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Haunt By Love – Episode 13

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✅Episode 13 ✅














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Rose couldn’t help than to smile that finally the two love birds have answered to the call of their hearts, seeing Ana walking towards Derrick direction made her smile the more.


Derrick finally wait to hear what Ana has to say meanwhile her heart was racing so fast like a car that looses it’s break.


“Derrick “? She called imme she get to where Derrick stood


“Yeah Ana ” he said looking directly into her eyes.


“I……… She didn’t finishes her speech when the door cracked open and the worst


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pe they didn’t even expect walked into their midst.




Mr Eric sat comfortably outside his house receiving the natural breeze made by God when he heard his name being called by the wife.


“Daddy junior!! come oh! She shouted almost in tears while the father hurried back to the house to see junior already on the ground as foam kept coming out of his mouth, he rushed to him, squat besides him shaking his body but nothing changed.


“What happened? How did it happened ? Mr Eric asked almost in tears


“I don’t know, I only came out and meet him this way ” the wife lamented


While Mr Eric looked at tbe heaven to see it real far from him in terms of money


that can be used to settle the boy bill, without time wastage, Mr Eric as a brave


man carried junior on his shoulder not minding how it will be, he walked out of


that house while the wife locked all the doors and hurried to where the husband


stood trying to board a cab.






Mike could be seen sitting near the swimming pool with only singlet and a glass table beofe him which had a juice on it, the nature of the atmosphere was cool and coded, soon Dera walked in from the gate looking so hot and sexy with her heels which kept making a koi -koi sound.


Mike wasn’t even smiling seeing her, his heart was not rejoicing seeing her.


“Baby ” Dera called and bend giving him a short kiss on the lips while he just sat down and watch her without reciprocating to the kiss.


“You look unhappy what’s the matter “? She asked caressing his bare chest


“Nothing I’m just fine ” Mike replied


“Orr do you need this “? She said seductively licking her lips and directing Mike’s hand to her bare and attractive tigh which he carress slowly


Back to the interior part of the house where Mr Ellison was found well dressed in a pair of black suit and a brief case in his hand, his dressing shows that he has something important to attend to.


“Darling take care of the family and the house, I’ll be coming back nsxt week. I love you ” Mr Ellison said giving his wife a peck and then walked to the door while she escort him.


“I’ll miss you darling ” she said


“I’ll miss you too, it’s just a week I’ll be staying in Dubai, after the business contract I’ll be back ” he said while the car door was opened for him.


“Bye darling ” the wife said and Mike walked down and stood beside his mom watching the father inside the car, he just waved his hand at him.


“Bye old man “she said while the wife smiled and the car drove away.





Handsome was taking a tour around the city in one of the father’s, bit his mind was with Ana which he had mistakenly developed feelings for but it’s a big risk since his friend too Derrick is having the same feelings for her thus making tbe situation a bit complicated.




I knew that my end was near when I sighted Mr Ellison my boss entering his car with his briefcase, going for a business contract in Dubai. The fear the filled my heart when I knew that he’s coming back the next week, I wanted to run out of the house but where will I run to and how will I even start. I allowed my mind to wallow in thought until the worst happened.




Back to the hospital where junior laid, Mr Eric could be seen hanging on the window side dropping his head down like a man who had lost his senses, the thought of how to afford the money filled his heart.


Soon the doctor walked out of Junior’s ward with his long white clothe while Mrs Eric rushed him.


“Doctor how’s he? She asked


“Madam calm down, he will be fine very soon he just needs some rest ” he replied


“Okay doctor, but what really happened to him “? She asked as Doc Dave smiled


“That one you will know when we get to my office” he said and walked away.




The tears that filled my eyes the moment how life was treating me before now but I was so foolish to use the opportunity and joke with it. Seeing my son lying on the sick bed without no hope of money to pay his bills struck me to the bone which I couldn’t help than to shed tears. I wished life could just end, I wish everything



coulld just return back to normal way how it used to be before but that wasn’t possible. But for now my hope is in God my maker, let me see What is happening next.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




“Patricia oga dong commot ooo, who is going to defend you now “? Amanda said in pidgin


“Save me how ? Abeg spare me that shit “she said lying down on the bed facing the ceiling in her room while Amanda sat opposite her, the door cracked open and Evelyn walked in.


“Patricia you are called ” she said


“By who “?


“Madam is calling you ” hearing that Patricia’s heart skipped knowing that her doom was near. Immediately to avoid problem she hurried to the sitting room where Mrs Ellison was relaxing.


“Ma’am here I am ” she said standing before her


“So it’s now you came, I called you since but it’s now you are coming, come here! She shouted as Patricia walked to her, she grabbed her ear twist it in a way Patricia almost shouted due to how painful it was.


“Next time don’t delay coming when u call you. Now get out of my face ” she shouted while Patricia left holding her ear that was still hot, reality struck her that her mistress didn’t have any errands for her, she only wanted to torture her as she walked back sadly to her room.




Back to Ana room where silence took over, Rose kept looking at the two new love birds. A young handsome man just like Derrick walked into their midst looking directly into Ana’s eyes


“John? She called..


“Ana “he replied taking his stand while Derrick kept watching the cinema including Rose.


The atmosphere of the room was too much Witt the eye contact the new guy was giving Ana, her heart began racing so fast. She rushed him and jump on him as an afterthought embracing him so tight while Derrick looked down in shame.


“I’ve really missed you ” John said


“Yeah same here “she replied and Derrick was a bit confused, just then his phone began ringing as he dipped his hand in his pockets bringing it out it was Handsome as he picked it.


“Hello dude ”


“Yeah handsome how’s everything ”


“It’s going cool, I just wanted to remind you that I’ll need the money next tomorrow for important thing ” Hansome said and Derrick’s leg weakened


“But you know that I don’t have it now ” Derrick said almost in tears


“Yeah I know that’s why I’m asking you to start searching for someone to collect it from me” he said and hang tbe call while Derrick didn’t know what to do as he stood there, just then the father called came in as he picked up on second beep.


“Hello dad ”


“Yeah son how are you doing ”


“I’m good dad and you ”


“Derrick you need to come to AC GENERAL HOSPITAL now your brother is dying and…….. The call ended



“What!!! Hello !hello!! Hello dad ” he shouted on phone without any response without time wastage he hurried out of the room.


Mr Eric just ended the call with Derrick while another call just pop in immediately as he picked it up.


“Hello ” Mr Eric said on phone


“Yeah my Eric I’m coming for my money tomorrow ” the person said and ended the call without allowing him to say anything. .






To be continued


What is really happening to Derrick’s family??


Who is John to Ana??


Will Derrick and his father able to pay back their deptors??







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