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Fate – Hard To Find – Episode 11

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Chapter Eleven ✨



Breaking point



Nwanne Ifeoma


With tears in my eyes, I recalled all the mean words that ” grumpy boss” called me just because I came in late today. He had to remind me about how miserable my life have being all these while.


I don’t think he understands what it means to watch once Mother in pain. How could I had left her in such state and run to work. It wasn’t possible and more over she was the reasoning why I have being putting up with all his nonsense.


I called him to inform him about the situation at hand but couldn’t get through to him. My brain wasn’t thinking straight at the moment, so I never thought of sending him a text; all I could think of was my mother nothing more.


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He so cruel, he didn’t even give me any room to explain myself rather he rained his anger on me. I sincerely don’t blame him, I blame life for being so mean to me and always putting me on a difficult path.


Sometimes I wished life will be less cruel and allow my happiness to last for long before playing another game on me and family.


Where on earth will I even get the money for my Mom’s surgery? The doctor made it clear to me this morning that if the kidney stones are not remove soon she might die.



The drugs that she has been taking is no longer having effect on her that why she is in so much pain, I can’t watch her scream in pains over and over again it breaks my heart. I don’t know what to do or who to ask for help from. My savings is not up to the amount required for the procedure. My other two siblings are still in School, there is nothing they can do to help in this situation rather than to stay with her while I source for means to raise the money for the surgery.


My hopes of getting help from my boss was scattered when he was so blind to noticed that I wasn’t my usual self but he never cared.


If only “Mr grumpy” can see, he would have seen my swollen eye the time I came in and if he was insensitive enough, he would had tried to find out why it was so but No, he only cares about his work nothing more.


Death is not an option for her right now. She can not die we have being through allot all these years, she is all we got, stood strong for us in bad things and fought the the battle of life for us. In her I saw what it means to be a fighter and a survivor.


I suddenly realized that I have being walking for long and the point I was, getting a cab to the hospital will be hard and it getting too late already.

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Everywhere was dark and there was no sign of any vehicles coming towards my direction. The street was lonely and if I must get a cab, I will need to walk further to the next junction but It wasn’t safe for a young lady to tread on alone.


I sat by a corner and cried; some how fear was far away from me. Maybe because the fear of losing my Mother was stronger than the fear of the dark or any other danger. It was a reality that scares me more.


A thought came to my head while I sat wailing.


Ana, why don’t you ask Mr Peter for help, he had been so understanding and kind to you all these while. Speak to him about your situation he will surely understand. Remember how he had defended you from that wicked and grumpy boss of your, even today he was the only one who dared to speak up on your behalf.

Ask him for a loan he might be of help. “the little voice in my head said to me”.



For a moment, I saw a little bit of hope in this dark situation and decided to speak to him about it the next day. Sometimes I wished it was Mr Peter I worked for directly, he so nice and understanding unlike my boss who is ice cold.


Hey Ms, “a voice said from behind”


TBC …….

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