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Fate – Hard To Find – Episode 19

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Chapter Nineteen



Michelle truth ✨ ✨



Nwanne Ifeoma




As we step into the club, it feels strange having to come into such place but I have to do this.


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Gosh! How do people survive here in the name of having fun.


Dim lights blinking, the loud music, strippers dancing for their customer, men smoking and getting high and finally the shameful part of this place is to see horniers f**king.


Why can’t they just get a room ? Must it be in this open place.


I still couldn’t believe Michelle will be in this kind of place and for what reason ? She seems decent but having to come to this type of place because of her still baffles me.


Charles noticed that I was getting uncomfortable being there and he held me close to him whisper in my ear.


Ana” we can do this for us and I’m right beside you. I promise nothing will go wrong.


Charles and I grabbed a table and ordered a drink acting normal while We observe careful and wait for Michelle but it happens that she was already in action.


I could see the regret and shame in Charles face, having to see Michelle in such manner.


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He almost ruined my plan in anger but I held him back. I advised him that going up to her right now will be bad and might attract unnecessary attention, it best to get a clip of her in action and make her confess later.


We watched how the man whisper something in her ears and grabbed her back side, thinking she will pull off but rather she gave him more access to her body.



“She gently dropped her drink and looked at him in a seductive way, she unbutton her zip and sat on his lap making sure that her br**st was pressing on the man she was with.


It was indeed a horrible thing to see, she seems to know what she was doing as she carefully follow the man to the upper room after having to kiss him for long period.




“Charles let go, we have seen enough. We don’t have to follow them upstairs, what there do next is not our busy”.


“Please listen to me, I know you are angry with her right now but we can’t confront her now”.


I pulled Charles outside before he could do something stupid.




I can’t believe that the woman I called a friend but is the same person that I saw in there, what is she doing with that older man?


Is this how she gets those deals? But she looks so innocent, no body will ever think she would go this far in pursuit of money. So this is is how she get her endorsement, in exchange of her body and dignity.


“I am ashamed to be called her friend, Peter warned me about her but I failed to listen. I Remember how he told me about Michelle been a whore who will do anything for money but I got mad at him for defaming her character.


I was carried away by her goody tissue behavior that I couldn’t see this Side of her. In as much that I didn’t love but I have always wished her the very best in life, for her to find that one man that will truly love and care for her. I never expected this from her.




“I couldn’t help but wonder why people choose to betrayal the one that trust us. It a shame that I had to make Charles see this part of her but he needed to. Maybe if she had walked away from him and didn’t create trouble in our love story I won’t



have to bring out this part of her but every thing is fair in love. I just hope she shows remorse and clear the doubt she had created in Charles’s Mum mind over me, in order not to review this truth to her. Charles is already broken over it I wonder how the poor woman will take the news.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


********Peter’s house****”””


“Guy how far, this one u come my place abi I dey safe”. Peter exchange hand shake with his friend as the both sat down.


Where your wife and my little friend? I never see them. Call him and tell him that his friend brought something for him.


Charles I done tell u make u no dey spoil that boy but anyways thanks for the gift. In the meantime my wife and ur little man no dey. They went for an event but I know, that not why you came over, so talk to me. ”


Charles narrated the whole story to his friend and as usual Peter gave him the best solution on how to go about it.


Peter is indeed a great friend and supportive, he made understand that getting angry will not solve the problem but it best to deal with it careful in order not to make Michelle feel like he is condemning her.


His right, the economy of the country is bad and securing a decent job is always hard but that does not justify her behavior and the fact that she has a child that is hiden from the world.


I just hope Michelle will realize that her games are up and make amends .


“He Michelle,


“wanna come over for dinner.”


Michelle had no idea what await her in Charles house, she only thought that her games worked perfectly well and Charles is about to accept her. She wore her most sexy gown and head to her supposed dinner. Hoping to trap him tonight and rub her victory in Anastasia face.







Fate ( hard to find) ✨

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