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Endless Obsession – Episode 25

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Episode 25








I shake the older man’s hand that’s standing in front of me. “Thank you, Stewart. It’s great to have you on board. I’ll have my a*ssistant call you on Tuesday to finalize the details and send over the contract.”






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“Thank you, Asher. I look forward to working with you,” Stewart says, a smile on his face.






This meeting went smoother than I anticipated. I’ve never worked with Stewart Bennet before, but I’ve heard he can be very picky with his business dealings. While that’s definitely a good trait to have, I was sure I was going to have to work harder than I usually do to convince him to go with Silver Technologies. I guess my reputation precedes me.







I close down my laptop and gather the folder on the table and slip both inside the bag. Stewart is speaking with his secretary, so I slip past them with a chin lift and make my way to the elevators. As I ride the twenty-two floors down, I pull my phone from my pocket and look at the message again.



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Poppy: I miss you.







I smile touches my lips. Although I know it’s meant for “Sterling”, I still can’t help my body’s reaction to it. She may not know me as Sterling, but I am him, and his actions and feelings are mine. I don’t act differently as Sterling. If anything, I hold back while I’m in Poppy’s presence as Asher. I’m more Sterling than I am Asher. It’s not that I don’t want her to know the real me, it’s just that I don’t want to overwhelm her. I wanted a chance to get to know her more first and learn things about her. I’m slowly showing more of myself to her through Asher.






I think back to the moment in the bedroom at the hotel. The shock and desire on her face was more satisfying than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I knew she wanted me to kiss her. She was practically begging for it, and f*ck if I didn’t want to. I wanted to grab her hair, yank her head back, and devour her mouth, swallowing every m0an she would have made. Had she looked down, she would have seen how much I wanted to kiss her. My slacks were nearly bursting at the zipper. I’ve never had to fight myself so much before. But it wasn’t time yet. I need her to want me as much as I want her.



I exit the elevator, pa*ss several desks, and make my way outside where my car and driver are waiting. I prefer to drive myself, but on these trips it’s easier to have someone else do it for me. I slide inside the back of the town car. Sam gets in and we drive away from the curb and head back to the hotel. I didn’t respond to Poppy’s message earlier, opting to leave her hanging. That may be cruel of me, but I want her to miss me. I want to know how much she missed me. I want to keep her on her toes, so when the time comes for her to find out who I am, she won’t be able to resist me.






It doesn’t take me long to get back to the hotel. I have plans for Poppy tonight. I should spill everything about who I am before I take her body for the first time, but that’s not on the agenda for this evening. She’ll fight me, and my need for her is too great. Being so close to her all day, having her fall asleep on my arm in the jet, her lips so close to mine in the hotel, there’s no way I can hold off any longer. I will have Poppy tonight. I will look in her eyes while I slide my cock inside her. She may think about Sterling and feel guilt, but when I take her, she’ll only see me. Tomorrow, I’ll reveal it all. I know that cla*ssifies me as an a*sshole, but I’m an a*sshole who will get what he wants.






I pull my key card from my pocket when I reach the private elevators that lead to the privacy wing. Originally, I had planned for my business dealings with Lance to last past today and was going to use the remaining two days with Poppy, but with the deal now closed, that leaves me three full days alone with her. I’m going to use every one of them to my advantage.




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However, I now have something unexpected to take care of. My hands fist at my sides when I think about the message she received earlier on her phone. It has to be related to the guy that was in her house, the same guy that’s dead, but doesn’t know it yet. When I find out who he is, there’s going to be nothing left of him to



recognize. How does he know my role as Sterling in Poppy’s life? It has to be someone I know, but I haven’t told a soul about my obsession with her.







The elevator dings and the door opens. I calm my pounding heart before I enter the suite. It’s quiet as I make my way into the living room and set my laptop case on the couch. Poppy’s bedroom door is closed, and I decide to give her a little more time to get ready. I walk to my room to get ready myself. After being closed up in the jet for a few hours and out in the Texas heat, I take a quick shower to wash away the sweat I’ve acc*mulated. nak3d, I walk out to the bedroom and find a pair of black slacks and a black button-down shirt, and roll the sleeves up to my elbows. The Texas heat is harsh and wearing all black seems like a dumb move, but I like darker colors. I drop my phone and wallet in my pants pocket. My hair still drips water when I leave my room, just as Poppy’s door opens.







