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Endless Obsession – Episode 27

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Episode 27




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He walks back to the dresser and pulls out some clothes. I sit up and watch him dress. My mouth drops open when he’s finished.






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“What?” he asks when he notices my shocked state.







I close my mouth and swallow, trying to wet the dryness in my throat.






“I’ve never seen you in anything other than dark clothes, or slacks,” I admit.



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He looks sinfully hot. The shirt he’s wearing is a white button-down and the jeans look worn and soft, like he wears them often. His hair is disheveled. I’m mesmerized by the look and want to crawl up his body.






“Stop looking at me like that,” he growls, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt,“or we’re never leaving this room.”






I blush and giggle, embarrassed I got caught staring at him. His eyes rake down my body, reminding me that I’m na.ked, and my blush becomes deeper. I reach for the sheet to cover myself, but his words stop me.




“Don’t even think about it.”







I hesitate, but drop the sheet and stand. It’s stupid to be embarrassed anyway. It’s not like he hasn’t seen me na.ked, or felt every inch of my body. I tremble with the reminder. He’s definitely felt me all over.






With one last smoldering look, he turns to leave the room, but stops with the doorknob in his hand and says over his shoulder, “Wear your cowgirl boots.”






I opt to use his shower instead of mine.


It doesn’t take me long. I walk out with a towel wrapped around me and spy Asher in the kitchen, talking on his phone. His eyes land on me as I walk past. I feel his heated gaze all the way to the door. A tiny smile plays on my lips as I close it behind me. I walk over to my suitcase and heft it up on the bed.






I’ve never understood why people put their clothes away in the dressers at hotels, unless it’s a dress or a suit or something that’s easily wrinkled. It just seems pointless to me because you’ll just have to load the suitcase back up in a day or two. Of course, Asher is a man, and a rich one at that, so I’m sure he’ll use every article of clothing he placed in the drawer, so there will be no unloading and reloading his suitcase, except for his used clothes. I, on the other hand, am a woman, and like to always pack more than what I’ll need.



Unsure of where we’re going, I decide on a pair of jean shorts and a cream colored sleeveless silk blouse with a cami underneath. After slipping on some socks, I tug on my black cowgirl boots. I pull my hair up into a ponytail and apply some light makeup. At the last minute, I grab the cowboy hat Asher got me yesterday. Picking up my phone and slipping it into my purse, I walk out of my room. Asher is still in the kitchen, sans the phone. He stands from the bar stool when he sees me coming. His eyes light up and it sends flutters through my belly. He pulls me to him and plants a kiss against my lips. I want to linger and never stop kissing him, but he backs away and ushers me to a chair.






“I’ve made you a plate. Eat so we can get going.”







I take a seat and look down at the plate.


Everything on here is my favorite.







“Wow! You’re either really good, or you’ve been spying on me. You picked all my favorite breakfast items.







I laugh and look over to him. He has a strange look on his face that I can’t decipher. Before I can question him on it, he turns, walks around the bar, and pours some coffee into a mug. After putting some sugar and creamer in it, he sets it down in front of me and walks back around the bar and takes the stool beside me. He must have seen me make my coffee before in the office because it tastes perfect.







Picking up my fork, I look over and notice he doesn’t have a plate for himself.







“You’re not eating?”




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“I ate while you were getting ready,” he says, turning in his seat and propping one arm on the bar and one arm on the back of mine. His knee brushes against my hip.




I spear a chunk of pineapple and bring it to my mouth. I feel his eyes on me.






I shift in my chair. “Are you going to watch me eat?”







“Yes,” he says simply.






Um… okay.













I feel light tugs on my ponytail, indicting he’s playing with it.



“Because I like looking at you. Now eat,” he urges.







I decide to do just that, but feel weird with him staring. My eyes keep flickering over to him, and each time he’s still looking at me.






“So, where are we going?”







“You’ll see,” is all he says.







I feel another tug at my hair and for some reason it relaxes me. I used to love it when people played with my hair. When I was younger and still had friends, they would always choose to play with my hair over playing with the doll’s.







