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Endless Obsession – Episode 4

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Episode 04








But then I think about the trip to Texas. I’ve never been there, but I’ve always wanted to go. I wonder if there will be time to explore. The thought of seeing a real life cowboy has my lips tipping up into a smile. My thoughts are immature, I know, but to hell if I care. Cowboys are hot, and I’d love to hear that southern drawl of theirs say words like darlin’. I’ve always been a sucker for western movies.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




My eyes flicker back to Mr. Knight to see him watching me as a goofy grin forms on my face, making my fantasies of sexy cowboys turn to tattooed CEOs with unruly dark hair and glasses.


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“I take it you’re agreeable to going with me?” he asks.




“Do I have a choice?”








His blunt answer doesn’t surprise me. Mr. Knight may be easy to work for, but he’s also the typical businessman when it comes to getting what he wants.


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“I’ve never been to Texas. I know this is business, and I won’t be able to sightsee, but I’ve always wanted to go.”




“I shouldn’t need you with me the entire time. You should be able to fit in some time to explore a bit.”




My eyes snap to his to see he’s serious. Exhilaration has my smile turning bigger.








Amusement lights his eyes at my undisguised excitement, causing the flutters in my stomach to multiply.




“Yes.” He smiles quickly before wiping it from his face. “Now, I really need those reports from you.”




My lips tip back down and I get back to business. “Yes… of course, Mr. Knight. I’ll get them to you right away.”




“That would be great, Poppy.”




He slides his glasses back on and drops his eyes back down to the laptop he pulled toward him while we were talking, dismissing me. I leave his office, quietly closing the door behind me.




A look over to my left shows Liv watching me. I give her a small smile and she returns it. She knows how Mr. Knight affects me.



I throw the notepad and pen on my desk and take a seat. I get right to work on the reports Mr. Knight needs. Once I’ve found them and make the changes he requested, I email them over. For good measure, I buzz him to let him know I sent them. Next, I call and make the necessary arrangements for our trip to Texas, then lastly, I call and schedule two appointments for him. I notice one is with Mr. Maverick, the man I spoke with at Maverick Holdings. He’s due to come in Friday of next week.




My eyes flicker over to the flowers still sitting on my desk, and think about the ones I have on my end table at home. Do they need to be replaced yet? They are the ones I got last week. It generally takes longer than a week for flowers to wilt and die. If the ones at home are still fresh, I either give them to Liv or someone else in the office. They are too gorgeous to just toss away, and if I kept them, all my counters would be filled with them. At least if I give them away, someone else will enjoy them as well.




l decide to take them home with me and put them on my nightstand. Liv was right, they do smell sweet. It’ll be nice to wake up to the flowery smell.




Before I know it, it’s lunchtime. I knock and peek my head into Mr. Knight’s office and ask if he wants me to pick anything up from the deli down the street that Liv and I frequent often for lunch.




“Pastrami on rye, with their special spicy mustard,” he mutters, keeping his eyes focused on the computer in front of him. I pull the door closed and meet Liv at the elevator.


“So, how did it go with Mr. Dreamy?” Liv asks before taking a bite of her BLT.




She dubbed Mr. Knight with the name after I told her of a dream I had of him several weeks after I started working for him. We were in his office, and I was sitting on his desk with my legs spread wide while he went to town on my pussy. I



woke from the dream shivering and on the verge of a climax-induced meltdown. I told her about the dream the next day at lunch.




“Fine. The usual jitteriness.” I take a sip of my lemonade and set it back down on the table. “I’m going with him to Texas in three weeks.”




“Say what?” she shrieks, making me wince.




“Damn. Tone it down, will ya?”




She drops her sandwich and leans across the table.




“Why are you going to Texas with him?”




I roll my eyes at her eagerness. The girl is crazy. For some reason, she has this




notion I should try to seduce our boss. That is not happening. For many reasons.


Number one being he is our boss.




“Geez, Liv, it’s just a business trip. He needs me with him for some big deal he’s working on. Nothing more, nothing less.”