She’s currently digging in her purse and hasn’t seen me yet, so I take the opportunity to look her over. My d1ck instantly gets hard, and I have to bite my lip to keep my growl of approval in. What she’s wearing is a simple black dress with thin straps, but it shows off every curve of her body. It stops just above the knee. She’s paired it with black sandal type heels. Her hair is braided loosely, hanging over one shoulder, with a few loose strands hanging around her face, leaving the other shoulder bare. Enough skin shows that if I want to, I can bite down and leave my mark.






I discreetly adjust my cock. She must sense movement, because the next second she lifts her head. She has her lips parted slightly, and I watch, pleased, when she inhales sharply. Her throat bobs as she swallows and takes a step closer to me, clutching her small purse in her white knuckled grip. I walk out and meet her halfway.




“You look beautiful.”







Her cheeks pinken with my compliment and she gives me a shy smile.






“Thank you,” she says. “You do, too.”







I lift a brow and smirk. “I look beautiful?”






“No. Well… yes. I mean no.”







I chuckle at her discomfort.







“It’s okay, Poppy.” I lift her chin that she dipped back down to her chest. “Relax, okay? I know what you meant.”






She pulls in a breath and visibly relaxes.




“You ready?”














I can tell she’s still nervous when I put my hand at her back to lead her to the elevator. There’s a slight tremor there, and I feel a sick sense of satisfaction at that. I f*cking love that I can make her body tremble with nerves. Later tonight, I’ll be making her tremble with desire.



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We ride the elevator in silence, the bad elevator music the only thing keeping it from being too quiet. Poppy’s soft scent is driving me wild. I keep imagining myself walking her to the back wall and burying my face in her neck, wrapping her legs around my waist, and rubbing my cock against her warm pussy. I’d have easy access with the dress she’s wearing. All I’d have to do is slide her panties to the side, unbuckle and pull down my zipper, and witness heaven.






Yes, before we leave here, I’m definitely


f*cking her in this elevator.







The heat is still oppressive when we step outside to the waiting car. I hold the door open for her and slip inside once she’s seated. A minute later, we’re on our way.






“Where are we going?” she asks, rubbing her thumb and forefinger together in her lap.







“A small place called Hook Line & Sinker. They have the best Texas home-cooked meals around here.”







“Great! I can’t wait!” She smiles and it sends a punch to my gut. “How did your meeting go with Mr. Bennet?”







“Smoother than I thought.” I put my ankle over my knee and recline back in my seat with my arm thrown over the back of Poppy’s. “We’ll be drawing up a contract on Tuesday and sending it over to his secretary for him to review. If all goes well, he’ll be the newest member of Silver Technologies.”




“That’s wonderful news. I’ll get to that as soon I get in on Tuesday.”







She crosses her leg and the hem of her skirt rides up an inch, tempting me. f*ck, this woman drives me f*cking insane. Has been for the last year, but more so now because I know everything is going to be out in the open soon, and I won’t have to pretend anymore. I try to keep my eyes away from her tanned legs, but they keep drifting down. She’s looking out the window at the scenery, so I let my eyes linger a moment. I can’t wait to have them over my shoulder, or wrapped around my waist. I know from the other night that they’ll be smooth. I want to start at her feet and kiss my way up until I reach her drenched pussy. And I know it’ll be drenched.






“What meetings will we be in tomorrow? I didn’t see anything on your calendar.”







I reluctantly bring my eyes back up to her face to find her looking at me expectantly. She looks down at her legs, and I almost laugh when she tries to tug the dress back down. It doesn’t work. I know this because I look and see it’s just where it was a moment ago. A chuckle escapes before I can stop it and her eyes narrow slightly when I look back up again. I like this side to Poppy. The nervous, unsure side is cute, but the irritation I see on her face now makes me want to reach across the space between us, hold her head in place, and nip and s*ck at her lips. Instead of doing that, I answer her question.






“There are no meetings for tomorrow. Stewart was more acceptable to my deal than I anticipated, so we’re free for the rest of the weekend.”







She frowns and says, “But I thought…” She stops, shakes her head, and starts again. “I don’t understand? If you had no other meetings planned, why did we come for the whole weekend? You had to have known convincing Mr. Bennet wouldn’t take that long.”






I did know. I planned it that way.







“We came,” I lean forward, brushing a loose curl off her cheek, “because I wanted to be alone with you.”



