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Endless Obsession – Episode 28

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Episode 28








He grabs another container and pulls the lid off, and I see strawberries inside. He picks one out and brings it to my lips. I open my mouth and he slips it inside. My tongue meets the tips of his fingers, and I let it run across them. He groans in my ear. He picks up another one and does the same, but this time, I grab his wrist and slip more of his finger into my mouth. I swirl it around the digit before nibbling on it.



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“You drive me f*cking mad, woman,” he


growls in my ear, emphasizing his words with a lift of his hips. His cock is hard behind me, making me want to turn around, shed our clothes, and ride us both to heaven and back. One of his hands slip beneath my shirt and he plays with the skin there, causing an ache between my legs.






I pinch one of the strawberries and turn a little, bringing it to his lips. He bites down, and I lean up to take the other half between my teeth, then lick the fruit’s juice off his lips. I’m just about to turn and straddle him when a chirp comes from my pocket.






I groan when I realize it’s my phone. I think about ignoring it, but know that I can’t. I’m waiting on Liv to call me back. She called while we were on our way out


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here, freaking out because she thought she might be pregnant. I convinced her to go to the store to buy some pregnancy tests and made her promise she would call when she took them.






With an apologetic look to Asher, who is still breathing heavily and has s3x in his eyes, I pull my phone from my pocket and lean back against his chest again. She didn’t call, but she did send a text.







Liv: False alarm after five tests. Give me something good to think about. Please tell me you’ve bumped uglies with Mr. Knight.







I s*ck in air, which causes me to choke, and bring the phone to my chest to hide the screen. I wheeze and cough while Asher thumps my back.






I’m going to freaking kill her!






Once my coughing fit is over, he asks, “Everything okay?







“Yes,” I say quickly, trying to put the phone back in my pocket. I know my face has to be beet red.



“I don’t think so. Give me that.” He tries


to take the phone from me, but I grip it tightly and try to get up. No way am I letting him see Liv’s message. I would die of mortification.






He grabs my hips and pulls me back down, throwing one of his legs over mine. I slip the phone between my legs, close them, and push them down on the ground, hard.






“Please, Asher, let me up,” I beg.







“Not until you show me what has you so embarra*ssed.” He laughs and digs his fingers between my legs before yanking them apart. I try in vain to grab the phone before he does, but it’s no use. He has it in his hand and holding it over his head. I frantically try to bring his arm back down, but he’s much stronger than I am. Giving in, because I really don’t have a choice, I bury my face in my hands. This is going to s*ck.




I wait, holding my breath. When I get home, Liv is going to get it. I’m reneging on my acceptance to be her Matron of Honor. Okay, I’m not doing that, but damn it, she’s still going to have to do some hefty begging for me to forgive her.






I hear Asher laughing, and I cringe behind my hands. He adjusts behind me and the next thing I know, I’m on my back with him lying on top of me between my legs. I try to keep my hands glued to my face, but he pries them away. I reluctantly peek at him through my lashes, only to see his smug face looking down at me.




“You should put her out of her misery and tell her I’ve had you five ways to Sunday,” he says, laughter dancing in his eyes.



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“You’re not nice,” I mutter, glaring up at him. “This is not funny.”







“Actually, I think it’s quite funny.” He frames my face with his hands and kisses the tip of my nose before leaning back. “So, tell me,” he says, wiggling his eyebrows. “How long have you and her been discussing me f*cking you?”






My face heats more, and I try to cover my face again. He stops me by grabbing my hands with one hand and putting them over my head. I turn my head to the side, only for him to dip his and run his nose up my neck, stopping at my ear to nibble.







“I think it’s s3xy as f*ck you talk to her about me,” he whispers in my ear. “And you have no idea how happy it makes me to know you’ve thought about me like that.” I m0an as goosebumps appear on my arms.






He uses his other hand to turn my head back to him. “Don’t ever be embarra*ssed, Poppy. I’ve waited a long time to have you like this. There’s nothing you can do that would make me not want you. I meant it when I told you last night, I’m never letting you go.”