“But it could be something more if you want it to be,” she puts in excitedly, her eyes dancing mischievously.




“First, he’s our boss. There’s no way I can afford to screw this job up. Second, I’m not his type.” She tries to object, but I hold my hand in her face, which she swipes



away. “Third, he’s shown no interest in me. Fourth, he’s our boss.” I stress the last, just so she really gets what I’m saying.




“But Pop, just think how good it can be. Can you imagine what he could do with those hands? And his tongue? Not to mention other certain parts of his body?”




She’s practically bouncing in her seat as


she talks. I have imagined what he could do, but that’s all it will ever be— fantasies. Even if I was interested in pursuing something with him, he’s so far out my league, you couldn’t even see me with a pair of high-tech binoculars.




“Liv, stop. It’s not happening,” I tell her firmly. She pouts at me, and I can’t help but laugh at the pathetic look. I count my blessings every day that I met Liv. She came along when I needed someone the most. Still grieving the loss of my mom and finding out my fiancé, Grant, was cheating on me, I was on a serious downward spiral. On top of that, I found out my parents’ business was actually in the hole, and I wouldn’t be able to keep it. The last straw was losing my childhood home. That’s what had me so desperate to find a job. Luckily, with finding my position at Silver Technologies, I was able to at least keep the wolves away from my home. The business, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do anything about. I hated seeing it go. It broke my heart. My parents practically built that hardware store from the ground up, but there was no way I was letting the bank take my home. So I made a choice and kept the house instead of the hardware store.




To get Liv off the subject of her ridiculous hopes of me and Mr. Knight hooking up, I change the subject.




“Have you figured out where Tony is taking you this weekend?”





“Hell no,” she mumbles through a bite of her sandwich.



“He’s not giving anything up, no matter how I try to convince him to tell me. He’s locked up tight. I even let him come in my mouth, and you know I gag at the taste of jiz.”Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




I choke on my food, sputtering out a cough that turns to a laugh after I take a swallow of my drink.


“Jesus, can you use your filter while we’re out please?” I look around and see a couple people looking at us in disgust.







“No,” she responds unashamedly. That’s another thing I love about Liv; she comes as she is. If you don’t like her, then she doesn’t have time for you.




“I’m dying to know. I think he’s going to ask me this weekend. I can just feel it. He’s been real secretive lately and all over me.”




I reach across the small table between us and bring her in for a hug. Pulling back, we both have big grins on our faces.




“Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and say it because I want to be the first… I’m so happy for you both!”




“Thanks, Pop. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this.”




Liv and Tony have been dating for two years. She claims as soon as she saw him,she knew right away that he was “the one.” The way they both look at each other, you can plainly see they are head over heels in love. And I know for a fact that Tony is asking her this weekend to marry him. He called me a month ago, asking for my opinion on a ring. It’s a simple ring, but holds sentimental value because it’s belonged to his family for generations. I don’t know the details of him



popping the question, just that it’s this weekend. It’s been killing me, having this information and not being able to tell her. But I want it to be perfect. And for Liv, I’ll continue the torture.




“So, how did your date go with what’s his face?” Liv asks.




I don’t know why she never uses the guy’s names from the dates I go on. It was her idea for me to join the dating site in the first place. I always give her the details: the guy’s name, where we’ll be at, and what time I’m meeting him. I message her when I leave the house and when I get back. It’s a safety measure we both agreed I should take since I’m going out with strangers. I think it may be because she’s becoming frustrated I haven’t found the right guy.




I throw my napkin on the table and roll my eyes. “Another dud.”




“What was wrong with this one? Did he have some weird sexual fetish? Or maybe a whole baseball team worth of children he doesn’t care for?”




“Nope,” I tell her. “He was married.”




“Fucking prick,” she says around a mouthful of food, not really acting surprised.


To be honest, neither was I. My online dating luck sucks ass.




“His wife actually showed up at the restaurant and reamed his ass before she turned on me.”




