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Haunt By Love – Episode 20

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✅Episode 20 ✅














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Mrs Ellison didn’t even bother to come check on the house since her husband told her that he will be back in the next two days, she was busy enjoying herself in her friend’s place like never before when the husband call came in,she slid the phone to the receiver side and placed it on her ear.


“Hello darling ”


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“Yes dear how afw you doing “?


“I’m fine “She replied with her tiny voice


“How’s the family and how’s everyone “? Mr Ellison asked to be sure


“They are all fine ooo dear, I hope you are fine too? She asked


“Yes am fine, I Jjst wanted to inform you that I’m at the airport, I’ll be home soon” he said out loud


“Oh darling, you didn’t even care to inform me earlier so that I’ll be prepared for you” she said


“I’ll be there soon ” he said


“Okay darling I’ll be expecting you ” she said while the husband ended the call.


“I gotta go now, my husband will be back soon he’s at the airport ” she said to Elaine her friend not knowing that the old man had already gotten to the house without seeing her.




Back to Mr Eric house where the old woman sat with tears in her eyes, the husband and the son has not yet returned since, her heart was heavy, it was as if she was carrying the whole world on her head, as if that was not enough, looking at junior the boy was damn hot and shaking. She placed her hand on his neck feeling his hot temperature.


“Oh God why all this things happening now? Why are you against me now? She lamented, stood up in alert walking inside, carried junior on her shoulder walking to the road, she board a cab heading to ST LUKE HOSPITAL.





Back to Mr Ellison house, the wife hurriedly arrive the house, parked the car in the garage and walked inside the building but to her greatest surprise she saw some of her husband’s materials, she rushed outside in alert to meet Linda.


“Hey come here ” she called while Linda walked up to her


“Ma’am oga is back ” Linda said without allowing her to talk.


“When? Where is he? She asked


“He went to visit Patricia at the hospital ” Linda said while Mrs Ellison hurriedly entered the car and zoom off heading to the hospital.


Back to the hospital where Mr Luke and the rest stood like they are being controlled by a remote, Mike was as confused like a robot seeing everyone two families coming together in a sqaud.


” Dad “? He called when the father finally drew closer


“Yes Mike “he replied while Ana was busy smiling that she has finally set her eyes on Derrick after a long time.


“Luke? Mr Ellison called


“Yes Ellison, quite a long time ” he said embracing him


“what are you doing here “? Mr Luke asked the sad looking man called Mr Ellison.


” One of my maid is badly injured and I’m here to check on her ”


Just as they were interacting the door flung open and Mrs Eric ran into the building with her sick son while Mrs Ellison also arrived tge hospital at the same spot.


Everything stood still again as Mrs Eric approached the two teams, seeing her husband and son gave her an assurance that everything will be soon fine, she rushed the doctor as junior was being taken with immediate effect to the ward he will be treated.



“What is happening here? Mrs Eric asked as if she knows anything about the gathering.


Mike please take us to where Patricia is! Rose broke the silence, hearing Patricia’s name and Mr Ellison , Mrs Eric couldn’t control her emotions again.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Which of the Patricia are you talking about? She inquired but none gave her a reasonable answer, Mike slowly walked back to the ward while Mrs Eric hurriedly followed him like someone who is possessed.


Meanwhile the doctor had attended to her and she was back to normal, Mrs Eric got to the ward Patricia was lying like a dead corpse, her eyes widened in shock, she almost ran na.ked.


“Patricia ! She screamed out loud while the others rushed to the room to witness what was happening.


Mike stood watching her displayed her actions like a mad woman, she walked to her bed in tears meanwhile Mr Eric as a man controlled his emotions. Everyone stood watching her including me Ellison and the rest, Mrs Eric seeing how she was badly injured and her face damaged cried out in pain.


“Is this really you Patricia? After so many years? Mrs Eric cried while Patricia laid down feeling her cheek wet Witt tears also.


“Can you tell me what is happening here? Mr Ellison asked and just then the door flung open and Mrs Ellison walked in like a prostitute who just finished nagging one of her sugar daddy, all eyes were on her especially her husband’s angry eyes and that of Mike the son.


Everything happened so fast as if it was all planned, she walked slowly to the bed Patricia laid with the bruises all over her face.


“What happened to her ” Mr Ellison asked her


“Who did this to you? Mrs Eric asked Patricia who pointed her hand at Mrs Ellison.



“It’s all because of her foolishness, she’s so foolish and………. A hot slap landed on her cheek before she could make another statement.


“How could you be so wicked to someone’s child “? Mr Ellison said in anger while the wife held her cheek in pain. Patricia heart was full of hatred for the woman, Mrs Eric looked at Mrs Ellison in anger and in pain.


Mrs Ellison heart was poisoned with hatred the more the time her husband laid his


hands on her, she looked at Patricia angrily but her eyes caught something, she


looked again to be sure it’s real, seeing it’s real makes her body temperature to calm


down, her heart sink into her stomach, her eyes wet Witt tears, her legs weakened


as she fell on the ground crying.






To be continued


Who is Patricia to Mr Eric’s family??


What did Mrs Ellison saw??


What makes her cry??



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