I look up at him and my heart nearly stops at the look on his face. He’s telling the truth. There’s no way I can deny it. His eyes are soft as he gazes down at me, and I get the sense he’s trying to drill the words into my brain. He doesn’t need to; I believe him. I just wish I knew why it took him so long to make a move.







He releases my hands and they immediately go to the back of his head to pull him down for a kiss. He groans against my mouth and slips his tongue against mine. I taste strawberries and man. It’s a lovely combination that leaves me ravenous for more.







He grinds his hips down on me, sending bolts of delicious pleasure spiraling through me. I want him—I’m desperate for him. I wrap my legs around his waist, locking them behind his back, and lift my hips to meet his thrusts. His jean covered cock hits just the right spot, and I cry out. His hand goes to my br3ast, palming it through my silk shirt. When that isn’t good enough, he starts working on the buttons. His fingers fumble and he curses under his breath.






“f*cking buttons.”






I laugh and lean my head down to watch him.







He glances up at me with narrowed eyes. “You could help,” he grumbles, still trying to get the buttons loose.




“But I’m enjoying watching you struggle,” I tell him, not able to hold back my giggle.






His look turns smoldering, then he cocks a brow and smirks, right before he yanks the material and buttons fly everywhere. I gasp, but I can’t help the excited thrill that washes over me at him being so far gone that he tore my shirt to get to me. Thank goodness I’m wearing a cami beneath it. He lifts said cami, tugs my bra down, and the next second his mouth is engulfing my nipple, pulling it between his teeth. I whimper and fist his hair, needing more. He palms my other br3ast, tweaking that nipple with his fingers.






Tipping my head back, a long m0an escapes my lips. When I open my eyes, I see the trees and leaves falling all around us, reminding me of where we are.






“Asher,” I pant through the s3xually induced fog he’s caused.




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“Hmm…” he hums around a mouthful of nipple. I give his hair a tug and he lifts his head. The look he gives me almost has me forgetting what I was going to say.






“We have to stop. Someone might catch us.”



Leaning down, he licks along the seam of my lips. “Mmm… just a few more minutes.”







With him resting on his arms, his rough shirt scrubs against my exposed nipples. The combination of that and him thrusting his cock against my pussy has me whispering breathlessly, “M’kay.”






His lips pull up into a smile against mine. I release the grip I have on his hair and run my hands down his back until I reach the bottom of his shirt. I slip them beneath it and feel his smooth back. I lightly graze my nails against the skin and he groans and rocks his hips harder into me.






He adjusts so he’s leaning on one elbow. Keeping his eyes on me, he trails his fingers down my stomach, stopping at the waistband of my shorts and flicking open the button. I grab his wrist, not sure I feel comfortable baring myself out in the open like this.






His fingers are still on the zipper, but he


makes no move to pull it down. “Trust me?” he asks quietly.







It only takes me a minute to realize I do trust him. I don’t know if that’s foolish or not, and I still feel guilty over Sterling, but I’m not going to let that stop me from experiencing something wonderful. And I get a sense that what me and Asher have is special.







I nod, and he graces me with a stunning smile.







He slowly moves the zipper down and slips his hand inside my shorts. My back bows off the blanket when his fingers touch my cl*t. Sparks of pleasure zing through me, and I see stars behind my closed lids. I bite my lip to keep from crying out, but little whimpers escape. Thick fingers enter me, and I feel myself clamp down on him. His thumb works my cl*t as his fingers pump in and out of me. I clutch his bicep and dig my heels into the blanket, lifting my hips, seeking for more.






My limbs lock up when I feel the first spark of my 0rgasm hit. I cry out Asher’s name and he covers my mouth and devours the sound. Pinpricks start in my toes and travel up my legs. I quiver and m0an and pant, not catching nearly enough breath.







By the time I start to settle down, my body relaxing against the blanket, I feel pleasantly exhausted. I lazily open my eyes and find Asher right there, still hovering over me.






