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Haunt By Love – Episode 1

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(Undying Desire)


✅Episode 1 ✅

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The sun was down and the temperature was cool, the moving vehicles and the greenish nature made everything to look perfect in its own way.

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There sat Ana on a tree that served as shade to her a beautiful black girl with long lashes and magnificent body structure. In terms of beauty Ana was known as there beauty itself, her pink lips and big black eyes made her look more like a black goddess, but her appearance seams something is wrong somewhere.


Ana is a girl who doesn’t talk much but have a fragile heart, her red dress added to her pink lips made everything about her to be unique.



“Hey Ana” Derick called walking up to her but she didn’t even care to look at the direction the voice came from.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Derick finally sat down with her but seeing how dull and weak she looked made him wondering what Gould possibly be the cause of her dullness.


“Hey am here and you can’t even sat hi to me ” Derick pushed forward but Ana said nothing.


“Let me be Derick please I beg your pardon ” she said in her little tiny voice that sounded just ljkw the cry of an ant.


“Okay fine but always let me know you trouble ” he said and left while Ana sigh.




The long caftan being worn by Mr Palz made all the students laughed at him cause he was looking like a lost sheep who lost its direction. They clothe didn’t fit him as well thus causing much laughter in the department of science in Toledo University.


“Shut up all of you”! He ordered while everyone went silent instantly as if a bomb just dropped.


“Be careful of what you say and do with your mouth ” he said and moved to the board.


“But sir, you said that laughter made people forget about their pains ” Handsome one of the guys said


“Not all laughter toy hypocritic fool ” he added and then everyone burst out laughing again.


Ana sat so quiet and lonely while Mr Palz noticed her mode.



“Hey Desmond, what’s the demon troubling you in my class ” he said while the whole class shouted at him for such a big grammar. Ana found herself smiling for once.


I lost parents in a plane crash yesterday ” Shw replied as the tears finally dropped from her eyes. Just then Derick knew the cause lf her dull mode earlier.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Sorry for your loss Desmond or should I commot the Desmond since he’s late now “? He asked and Ana smiled


“No sir ” she replied while Derick couldn’t take his eyes off Ana smiling face.


Everything happened so fast and the activities quickly run off as everyone despairs to their various destinations to have some rest for the day. Derick went home too but he couldn’t think straight.






Seeing Ana so weak and dull made my day sad too, I just wished I could help hard overcome her fesr but I couldn’t when I heard her told Mr Palz about her late parents. I seriously and truly loves the way she acts but my greatest fear is how to approach her and tell her I love her which will not be possible. Fine let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings since am a man




Ana returned back to the big house she used to live with her parents since they are no more and she’s the only child made the house so boring for her to stay.


She changed into something attractive wearing a Jean bumb short that showed her real beauty, her hips and everything. Her voluminous breast poped out of it’s sockets as if she’s about to be bang in a game two.


she sat at the far end her bed which had white materials all through as if it’s a shrine.



Thinking about life and how she’s going to survive, the challenges, the pains including the hardship which will surely come at last, but remembering there’s God gave her the assurance and hope to push forward.






The news got me sad instantly the time Ana told me her parents died. O felt like helping her out but she insisted. My best friend which I love so much but something keeps telling me that something is nlto right about her parents death which makes me to feels bad sometimes. I was still thinking about calling her when her call came in inviting me to come over and spend the night with him which I had no choice than to do so.




“Thank you for coming Rose ” Ana said heaving a sigh of relief


“I’ll be always there to make you feel better ” Rose replied smiling likewise her.


“Let’s keep busy with some indoor games ” Rose suggested and she grabbed the opportunity by the hand and they began scattering the house like small kids playing around thus making her to laugh and forget her pains like always said by Mr palz the clown.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Mike a student of science department could be seen sitting outside the father’s house with only a white singlet on his body showing his muscular as if he’s a wrestler. A mere looking at the environment you will know that all things are made of money, thus meaning that Mike was born with a silver spoon and he knows nothing suffering and pain.


“You bitch,why is my coffee this bitter “? He asked landing a hot slap on the maid face that brought him the cofee thus making the content to spill on her, the hot



coffee landed on the poor girl body as it burned her skin making her to scream in pain but no help came.


That’s good,next you serve my son what is good not bad ” Mrs Ellison added smiling wickedly as the son smiled too


“Mom, you know I always love you mom” he said pecking her on the forehead while she returned it with a smile.




Time flew very fast and the next day was already in sight as the old day passed by, the activities of the day began with immediate effects. Students could be seen running to lecture hall just to meet up Witt time and grabbed the front sit so as not to be disturbed by the bad niggas.


Ana was also in a hurry when he she bumped Into a huge figure that looks immovable like climanjaro mountain. The figure stood watching her as she fell to the ground and her books fell from her hands scattering on the floor.


Mike stood watching Ana angrily who just stood up from the ground picking her books in a hurry.


“Mister you made me fall down and you can’t even say a word of sorry ” Ana said with her tiny voice


“You need someone to tell you sorry right ? Just here it is ” Mike said walking to her, he grabbed her hair lifting her above the ground as Ana screamed and about for help. People looked around to see how Mike was handling Ana but none dare to stop him because of his firm and secondly it can be girlfriend issues so no need to put face. Ana cried for help due to how painful it was, he finally released her.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“That’s how to say sorry idiot “he said trying to walk away but a hot slap from Anna’s tinny hand prevented him, with furry he landed two hot slaps to Anna in a way she fell down crying bitterly.



“How dare you lay your hands on a lady, you are a fool ” Derick shouted pushing the Crowd away to stand face to face with Mike. He heard everything that happened from the lecture hall, she had not seen Anna so he decided to check for her but seeing Mike doing her as rag made his anger to rise. Anna looked up to behold the owner of the voice to be Derick thus making her wondering what he’s trying to do.


“Who are you to tell me what to do “? Mike fired back at him walking to him as Derick also walked to him looking directly Into his eyes without saying a word and soon they finally met.


A proud and arrogant fly always found itself in the grave Witt the corpse ” Derick said


“And what if you are the one to follow the corpse to the grave now “? Mike asked


“Let’s see ” Derick replied taking his stand, just then something unexpected














To be continued






What will happen next?


Who will save Derick now?





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