She freezes in her seat. She stops breathing, moving, and blinking for several seconds. When she finally releases a breath, I feel the heat from it against my lips. I lick the dryness from them and drop my eyes to her lips to see her do the same.






“Why?” she whispers. “After all this time, why now?”







“Because I couldn’t do it before,” I tell her truthfully.







A look of confusion crosses her face at my cryptic reply. I’m not ready to tell her why I couldn’t come to her before. That’ll come later, after I tell her I’m Sterling.






She closes her eyes. I don’t know if she does it on purpose or not, but she leans her cheek more into my hand. I feel triumph at the move, but it doesn’t last. She moves back and my hand falls away.






“I can’t do this.” Her voice is weak, breathless.






“Why not?”








“You’re my boss. And I’m… seeing someone.” Regret and longing are in her eyes.







“Sterling.” I don’t pose it as a question. She looks at me with surprise, but must remember the message from earlier and nods.



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I grab the end of her braid, my fingers brushing the exposed skin on her upper chest, and give it a small tug. She ignores the move, keeping her eyes focused on mine.






“Look at me, Poppy. Me.” I stress the last word.







I don’t know if I’m trying to get her to see what’s in front of her—that I’m Sterling—or trying to get her to see that me, Asher, her boss, wants her. A small part of me is jealous of myself. It’s stupid because I am Sterling, but she doesn’t know that. To her, he’s another man. In her mind, another man is keeping her from me. But it won’t matter in the end. Before this night is over, every inch of her body will have felt every inch of mine. As Asher, not Sterling.






“I am looking, Asher. I’m sorry, but I can’t hurt Sterling like that.”







Her eyes break away from mine and looks over my shoulder and out the window. I pull her braid again. I want her eyes on me.




“Just one night, Poppy. Give me one night, and then you can decide.”







I’m being selfish. I shouldn’t ask her to cheat, but the f*ck if I won’t. Even if Sterling was someone else, it wouldn’t stop me. I wouldn’t even care if she was married. There’s not much that would stop me from claiming her. Call me a bastard, an a*sshole, and see how many shits I give. She became mine the minute I saw her in Colt’s office building, whether someone else had her before me or not.






She bites her lip, contemplating my suggestion. Her answer really doesn’t matter. I’m just trying to let her feel like she has the power to choose. I have no doubt that if she says no, I can seduce my way into her bed. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I can convince her.






I know she’s waging a war in her head. The guilt is plain to see on her face for even thinking about my offer, but once she realizes she never actually cheated, she’ll feel better. I hate that she has those feelings, guilt has a way of eating at people, and I know it’s my fault, but I won’t, can’t, let that deter me.






Before she can give me an answer, the car stops. I pull open my door before the driver can get out and walk around to open her hers. Once it’s opened, I hold out my hand for her to take, but she doesn’t take it right away. After a few more seconds, she lifts her hand, but before she places it in mine, she says, “I’m not agreeing to anything. I’m still thinking, but I’m hungry.”



I smile at her when she finally accepts it, and I pull her from the car. My hand settles once again at her back, but a little lower this time. I laugh and shrug when she gives me a pointed look. We walk inside the small dive style restaurant and are immediately seated by the host at a small table in the corner.







Poppy looks around the room. “I never would have pegged you for a guy who liked this type of restaurant.”







“Like I said, they have the best Texas meals around. You’ve never been here before, and I wanted you to experience the local food.”






She smiles and looks up at the waitress that appears at our side.







“Hey y’all. I’m Renee, your waitress for this evening. What kind of drinks can I start you with?”






Poppy chooses a white Gallo Moscato, and for myself, I choose a bottle of Shiner.







She looks at me strangely when the waitress walks away with the promised return of our selections.



“Beer? Again, you don’t seem like a beer man.”




I smile lazily at her. “I’m a man, Poppy. Any man worth his salt likes beer. Just because I’m rich, doesn’t mean I’m not a typical man.”






She unwraps her napkin from around her silverware and smooths it out on her lap.







“I guess that’s true. Maybe I don’t see you as a normal man because I haven’t seen you outside of work. You always have that businessman persona going on.”






I quirk a brow. “Businessman persona? And what exactly is that?”




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She carelessly flips her hand in the air. “Oh, you know. The serious, dark, broody face that never shows any emotion.”






I laugh and she laughs with me.







“Broody? I never have a broody face. And besides, you have seen me outside of work.”



“Only once.”






“You’ll get to see it more now.”