“You are the s3xiest f*cking thing I’ve ever seen,” he says, dipping down and laying soft kisses over my face.



I sift my fingers through his sweaty hair and scrape my nails on his scalp. He m0ans and presses his cock against my hip, reminding me he hasn’t had his release yet.






“Do… uhh… do you want me to…” I stop, and look down at his obvious erection, blushing profusely.






He chuckles, winks, and pulls back, bringing me with him so I’m leaning back against him like I was before. “Not right now. But you can definitely take care of it later.”







We finish up our lunch and sit and talk for a while longer. I love it out here and wish we could stay here forever.







I look down at my hands that are running up and down his arm. The tattoos are bright out in the sunlight.







“You know, when I first saw you, I couldn’t believe you were my boss,” I tell him, tracing my finger along a gorgeous sunset on his arm.







“Oh yeah?” His breath blows the few pieces of hair that’s fallen from my hairband.



“Yep. For one, you were extremely s3xy. And two, you had these beautiful tattoos, and that eyebrow ring, of course.” He chuckles in my ear. “That’s not the typical look for a man in your position. You were supposed to be this rich stuck-up guy that played by the rules. Or that’s what I was expecting anyway. But I got you instead, and I was struck dumb that first day. I was fumbling around so much. I’m surprised you didn’t fire me.”



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“Want to know a little secret?” I nod. “I was utterly enthralled the first time I saw you—still am. Every time you enter my office I have to work really hard to not take you in my arms and devour you whole. You sit so prim in that chair on the other side of my desk with your notepad and pen in hand. You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined laying you down on my desk and feasting on your body. It’s a real struggle.”




I tremble in his arms and barely stifle a m0an. The sated feeling I had a few minutes ago diminishes at his words. I want him again already.






“Tell me about Grant,” he says, and I stiffen in his arms.







How does he know about Grant?







He must sense my question because he explains. “I’ve overheard you and Liv talk about him a couple times.”



I don’t want to talk about Grant, but I also don’t want to hold anything back. This is a new relationship, and I want everything out in the open. It’s not a secret, but it’s still something Asher has a right to know if we plan to continue.






I shift, getting into a more comfortable position.







“He was my fiancé. We had been together for two years when my mom’s


cancer took a turn for the worse. The day my mom died was the day I found Grant in bed with another woman.”






While I talk, my voice is void of any emotion. I may be over what Grant did, but it still hurts that he was capable of cheating on me, and of all the days I had to find out when my world was already shattering all around me. He had always been so sweet and attentive. I thought we were both in love.






Asher stiffens behind me and the hand he has lying on my leg balls into a fist. He’s angry. I pick it up, uncurl his fingers, and kiss his palm.






“I realized the next time I saw him that we wouldn’t have worked out anyway. I don’t know if it was my mom being sick, which took away a lot of my time, or if we just naturally grew apart, but the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It tore me up at the time it happened, but that could be because I had just lost my mom and didn’t have anyone else to lean on.”




His body is still tight, but his thumb goes back to stroking my leg.







“Bastard needs to pay for hurting you,” he mutters darkly.






I turn my head and kiss his neck.







“I’m fine, Asher.” I try to soothe his apparent anger. “Really. I’m just relieved he did it before we got married.”







His eyes are still hard, but when he looks at me, they soften. He traces a finger down my nose before leaning in and kissing my lips. Pulling back, he tugs me back so I’m lying against him again facing forward. He’s once again relaxed, but I still feel the anger rolling off him.






We stay underneath the tree and watch


nature for another half hour, before packing everything up, mounting our horses— Asher helps me this time—and riding for another couple hours. By the time we get back to the ranch, I’m tired and hungry. Asher teaches me how to unsaddle Nina.


