cross to that other side she was still there when shall heard her name being called by that voice that sound familiar to her ear, wondering who could be the person and what the person is doing there made her gasped for breath seeing that it’s Derrick.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Derrick “? She called back seeing him walking majestically like a king to his palace.


“What are you doing here” ? Derrick asked


“What are you doing here too “? She asked without smiling


“I came to visit my parents, they lived here ” Derrick replied looking at her seeing how restless she looked.

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“You sure “? She asked and Derrick confirmed it with a nod


“Then what are you doing here too “?


I came to visit someone also probably a friend “she lied “Wow sounds cool, can I escort you “? Derrick requested “No am okay alone ”




“No buts I’m okay ” She replied looking directly into his eyes with her long lashes.



Derrick sigh and watched her cross to the other side of the road shaking her butt in a way that will got any man’s dick rise instantly, Derrick kept watching her till she was out of sight without looking back.




I don’t know why I always have this strange feelings whenever Derrick is near me, the feelings that we have something in common. His tempting lips, seeing his cute face and mascular always feel like going crazy but I had to control myself.


Seeing him beside me asking me where I was heading to, I almost told him but then I need to control myself, how could I have possibly tell him that I came to visit my wicked uncle in terms of help in school. But am I really haunt by Derrick’s love “?




The house of Mr Ellison was as busy as always as the maids kept walking to and fro l dressed in a native uniform, the house looked like a palace but it wasn’t one.


Mike could be seen sitting in near the swimming pool with Dera his girlfriend who looked just like a goddess. She had a pink handless top on and a jean trouser couple with other make up that made her beauty to be seen by men. She was on Mike’s lap while Mike sat only Witt singlets watching her smile.


“Baby ”


“Yeah love ” Mike replied lowering his head and then gave her a short but romantic kiss that activated her body temperature.


“You know I always get jealous when I see girls looking seductively at you ” Dera said as Mike almost laughed out loud allowing his laughter to be heard by others.


“You mean it”?


“Yes I do “She replied



“Then you don’t have to be jealous cause I would have gave them all a bang if I wished to ” he replied just then he sighted his mother walking down to where they sat.


“Mom you looked so good and young ” Mike said giving her a peck as she sat down while Dera stood up greeting her and bowing in respect.


“Good afternoon ma’am “she greeted


“You look good today “Mrs Ellison said


“Thanks ma’am ” she replied smiling looking at Mike


“That reminds me Mike, when are you giving us a daughter in-law “? The mother asked while Mike narrowed his brows, the question caught him unaware and he didn’t have the perfect answer to the question. He looked at Dera to see her looking at him too for his response.


“Mom, you worry too much. I will soon bring her ” he said pointing at Dera while she smiled.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Good enough ” She replied


Just then Patricia one of the maid brought a tray of wine and glasses just as being instructed by the mistress, she bowed before dropping the tray, she tried walking away but Mike called her back dropping his glass.


“Come here, look at the glasses you brought they are all dirty. Do you want to poison me “? He asked


“Sorry sir but I washed them al……


She didn’t land her sentence when a hot slap from Mike landed on her face almost pulling her down, she held her cheek in pain while Mike furiously stood up and walked to her.


“Take this shit away! “he shouted making her to freak



“Look at her dress, do you want to seduce my boyfriend in my very presence? Come over here ” Dera called dragging her ear in a painful manner making her to vibrate.


“Next time don’t dress like this to serve my boyfriend “She said while the poor girl nodded her head in a yes gesture.


“What is happening here “? Mr Ellison asked walking walking to where they all sat.


“And who are you to give orders in my house “? Mr Ellison said angrily looking at Dera


“But father……


“Don’t father me, next time I won’t tolerate this ” he said angrily


“Darling we are just trying to correct her mistakes ” Mrs Ellison added


“Spare me that dear ” he said angrily and left


“What’s so special about this girl called Patricia that you always defend her or is it what I’m thinking “? Mrs Ellison said


“You better think we’ll or you will loose it ” he said and walked away






I always have this feeling that Mike is trying to play me anytime I’m around him. The way he responded to his mom’s question seems he’s playing behind my back but I dare not question him. I watched him lied to his mom that he’s going to marry me which I knew perfectly well that he is only saying that to impress me. Many times I caught him banging prostitutes which I’m Alsk trying to pay him back very soon. Hearing his dad telling me that I’m a nobody to give rules in his house was so



embarrassing to me, I waited for Mike to say something but he didn’t showing that he doesn’t love me the way I love him.






I watched her crossed the road to the other side shaking her butt. I felt the urge to call her back but I couldn’t, looking at her pretty face and pink lips while she was talking to me got me wondering if she’s ever angry before cause she’s always smiling. I know perfectly well that what I’m feeling for Ana is real but she’s too beautiful to be tempered with, I can’t date her due to my background but my heart won’t accept it that way. Remembering her story gave me the urge to face challenges also just to make my parents proud.






Lying to Derrick that I came to visit a friend kept haunting me even when I got to my destination but how could I possibly told him that I’m looking for a small job to be doing while still going to school since her parents left nothing for her to take survive.




Back to Toledo University everywhere was just busy as usual, Mr Palz as usual with his funny attitude walked into the class while Ana smiled at a Mr Palz seeing him in a happy mode.


“Miss Desmond this one you are smiling today, I hope that idiot is not trying to use your brain ” Mr Palz added while she smiled and Derrick looked at her direction and smiled.


Just then mike walked in from the door without minding the presence of Mr Palz and he purposely matched Derrick’s leg walking to his sit.



Derrick in his anger stood up with a deadly glare walking to where he sat without minding the presence of Mr Palz too who looked at the two young men that were about making his class a wrestling field.


“How dare you mike”? Derrick asked












To be continued








What will happen??


Who is the maid called Patricia??






Why does Mr Ellison liked her??





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