I shovel the rest of my food into my mouth, making Asher laugh beside me. He knows what he’s doing and is enjoying it. I pay him no mind and finish up my coffee. As soon as my fork and napkin hit the plate, he scoops it up and deposits it into the sink.







He picks up my purse and hands it to me, before grabbing my hand and pulling me from the stool.



“What’s the hurry?” I ask, trying to keep up with him as he leads me to the elevator.







“If we don’t get there in time, all the good ones will be gone,” he replies cryptically.






“What will be gone?”







We step inside the elevator and he pushes the button that will lead us to the first floor. He turns to face me and backs me against the wall, caging me in with his arms.







“Stop asking so many questions. You’ll ruin the surprise,” he murmurs against my lips.







I place my hands at his waist and fist his shirt. He kisses down my neck, and I tilt my head back. This man is going to ruin me.







All too soon, the elevator dings and the doors slide open. I shove at Asher’s chest and look over to the opening, thanking God when I don’t see anyone standing there.




Asher just laughs, grabs my hand, and leads me across the floor to the waiting car outside.




An hour later, we pull up to an open pair


of metal gates. The sign hanging from above says The Rolling C Ranch. Excitement starts to bubble inside me when I see several horses grazing in a field. In another field, there are a couple more horses, but those have riders on them. There are also four big red barns scattered across the large chunk of land. The car pulls to a stop on a gravel driveway that has two other cars parked. There’s a big white two-story house with the kind of front porch I’ve always dreamed of.






I turn to Asher with a big grin plastered on my face.







“Please, please tell me we’re going horseback riding!” I exclaim, my hands in front of me prayer style.






I’ve never ridden a horse before, but I’ve always wanted to.






“We are,” he says with a smile.







I squeal and lean over to place a kiss on


his lips.







Chuckling, he grabs my hand and drags me across the seat when the door opens. Once we’re standing outside, he puts his arm around my waist and walks us over to meet the gentleman that’s heading our way. He has on a blue and black plaid button up shirt, a pair of faded jeans with a big ol’ belt buckle, brown cowboy boots, and a black cowboy hat. He looks like the typical cowboy. I smile big when he stands in front of us. Up close, I can see kind gray eyes. He looks to be in his mid-to-late forties.






“Mr. Knight?” he asks, extending his hand out to Asher, which he takes for a brief shake.






“Yes, but I prefer Asher. I take it you’re Clint?”







“Yep, that’s me.” His eyes to turn to me. “And this here young lady must be Miss Lexington.”




“Yes, sir.” I take his offered hand. It’s callused and rough. “It’s very nice to meet you. And please, call me Poppy.”






“Have you ever ridden before, darlin’?” he asks, his smile still in place.



I smile when he calls me ‘Darlin’. “No, sir, I haven’t, but I’ve always wanted to.”







“Well, you sure are in for a treat then.” His laugh makes him look ten years younger. He turns and lifts his chin to a smaller white building. “If you’ll both follow me, I’ll get you all set up. I have something I need you to read over and sign, and then you’ll be on your way.”






We follow behind Clint. Asher’s arm drops from my waist, but he picks up my hand and brings it to his lips for a kiss. The grin I give him stretches my mouth so wide, I’m surprised my lips aren’t splitting. I’m walking so fast, I’m nearly dragging him behind me.




“Hey,” he says with a laugh, tugging my hand. “Slow down.”


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I’m almost bouncing in my boots, wanting to get to the part where we ride a horse.







“You were the one that was rushing me this morning. Now it’s my turn. I can’t believe I get to ride a horse!” I finish with an excited laugh.







Clint looks back at us and shakes his head with twitching lips. I smile back at him unapologetically. I look over at Asher to see him smiling too, but there’s more in his eyes. The look is soft and indulgent, and it melts my insides to mush.




We enter the small building. I look around as Clint walks behind a desk in the center of the room. It’s cozy in here with a few armchairs and a table that has a coffee maker and mugs. The walls are lined with photo after photo, most depicting riders on horses. There’s also a shelf that has trophies. Down a hallway, I spy a counter and sink; probably a kitchen or breakroom.