Once we’re done, Clint is standing by to put the horses back in their stalls. I feel oddly emotional when I say good-bye to Nina. She’s been such a gentle and sweet horse. Clint couldn’t have picked a more perfect horse for my first ride. After we settle up with Clint, we say our good-byes and head back to the waiting car. With a quick kiss, Asher opens my door and we both slip inside. I lean my head back



against the headrest, and before I know it, the lull of the drive causes me to drift off to sleep.




I sleep the whole way back to the hotel. Asher wakes me and carries me inside. I didn’t realize I was so tired. I groggily look up at him, seeing the dark scruff on his jaw, and murmur, “You can put me down.”







His smiling gaze drops to mine as he steps into the elevator. “I like you just where you are.”







I snuggle deeper into his chest, hiding my pleased smile. This is what I’ve always wanted, what I thought I had with Grant, but what Asher and I share is so much more. It’s also something I could have possibly had with Sterling. But then I’m starting to realize what Sterling and I had was a fantasy, just like Liv said. It was the mysteriousness of the situation that intrigued me. Yes, Sterling made my heart race and my body sing, but he wasn’t real. He wasn’t real because he wouldn’t let it be. He wouldn’t even show me his face or tell me his name. Although I realize this, a pang still hits my chest. I never answered him last night when he sent me that message, and he hasn’t messaged me since. I don’t know what that means. Does he know what happened between me and Asher and is letting me go? He seemed so adamant and sure of himself. It’s strange that he would give up so easily. But maybe it’s easier this way. I certainly don’t want to hurt him anymore than I know I will once I talk to him. I’ve decided to just enjoy my time here in Texas and call him when I get back home.






Back in the suite, I head to my room to freshen up and change, and Asher heads to his. I take a quick shower and walk out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. Asher said to wear something a little more flashy. He still hasn’t told me where we’re going, something he obviously likes to do. I decide on a loose black skirt that



comes to mid-thigh and a quarter sleeve light gray shirt that hangs over my shoulder. I braid my hair in a loose braid, leaving out a few tendrils. Knowing my cowgirl boots will go good with my outfit, I pull them on before grabbing my phone and purse and walking out.



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My breath catches when I see Asher standing at the window. He’s back in his usual black: black jeans that mold his a*ss perfectly, and a black button-down, which he leaves untucked. His forearms show off his multiple tattoos. His hair is still damp and looks as though he used his fingers to brush it. The man must not own a hairbrush, but he pulls the look off nicely. Very nicely, in fact. So nice that my mouth is watering just looking at him.






He turns when he hears my gasp and gives me a s3xy smile as his smoldering eyes gaze appreciatively up and down my body.






“Come here, Beautiful,” he says huskily.







My body jerks. Sterling calls me beautiful. It sounds weird coming from Asher. I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s a big fat reminder of what I did to Sterling. He watches me intently as I stand there and stare at him. There’s something in his eyes, but I can’t quite figure out what it is. It’s almost like he’s waiting for my reaction. His body is tense, and I can see a tic in his jaw.






That’s strange.




I push the odd feeling away and walk over to him. I’m confused when a look of relief briefly flashes across his features, just before he wipes it away. His body visibly relaxes as he waits for me to make it to him. I get a weird sense that something isn’t right here.






Before I can question him on it, he pulls me into his arms and slams his mouth down on mine. His tongue forcefully invades my mouth, and I accept him. My purse and phone drop to the soft cushioned carpet as I dig my nails into his shoulder and hold on tight as he consumes me.






All too soon, he pulls back and we’re both left breathless. He rests his forehead against mine, closing his eyes for only a second before boring them into mine.






“What am I going to do with you?” he whispers.







I kind of feel the same way about him.







“Take me out to wherever you have planned. Then bring me back and make love to me all night long,” I state boldly.






His lips tip up into a s3xy smirk, leaving me breathless once more.




“You can bet on it. Now, we better go before I haul you off to bed. As much as I want to do that, I want you to have the full Texas experience.”






I giggle while he scoops my phone and purse off the floor and leads me to the elevator.






Yes, I think I am falling for this man.








Endless Obsession



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