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Fate – Hard To Find – Episode 3

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Chapter: three


How bad can today get?


I just got rejected again. This is the third company that turned me down this month, not to think of the ones of last month. How long will I keep writing application letter and summiting my C.V. going for different interview that never yield any results. it not funny anymore. Even the ones that promised to call back I’m yet to hear from them.


It so not fair, I know that I am qualified for most of the position but the reason they keep regretting my application is best known to them. I just can’t continue like this. I’m in a die need of a well paid Job. Meanwhile, I will keep trying I am sure God will remember me soon and I will smile, my mom taught me to always believe that the best is on the way. I know this is hard. Graduated with the best results but getting a decent job have proven to be a pain on the neck.


I was about to leave my apartment when Davis, the love of life, standing there looking so handsome as always. I wonder what I did to deserve him. He was the only thing that made sense in my life right now.


“Gosh, “he is so damn cute,” and angel in human form. The sight of him brighten my mood.



Although my mom didn’t like him but who cares, I love him and he makes me happy that what matters. My happiness, so mom had to accepted that fact but I know deep now she is wishing that something goes wrong.

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Davis and I have being together since our university days . Our meeting was by fate he saved me from that fraudulent Cafe man; that almost duped me during my first year registration. We kept on bumping into each other and with time we became friends. When he asked me out, i accepted to be his girlfriend and Ever since then we have being together. The way he looks at me makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world. He loved me so much and showered me with attentions, I loved the way he makes me feel. I felt like a princess and it made other girls jealous of me. How a nobody like me get to date the campus handsome and rich boy. Well I didn’t care. He was all mine and that all that matters.


Today there was something different with his look the sadness in his face made me worry. Before I could give him a hug he pull away and held my hand. He looked at me and grabbed my hands.


Anastasia “we need to talk” . I smiled trying so hard to hide my worry, this must be serious. Davis never calls me by my full name; he always use “Ana”. I became more curious to know what was going on with him; requesting for him to come in but he said that his is going to be quick. I tried to hide my fear and ask if everything was fine with him. “Anastasia,” I think we need to stop seeing each other. At first those words was not making sense and I thought he was messing around but it was not a joke. He looked at me and said that his family did not approve of our relationship, that if he must inherent their property and take over the family business he have to marry the girl of their choice, a lady that fit in his class not someone like me. I am sorry, but I can’t lose my Inheritance because of you. There’s nothing we can do about it, our lives are walls apart. “Ana” you’re a good person, beautiful and smart unfortunately we can’t be together. I’m sure you will find a man of your class who will love you. “Please” try not to contact me again because this we be the last time we’ll be seeing each other. Take care of yourself.


I was in shock that I couldn’t say a word. Until he left. I broke down and I was completely broken. My heart was scatter into a million pieces. I tried holding back but it was too late the tears were already flowing down like a river. I rush back to my room and cried my self to sleep.



I totally forgot that I was going to the bar. I worked there temporary to earn money while I wait for a better job. It better than sleeping with men for money.


I got hold of myself pretending that all was well and got ready to go to the work. I was lost in my thoughts and memories of Davis , all the good times we spent together, his promises that nothing will change the way he felt about me. He was the only man I have dated and Loved. I believed that he was God sent, he made me believe that the difference in our background won’t affect our relationship until now.


What happened to our love and what changed? How can he just say it over; did he even Loved me or was it just an act. So many things ran through my mind wishing I had listen to my mom. She saw this coming but No, I was blinded by my emotions, His sweet words and kind gesture. It was all a lie, he used me and left me to suffer this pain alone. If he had ever loved me he would had man up and fight for us but No, it obvious I was never an option, he only used me to satisfied his youthful desires and now he knows I was not his type.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


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My heart was heavy, I blamed myself for not meeting up with his standard or for falling for someone like him. Now I understood why he never allowed me visit his place or invite me to his social gathering he was ashamed to be seen with me in public and I never saw it. I actually believed his story of being a private person. What a fool I was .


I let out a loud cry and passed out. For a moment everything was dark, I woke up the next day and found myself in a hospital bed with no idea of who brought me. The last thing I remember was a car driving toward me.


“Ana” what have gotten yourself into how will you come out of this one.


Stay tuned for more……




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