After Asher and I sign the insurance disclaimer, Clint leads us back outside and over to a huge barn filled with stalls. I stop and inspect each one, disappointed when I find the empty ones and smiling brightly and cooing to the ones that kept horses. Both Asher and Clint sense my excitement and don’t stop me. I know I’m wasting time, but I can’t pass by one without looking inside. We stop at a stall about halfway down, and I peek inside. I gasp when I see a beautiful, solid white horse, it’s head down, munching on hay.






“This is Nina. She’s a mustang, only a year old, and one of my gentlest horses here on the ranch. She’ll do you good for your first ride.”






I step closer to the stall and Nina lifts her head. “She’s beautiful,” I tell Clint, and he smiles with pride.






“And this here is Charlie, an Arabian,” he says, walking down a few feet to another stall.



I stay behind as Clint shows Asher his horse. Nina walks closer to me, and I hold out my shaky hand. I’ve never even touched a horse before, so I’m a little nervous. Her hot breath blows over my hand as she sniffs it. I almost squeak in excitement when she butts her head against it. I’m sure my smile is huge. I run my hand up her muzzle. Nina steps closer and puts her face right in front of mine. I nearly swoon when she lays her head against the side of mine. I think I’m in love with a horse. I touch her mane and am amazed at how thick it is.






I’m rubbing my hands up and down her neck, when I feel a hand at my back. I look over to find Asher smiling down at me. He lifts his own hand and runs it up the side of Nina’s head.






“You ready?” he asks.






“More than ready,” I answer, my smile still so big it’s hurting my face.







After the horses are led to a big open area of the barn, Clint saddles up Nina, while Asher saddles up Charlie, a gorgeous black and white horse. I watch Asher with shock on my face.






“What?” he asks when he sees my expression.



“It’s obvious you’ve done this before. Once again, you’ve shocked me, Mr. Knight.”







He laughs, the sound echoing off the walls of the barn and sending tingles down my spine.







“My mom had me take riding lessons as a kid,” he says, tightening up a strap underneath Charlie’s belly. “I still like to ride when I get the chance. Unfortunately, that’s not very often.”






“You’re just full of surprises,” I joke.







“You haven’t seen nothing yet, baby,” he responds with a wink.






I almost melt. I love when he calls me baby.







The horses are saddled up and Clint brings a step stool over to Nina. Asher walks up behind me and starts explaining how to climb up onto the saddle.



With his hands on my hips, he says, “You put your foot in the stirrup.” He points down to a leather strap, and I nod. “Grab onto the horn.” Again, he points. “And reach over Nina’s back to grab the other side of the saddle and heft yourself up and throw your other leg over.”







It doesn’t look too difficult. He kisses the back of my neck, before letting me go. I place one foot in the stirrup as he indicated, grab the horn, reach over the saddle to grab the leather and try to lift my body up, but fall right back down. If it wasn’t for Asher catching me, I would have fallen on my butt. I didn’t expect the darn stirrup to move.






Asher chuckles behind me. I shoot him a glare over my shoulder.







“Need help?” he asks, placing his hands on my hips again, like he’s going to hoist me up.






“No,” I mutter. “I’m going to do this.”







He snickers again, but I ignore it. I breathe in deep through my nose and place my foot back in the stirrup—more securely this time—get a good grip on the horn, grab leather, and try again, making sure to use my leg muscles to keep the stirrup in place. I make it this time, barely, but I’m sure I probably looked like an idiot.



I smile down at Asher triumphantly once I’m seated on the horse. I feel so proud of myself. Asher laughs and walks over to Charlie and easily lifts himself up. I scowl at him.






“Okay,” he says, walking Charlie over to me. “Basics. Always keep hold of the reins. That’s what you use to guide and control the horse. To get the horse to move forward, gently tap the back of her flanks with your heels.” He shows me by bringing his legs back and setting his feet at Charlie’s back legs. “To go right, pull on the right side of the rein. To go left, pull the left. To stop, pull them both. Got it?”