Her eyes go wide. “Please tell me you let her have it? I’m all for her being upset, but shit, you didn’t know.”



“I ignored her and walked out, right before I dumped my wine in his lap.” That gets a choked laugh out of Liv, and I high five the hand she holds up for me. Our laugh dies down and I continue. “But that’s not the worst part. The asshole had the nerve to follow me home to try and explain.”




“What the hell? Are you serious?” Liv hisses, leaning across the table, her food forgotten.




“Yep. He was practically begging me to give him another chance.” I curl my lip up in disgust at the memory.




“Not just a prick, then. A two-timing-asshole-bastard-triple prick.”




I laugh at her assessment. You gotta love Liv.




“I think I’m about done with this whole online dating thing. I have one more date coming up. After that, no more. Obviously, it’s not working out for me.”




“Yeah, I get it.” She frowns, and I know it’s because she was hoping I would find someone that could make me happy. “It’s just weird how your luck with it’s been so terrible. I’ve heard of several people finding dates that turned out really well for them.”




I shrug, baffled myself, but not really caring anymore.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




After we finish lunch, Liv dumps our trash while I put in Mr. Knight’s order. We walk the couple of blocks back to work, talking about this, that, and the other. I spend the rest of the day making sure Mr. Knight has the information he needs for this afternoon’s appointments, fielding calls, confirming upcoming appointments, completing this week’s expense reports, and other menial tasks. By the time five



rolls around, I’m exhausted. I’m ready to get home for a nice relaxing soak in the bath, a glass of wine, and maybe an episode or two of Lost.




I let Mr. Knight know I’m heading out and ask if he needs anything before I go. Once I have the all clear, I grab my purse and vase of flowers and walk to the elevator. Once in the car, I call and place an order for Chinese. The drive is short and it’s not long before my food is delivered.




While eating, I put on Lost. I end up watching three episodes. I throw away the takeout containers, then grab my still half-full glass of wine, phone, and earbuds, and make my way to the bathroom that’s connected to my bedroom. Setting the items down on the small shelf next to the tub, I walk back out to the bedroom. I start to undress, but suddenly get a feeling someone is watching me. My head automatically turns to the window. I walk over and pull the sheer curtains to the side, peering out into the darkness. I feel ridiculous being spooked. I have spotlights, so if anyone was out there, they would flash on. Not to mention, it would be difficult for someone to jump the tall privacy fence I have. Even so, I decide to get undressed in the bathroom.




Sinking down in the warm bubbly water, I pop my earbuds in, take a sip of my wine, and pull up the playlist I want. I lay there until I feel myself starting to drift off and the water starts to cool. Quickly finishing my bath, I step out of the tub, dry myself, and forgetting the feeling of being watched earlier, walk out to my bedroom na.ked. I pull the covers back and slip beneath them. I love feeling the cool silky sheets against my skin. I started sleeping na.ked when I was nineteen, and if I can help it, I’ll never go back to sleeping with clothes on again.


It’s not long before my mind empties of all thoughts, and I drift off to sleep.




⚘Asher ⚘


I lift my head just in time to see Poppy disappear behind the door. I run my hands through my hair and blow out a breath. Seeing her at work and holding on to my professionalism is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. I torture myself



through these times because I know when I watch her without her knowledge, the pleasure of that alone is worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I would drop to my knees and beg and plead for the taste and touch of Poppy, and one day I will, but not today. Not until I’ve had my fill of this…this addiction, and am confident she can overcome my invasion of privacy into her life.


This feeling, this need for her is foreign to me. It’s hard to explain because I don’t understand it myself. I’ve never felt this overpowering urge to be near someone, to watch them without them knowing. Normally, I would hate something so uncontrollable—I need control—but when it comes to Poppy, I seem to have no control over my actions. I’ve never, not once, considered ignoring them. The thought alone is unfathomable.




A knock sounds at my door, pulling me from my thoughts of her. I glare at it as I tell the person on the other side to come in.












Endless Obsession












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