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Fate – Hard To Find – Episode 14

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Chapter fourteen



Love Triangle



Nwanne Ifeoma


This not happening, this is definitely not my room.


God! Where are my clothes?


” this is a mess, a very big one”.


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I woke up and my head hurt like hell, who asked me to attend that party in the first place, I should have said No to Mr Peter.


The memory of what happened last night can flashing in my head but couldn’t remember what happened after dancing and drinking so much alcohol just to distract myself from watching ” little white witch showing her self around. She has a way of pissing me up and I can’t help the feeling.


“You went and got your self drunk


Anastasia” why do you always do crazy thing, I asked myself” what was the point of getting angry and drinking.


Hey, so you’re finally awake, thought you will never stop sleeping.


Take this it will help you with the headache and in the bag are some change of clothes”


He handed the bag to me and watch my reaction


Did anything happen between us last night”? I asked hoping to hear him say No. You can’t remember what happened, okay let me refresh your memory about it.


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“Oh! Last night was magical we had lots of fun. We kissed and made out.


it was indeed a night filled with pleasure, you were even asking for more and moaning and screaming my name not to stop.


“Ms Anastasia I never knew you were such a good kisser and flexible on bed. I can’t wait to have you to my self again.


“hmmmm can still taste your sweet lips on mine and the fragrances of your perfume.


“Can the ground just open and swallow me right now?


What is he talking about?”


“How dare you take advantage of me in my drunken State. You’re just an animal, I hate you and I will never forgive you for this, yo…


You should have seen your face while we were making out” why pretend as if you didn’t enjoy it Ms Anastasia, Charles said while laughing really hard.


Now I am even more upset, do you find this funny, I yelled and scream at him but it felt like the more I talk the more my words amused him.


and…… cut”, so tell me Ms Anastasia how was mine acting skill, impressive right?


“What! So nothing happened”


“Of course not”,


I can never take advantage of any woman, I am not an animal, I have self control and I respect women”


Was just joking around, in as much I wished that happened but without out your consent i will never disrespect you in that manner”, and for your dress you threw up on it so I had to help get changed when you passed out.


Wonderful! So he saw my na.kedness and now his making jokes out of my situation.



“What do he mean by that, he wishes it happened”? Do Mr grumpy have feeling


for me,” Anastasia snap out of it” just stand up and leave this place before


something bad happens.


I said to myself.


Remember what happened between Davis and you, do you want to go through this road again? Anastasia you can’t love him or get too close, his your boss that should be the only relationship you have with him.


“Jeez,! Why are you always Lost in thought”, Charles asked?


I have noticed that, which universe are you in right now.


” Get ready”, breakfast will serve in 30 minutes.


Yes!, Before I forget we still have something to talk about considering the event of last night.


“Lastly, Michelle is just an old time friend and business partner nothing more. I said with a smile before leaving the room.


Knowing that Michelle means nothing made me laugh, did I ask him to explain. Not that I care who he date or goes out with it still won’t change the fact that he is not for. I was trying so much to convince myself of not loving him.




Charles what is wrong with you and what going on in that head of your, why did you say all those rubbish to her back there? Do you really want her this much?


Ever since last night you saw her dancing with that man in the party you haven’t been yourself and your blood boil just seeing him touch her.


Who asked Peter to invite that show off of a man, why did I even allow him talk


me into driving Anastasia home.


I will so kill him, let just see him.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


instead of taking her home, you brought her here in the name of her being drunk. You kept on looking at her and getting crazy ideas. This is not happening and what will she think of you?



But gosh! She really has an amazing and welcoming smile and those lips of hers I wish, I could kiss them and make her mine. It was really difficult resisting her last night and here she is in my house, alone with me.


Charles wake up from this dream, you can’t be having feelings for her. She is your secretary and nothing more. Keep it professional and forget about this ideas coming in your head.


*****Kitchen drama******


Michelle! What are you doing here and how did you get inside my house? Where is chime”?


Chime……. Chime… Chime…..


He kept on yelling his domestic staff name.


“Yes Sir, Chime responded”


How many times have I warned you not to let anyone into my house with out my permission? Answer me! What is she doing here this early in the morning, ”


“he asked with so much anger?”


“Don’t be mad at the poor guy”


“Michelle said”,


I just wanted to surprise you by preparing breakfast and spend the weekend with you. She said while touching him in a romantic way”,


Look, Charles I really do like you, I have been trying to control this feeling but I can’t help it. I know you feel the same way about me just admit it and let give us a try.


Charles darling, I know we will make a great and wonderful couple.


I am rich and beautiful, with all these full package both the back side and front is intact.


She said, as she turned around making sure here br**st was revealing in a way that Charles will see it.



She drew closer to him and kissed him just before Charles could push her off Anastasia walked in on them.






Fate:(hard to find)

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