“I think so,” I tell him, a little nervous. Nina may be a girl, but she’s a big girl.




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“I’ll be right beside you the entire time. You get scared, let me know. And one more thing, don’t jam your boot too far in the stirrup. You want to be able to release your foot should you fall.”






My eyes widen frightfully at that, and I grip the reins tighter and loosen my foot in the stirrup. I’ve seen videos where a rider falls and gets dragged around by the horse. Some have even died, being trampled by the horse.







Asher must sense my fear because he leans over and plants a kiss against my lips. They linger only a minute, but it’s enough to calm my racing heart, or rather, it makes it race for another reason.




He pulls back, gives me a wink, and ushers with his hand. “Ladies first.”




We’ve been riding for over an hour. I’m still no expert by any means, but I feel more comfortable now. We started out slow, just walking the horses around the paddock, then moved onto a slow gallop. It’s been one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. Asher’s been by my side, literally, just as he said he would be, the whole time. I’ve laughed and giggled so much my sides hurt. I think I may become addicted. I wonder if there are any stables close to home, and if Asher would be willing to take me.






I glance over to my left where Asher is riding Charlie and see him watching me.






“Why are you always watching me?”







His gorgeous green eyes are serious, and he wastes no time answering my question.







“Because I can’t not look at you. You mesmerize me more than anything has before.”






“Oh,” I whisper, and hold his eyes for a second more before looking away.




His words have my stomach filling with


butterflies. I’ve never had anyone’s complete focus and attention like this. I wouldn’t say it makes me uncomfortable… actually, I feel immense pleasure. It’s just new and unexpected.






We ride in silence for a while. Asher pulls to a stop beside a tree, so I stop beside him.






“Let’s do lunch.”







He dismounts and walks over to help me down. Yeah, I don’t think I could have done that myself, especially without the aid of a step stool.







“With what?” I ask. We’re in a flat field with short grass. Luckily, there’s a breeze, or I’d be sweating profusely.







Asher walks back to Charlie and unsnaps a leather bag I hadn’t seen hanging from the saddle. Taking both Nina and Charlie’s reins, he leads them to a smaller tree close by and tethers them to it, the rope long enough for them to graze and walk around a bit.



“I brought a picnic,” he informs me, grinning.







I grin back and help him lay out the small red blanket he pulled from the bag underneath a tree to give us shade. After setting down several plastic containers from the bag, Asher takes a seat, leaning back against the tree, then pulls me down between his bent legs. He takes the hat from my head and lays it down beside us, then grabs one of the bigger containers and flips the lid off, revealing two sandwiches. He hands me one and takes the other for himself before grabbing two water bottles. I lean slightly to the side and back against his shoulder, giving him room so he can still eat.






“It’s peaceful out here,” I remark, watching the wind blow the taller grass further out in the field.




“It is. My family has a house in the country. We used to vacation there every summer. I always loved going out by myself to the huge field we had in the back. I’d lie there for hours, watching the clouds pass by.”






“That sounds nice. I’ve always wanted a place like this. Not a farm, but somewhere out in the country where it’s quiet. A place I could relax and just sit and enjoy nature.”






I take a bite of my sandwich and chase it down with some water.



I feel Asher’s lips at my cheek as he lays a kiss there. I smile a small smile and sigh.






“Do you think they have stables close to home?”






“They do. Several, in fact.”







“Do you think…” I stop, wondering if I’m asking more than Asher is willing to give. He’s made it sound like he wants more than just sex, but I can’t be for sure. I decide to take a chance. “Do you think you could take me there sometime? I’ve had so much fun. I’d love to… I don’t know, take riding lessons?”







Asher sets his half-eaten sandwich to the side and wraps his arms around me, one over my stomach, one over my upper chest. His breath is at my ear when he whispers,“I’ll take you anywhere you want to go, Poppy.”






My insides quiver and my heart jumps with his whispered words. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was falling for this man. But that can’t be possible. It’s way too soon. Then again, I’ve known him for a year, just not in this capacity.








Endless Obsession

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