The waitress walks up with our drinks, places them in front of us, and walks away. Poppy picks hers up and swallows half of it down. She’s trying to hide her reaction to what I said, but I can see the slight shake in her hand. She puts it back down and picks up the thin plastic menu. I study her face as she does so. Every once in a while, she looks up at me, and each time she does, I smile. She’s uncomfortable again.






“Tell me about this Sterling.” I’m curious to see what she’ll say.







“I’d prefer not to talk about him,” she says, still looking over the menu. I’d bet my life that she couldn’t name one damn food dish on the thing.







“He’s my rival. I need to know what I’m up against. Is he the one that sends you the flowers every week?”







I’m playing with her. It’s a sick game, but I want to know what her thoughts are about Sterling.



She sighs and puts the menu back down, foregoing the ruse. She runs her finger through the condensation on the outside of her wine gla*ss.






“Yes. And I don’t know who he is. I’ve never met him.”







“What do you mean, you’ve never met him? You’re saying my rival is some mysterious guy?” I feign my surprise.






She looks embarra*ssed. “Yes.”







“Don’t you think that’s dangerous? What if he’s some psycho?”







I’m going to hell for this. I know I am, but I can’t help but enjoy it. She squirms in her chair and it only makes my d1ck hard. I’m a twisted bastard.






“I don’t know what to think. I’ve talked with him over the phone and have texted with him. I don’t want him to be some weirdo. I—” She stops talking and shakes her head. “I can’t discuss this with you. It doesn’t feel right.”



The waitress comes back to our table for our orders. Before Poppy can ask for more time, I order for her.







“An order of oysters on the half shell and a plate of shrimp gumbo for the lady. And for myself, white catfish sprinkled with Cajun, a large order of hush puppies, and a Mexican cocktail.”






She writes down our orders, grabs the menus, and scampers off.







“I love oysters,” she says.







“I know.” Before she can question me, I brush my leg against hers underneath the table. One reason I picked this restaurant is because the tables are so small. There’s not much room under them, which gives me the perfect opportunity to touch her. I just wish it was without clothes. I keep my leg against hers, and I’m pleased when she doesn’t move hers away.






She fiddles with the tablecloth, looking anywhere but at me as she blushes. She is such an intriguing contradiction. One minute she’s fine and talking normally, and the next she’s blushing and can barely hold my gaze. I like both sides of her. My new mission is to discover all the ways I can make her blush.



She’s looking down at her lap, her eyes flicking back and forth over something. I bet she’s looking at her phone. I know she’s looking to see if Sterling has messaged her back. I decide to take pity on her.






I scoot my chair back and drop my napkin on the table.







“Restroom. I’ll be back in a moment.”







She nods. I smile secretly as I walk away. I go far enough out of sight so she can’t see me and pull my phone from my pocket.




There’s a potted plant at the edge of the hallway, so I can see her as I type out my message.






Me: How is your trip so far, Beautiful?







Her body jerks when she hears her phone ding. I feel envious when she smiles her gorgeous smile as she looks down and sees the message. She lifts her head and looks around the room briefly. A moment later, my phone vibrates.







Poppy: It’s hot, but it’s beautiful here.







I smile and lift my head to see her eyes still aimed at her lap.






Me: Is Asher behaving himself?







I chuckle quietly when her throat bobs with her thick swallow. She lifts her thumb to her lips and bites down on her nail. It takes her a few seconds to answer.






Poppy: Yes. He’s being very nice.






Hmm… so my little Poppy can lie. It’s a


good thing I’m Asher, but I still think she needs her a*ss tanned for not telling me the truth.



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I play with her a bit more.







Me: I think you’re lying, Beautiful. I think Asher wants to strip you bare and f*ck every hole you have to offer. I bet he’s thinking about it right now. The question is, are you thinking about it too? Do you want him to lick every inch of you? To play with your pussy and s*ck on your tits? Are you thinking about sliding your tongue



along his cock and taking it deep in your throat until you gag? Or maybe him gripping your hair tight with your face smashed against the wall as he f*cks you hard and dirty from behind? Are you going to give Asher my pussy tonight, Poppy?







f*ck! Now my d1ck is hard and aching from that little stunt. I watch as her face flushes once again and it does nothing to help my situation. Before she has a chance to respond, I walk from the hallway and back over to the table. When she sees me coming, her eyes grow wide and she fumbles with the phone in her lap. I hear a clunk as it falls to the floor.








Endless Obsession






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